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    Proxmox VE 5.3 - 10 Gbps NIC shown by proxmox but installed VM shows 1 Gbps

    I have Proxmox VE 5.3 installed on a server JBOD. It has a FreeNAS 11.3 VM installed on it. Proxmox shows the 10 Gbps network card correctly. However, FreeNAS is showing 1 Gbps speed. Below is the output from Proxmox dmesg | grep eth1 [ 2.055154] i40e 0000:1a:00.1 eth1: NIC Link is Up, 10...
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    Can anyone suggest a public IP service for VMS? HomeServer

    Hi, good day everyone. I am new to HomeServer. I have been using cPanel for 10 years and have used Contabo VPS a few times. I have a 48-core CPU at home and I need to create multiple VMs. I am stuck on network settings. I need a solution where I can assign public IPs to VMs, access them...
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    Wie sicher sind Proxmox Network Bridge Interfaces

    Hallo zusammen, ich plane aktuell eine Malware Analysis Plattform aufzubauen. Diese soll in insgesamt 2 VMs auf meinem Produktiven Proxmox Hypervisor laufen. (Ja ich weiß nicht ideal - auf einer kleinen Umgebung zuhause gehts leider nicht anders) Die 2 Maschinen sollen untereinander...
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    Multiple brigdes

    I'd set up two bond interfaces bond0 (2 nics) and bond1 (other 2 nics) to divide traffic from my VMs to different interfaces. I connected vmbr0 to bond0 (for management and some VMs), then created vmbr1 connected to bond1. If I test vmbr1 with a static IP address from network, it works fine, but...
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    One VM has networking, the other does not

    I made 2 vm's, one for Home assistant and one for a minecraft server. The vm which runs home assistant gets an IP address from my unifi gear and it shows up in the unifi portal, but the other vm does not show up. They have the same network set up but one works and one does not. shown in the...
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    [SOLVED] Migration and Transfer Speeds

    Hi Proxmox Community, I'm getting transfer rates around 2-5 MiB/s between my servers with a cap of about 10-11MiB/s on some transfers and I'm not thinking it's the write performance on the server I'm putting everything onto but can be wrong. My setup: 3 servers, all older equipment but...
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    Setting up a private network

    How to combine all virtual machines into one network Google didn't help solve this problem I used the material here, but it is not complete - What am I planning to do - Sandbox Simulate your working network with...

    [SOLVED] A smoother Ceph reset experience

    I really like what Proxmox VE has done for creating a cluster. I'd *prefer* that there be a smoother reset experience for removing and re-adding a node to a cluster than going to the command line, but I can live with hand-jamming a one-liner. Caph is *not* like that - and in general I've found...
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    How to Execute shell command properly

    Hi Guys, I am new to proxmox. I am currently using the Corsinvest C# API to interface with proxmox. Execute API:{node}/execute I am trying to execute the cmd "ip link show vmbr1", but it says bad format. What changes should I do to the...
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    Access public IP of VM from other VM with main public ip

    Hello, i have Proxmox on OVH dedicated server, with two ipv4 addresses. First adress is main address of proxmox machine (vmbr0) i access with it to webinterface, and all of VM's using prerouting (for example port public 200->port 22 local address). Last time i bought additional ipv4 address and...
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    Random USB NIC Disconnects (TP-LINK UE306 AX88179)

    Hey! So I'm really out of luck with this and have to ask for help because I might go crazy. We've recently had to add a couple of USB NICs to our cluster to be able to migrate our OPNSense Firewall VM, as we don't have managed switches or the budget for more dedicated network hardware, and have...
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    Proxmox in Contabo - VM hasn´t internet

    Hi, I've been struggling for 3 days and trying to set up the network in different ways, I don't know what to do anymore :( My VM (linux or windows) does not have internet or probably because Contabo does not allow access to other MAC addresses than the legacy server? Could I ask someone more...
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    VMs and physical Hosts can't access/ping each others (no firewall)

    Hi, I have installed a proxmox server (let’s call it PVE1). I have three NICs inside, which and all are used for virtual bridges : - vmbr0 - - the management network, that’s the one I access the admin page from ( - the gateway for vmbr0 is -...
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    Internet access from unbound Linux Bridge?

    Hello. I have recently set up Proxmox VE and Proxmox Backup Server on a dedicated server off-site for backup & redundancy. I have successfully set up backup sync jobs and restored a backup of my VMs to Proxmox VE. I ran into an issue though. After creating my second non-management bridge, I can...
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    Proxmox Booting into template created on Cluster after restart

    Hi everyone, Not sure if it's the way I created the template(more explanation below) or if it's the recent network change I made to my Proxmox cluster that brought everything crashing. A little bit about my setup, I have a server that runs the Proxmox VE with two 1GB ethernet ports. On the...
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    No network access in containers

    Hi, i have problem with my containers, i think i have tried everything. I'm trying to ping my router from container, ping google dns's and nothing working. I can ping only other container. This is my network setup. Proxmox: auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface enp1s0 inet manual auto enp2s0...
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    after putting another network device in VM, task error:failed to run vncproxy

    error:VM 102 qmp command 'set_password' failed - unable to connect to VM 102 qmp socket - timeout after this error shows after i put my 9th network device for my vm
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    Creating Vm without bridge causing warning.

    Hi, first of all let me thank you for this community and Proxmox team. Right now I'm doing an evaluation regarding proxmox setup. My proxmox version is 8.0.3. I want to create a virtual machine with 2 nics. I have 2 bridge on my proxmox host, one for wan traffic other one for internal network...
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    Pfsense does not take the network adapters

    Good evening, I have set up a cluster in Proxmox and it works so far. My problem is that the network interfaces are not really working. As in many other Proxmox installations, I have configured the network interfaces as Linux bridges. Then I edited the /etc/network/interfaces file and it...
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    PVE 8 PFsense WAN Passthrough

    Trying to get PFsense working in a VM. Can't seem to get an IP address from my ISP on my VM-PFsense. I have a VMBR1 (virtual bridge that is passing my isp's link through the Proxmox server to my netgear router but cant seem to get it into PFsense. [Modem>i82571NIC-P1>i82571NIC-P2>BR200]<both...


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