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    VG disappeared not found LVM ISCSI

    Hello, I have an installation running with LVM on iscsi, everything was working normally but suddenly the VG called storage disappeared, I have a Dell ME5084 storage configured with multipath, in which I have two volumes that I present to my proxmox cluster and only one Of the two that are...
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    [Improvment] Multipath configuration shared

    Hi We use a ISCSI Compellent SAN which use Multipath. it works very well but the creating of a new VM is a manual step by step process. One of the steps is the multipath.conf modification to add the real name of the VM to the wwid. It is shared by all the proxmox nodes. I have two questions : -...
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    initial iSCSI multipath questions

    I'm new to Proxmox and I'm setting up a demo cluster to figure everything out before building a production system. I'm trying to get iSCSI multipath working following the instructions here. Here's the contents of my storage.cfg file dir: local path /var/lib/vz content...
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    [SOLVED] Proxmox 7 ISCSI Multipath Dell me5084

    Hello, I have three servers which I am going to install with version 7.3 of Proxmox, the storage is Dell PowerVault ME5 me5084 and I want to configure ISCSI multipath, although I have seen the wiki there are things that are not clear to me, if you could show me a files examples with some dell...
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    [SOLVED] Start/Destroy: "Cannot activate LVs in VG while PVs appear on duplicate devices."

    This is the same error that I posted here. However, the resolutions in that thread are not working. I've narrowed down the problem as a multipath issue, but I'm creating a new thread because this situation seems to be unique. Node A and B were clustered and are running v6.4-13 and are identical...
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    ISCSI Multipath : add a new storage, and an error raised

    Hi, We are in Proxmox 6.4 with a ISCSI Dell Compellent storage. This storage used multipath. It works really well with proxmox since years. We have added a new storage SCv3020 and since, there is a log in it with : "CTL:856522 SUB:CHELSIOT4 FNC:ActivateObjectCallback FNM:chelsioT4Connection.cxx...
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    Multipath config with ISCSI Storage DELL

    Hi, I am trying to configure multipath with a DELL SC5020 iscsi storage. I followed the official Proxmox guide but can't get it to work. I think the problem is in the configuration of the multipath.conf file. I am using Proxmox 6.4 I've been testing various configurations of the multipath.conf...
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    Adding a cluster node with Shared LVM/iSCSI and multipath

    What is the proper set of steps to add a new node to a cluster when using shared LVM over iSCSI and multipath? I have had mixed results with this. I've been migrating my servers from ESXi to Promox one at a time. Adding the first 2 nodes to the initial Proxmox host cluster went fine, But the...
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    iSCSI: storage '<name>' is not online, VM working, no possibility to backup and/or migrate

    Hello! I'm running a PVE 5.2 cluster with 4 nodes. The cluster is attached to a SAN, an HP P2000 G3 iSCSI. VMs are hosted on the SAN. The first controller of the SAN failed. Everything is running on the second controller, but I can't manage PVE anymore. Although VMs are running, it seems that...
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    Multipath and Ceph OSD

    I'm trying to figure out what physicals disk maps to what OSD. I'm getting error values on /dev/sdx, but don't know what OSD it uses. Currently using multipath.
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    mixing vlans and bonding?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to mix bonding and vlas? Say I would like to setup a bond over 2 interface eno1 and eno2, and the interface eno1.3000 and eno1.3001. The main purpose of it is to use iscsi multipath while using the bond for ceph.
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    LVM on iscsi

    Hi all, I have been testing out Proxmox on our lab setup which is 3 older Dell machines all equipped with 4 NICs and a Dell MD3200i iscsi SAN. For now I am only working on one machine. The modules and configuration is done according to the iscsi multipath documentation. Proxmox can see the san...
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    Proxmox / Synology / iSCSI / Mulitpath

    I am using the very latest Proxmox 6.1-7, and I have a Synology NAS unit that I have exported a LUN to my HP Server. I am trying to determine what is missing from my multipath.conf configuration file because it isn't loading correctly. The only way currently that I can get it to see the disk is...
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    Proxmox 6.0 and 6.1 - Iscsi luns not found in GUI after multipath configuration

    Hi All, i found an issue in new 6.0 (and 6.1). After configuring multipath for iscsi connection are missing the symlink abount alias path in /dev/disk/by-id folder and in the gui are not listed the luns. Example of multipath -ll output mpath2 (36000d3100355fa000000000000000017) dm-9...
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    Backup from LVM to any where is very Slow

    Hello everybody, we have set up a cluster with 2 nodes, both are connected to our SAN via iSCSI. On the SAN a LUN was created which we mounted with multipath to the servers. The storage was then integrated as LVM and we installed some VMs on it. Now I wanted to test the backup. So I tried to...
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    Lots of logging when using OpeniSCSI

    Hi, we're using Proxmox 5.3.5 and connected it over 2 x 10GB to a EMC VNX5300. we see al LUN's presented by the EMC and the LUNs can be used by VM's running on our proxmox cluster. But in de syslog of the hosts using the EMC we see a lot of kernel messages recurring approx each 20 seconds: May...
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    iSCSI message

    Hi everyone! Sorry for the question... I configured iSCSI and delivered a LUN through 2 network cables (two Storage controllers). Apparently everything is working, as shown in the output of the command "multipath -ll" 3600d023100033f6f4b98cce0168a4056 dm-19 IFT,DS 1000 Series size=50G...
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    PVE 5 HA cluster with iSCSI multipath shared storage

    Hi, Creating an environment here is the details. HP blade servers 3 node HA cluster SAN iSCSI multipath shared storage 2 10gb NIC making them bond my question is is it enough to create cluster bond (2 10gb NIC) or is there any recommendations to avoid bottleneck/latency issues. Thanks


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