1. M

    [SOLVED] Connecting Ubuntu 22.04 VM to WAN

    Hi all, I know a hundred people are asking the same thing, but I've searched them all and can't seem to find an honest and easy answer. I want to setup Proxmox on my home server (it currently runs Ubuntu 22.04 as the main OS but I want to be able to create a home assistant and windows VM...
  2. M

    Proxmox connection through crossover lan

    Hey! I have a hard time finding an answer to rather simple question. I want to connect (from Pop OS) to a Proxmox server using a crossover lan cable. Also share internet connection through it. How can i make that connection happen? (using GUI or netplan)
  3. M

    VMs cant reach internet

    Hi, i have dedicated server with netplan as the host and ive made a vm and cant get internet to it. Im trying to assign a public ip to the container since i have 5 public ips. Current netplan config: network: version: 2 renderer: networkd ethernets: enp1s0f0: addresses...
  4. M

    Hetzner: Additional Single IP configuration

    Hello guys, I'm having an issue with configuring additional single ip on hetzner: My Interfaces file: source /etc/network/interfaces.d/* auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface lo inet6 loopback auto enp195s0 iface enp195s0 inet static address gateway...
  5. P

    Networking Troubles with LXC Ubuntu 18.04

    I have been trying to connect my container running the Ubuntu 18.04 template to my network (and by extension the internet), however, I cannot configure netplan to send data. /etc/netplan/config.yaml network: version: 2 renderer: networkd ethernets: eth0: dhcp4...
  6. V

    cloud-init and UseDomains=yes

    1. Setup I use the PROXMOX 6 (proxmox-ve: 6.1-2) I set up a DNS server with dnsmasq dnsmasq is configured to send search-domains The VM is running Arch Linux Within the VM systemd-networkd and systemd-resolved are used I use "cloud-init" 19.3 with netplan 0.98-1 2. Problem There are no...
  7. E

    Gateways of VMs

    I am currently having trouble setting up networking on my ubuntu server. The autoconfiguration by dhcp failed during installation, so I have to statically configure my network using netplan YAML files. I have two bridges setup, vmbr0, which is used by my main node, and vmbr1, which is used by...
  8. D

    Bridge config in netplan does not come up at boot

    I had an ubuntu 18.04 working and decided to move it to a VM in Proxmmox. Configuration includes a bridge, it was working fine in the previous system but it does not come up at boot in the Proxmox VM. Here is my netplan config: network: renderer: networkd ethernets: ens18: dhcp4: false...
  9. mattlach

    Network Configuration for LXC Containers

    Hey all, So, I know you configure the network interfaces for new containers in the web interface (or by editing the corresponding config file in /etc/pve/lxc) but how does it work when you actually power up the container? The reason I ask is, I have a bunch of Ubuntu 14.04 based containers...
  10. C

    Issue with dhcp and netplan

    Hi, I am just evaluating Proxmox, and have come across a strange issue. I have made a template Ubuntu 18.04 server (with netplan by default - setup with DHCP during install, disabled ipv6 after install), and cloned it a few times. Whenever I clone it, it gets a new mac - good, but it gets the...
  11. mattlach

    In Place Upgrade of Ubuntu 14.04 LXC Container to 18.04?

    Hi all, Is this advisable? The reason I ask is, I'm not sure I fully understand how the PVE frontend configures the containers network and other settings. 14.04 and 16.04 use ifup/down and are thus configured in /etc/network/interfaces, but 18.04 replaces ifup/down with netplan, which is...
  12. L

    where does lxc ubuntu 18.04 keep network info

    Hi, I just saw that Ubuntu 18.04 started using another system for managing its network, i.e netplan. I've created a new Ubuntu 18.04 lxc container, I've assigned an ip, I can see it using "ip address show" command, but I can't understand where this information is kept. In /etc/network/interfaces...


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