1. A

    [SOLVED] Single Node Unavailable - Cluster Not Ready

    Hi, we have a 3-node Proxmox VE 5.2-9 cluster (with CEPH) that is having issues with one of its nodes synchronizing. Connecting to its GUI, the node is online but all VMs are Offline, and starting them results in the message: "Cluster not ready - no quorum". pvecm status (node 1) Quorum...
  2. G

    [SOLVED] Can't drop Anydesk discovery multicast traffic at node or cluster level

    Hi, PVE 7.4-16 here. It looks like I can't drop this type of traffic at datacenter/node level. Only VM level works. As per Anydesk documentation (and further traffic sniffing) this is the traffic I need to drop: - protocol: UDP - destination IP: (multicast) - destination ports...
  3. R

    [SOLVED] DLNA/UPNP/IGD multicast with Proxmox KVM?

    Hello, I'm trying to get multicast working with Proxmox KVMs on a bridged network (vmbr0). Setup: - Proxmox 7.3-3 on bare metal with 1 Gbit/s NIC connected to AVM Fritz!box. - VM with yunohost + Homeassistant - tried VirtIO-NIC and eth1000-NIC - Firewall off for VM I tried the following...
  4. N

    [SOLVED] Error ovs multicast in new PVE 7.0-13 cluster install

    Hello! I have fresh cluster install, 5 nodes. I have all last updates. pve-manager/7.0-13/7aa7e488 (running kernel: 5.11.22-5-pve) Setup is 5 IBM blades and CISCO 3110G stack for LACP. If i have "classic" network with linux, a new node can join. If i use ovs config - node cant join and get...
  5. T

    [SOLVED] multicast/UDP Flood

    Hey, I'm getting a lot of multicast requests from proxmox, I'm currently running 15 nodes from which 13 are online ( 2 at other location with no network ) screenshot from Wireshark: is there any way I can lower these requests?
  6. C

    pfSense and IPv6 CARP: vmbr0 not forwarding packets

    Hi Everyone, I have a pair of pfSense firewalls running on the same Proxmox 6.0-6 VE node that seem to lose IPv6 multicast packets after a while. pfSense sends packets to ff02::12: that look like this: 06:48:29.896428 IP6 fe80::9c9f:5fff:fee0:8211 > ff02::12: ip-proto-112 36 06:48:30.164147...
  7. T

    [SOLVED] Cluster lost quorum after last update

    Hello, We are running a simple cluster of two nodes ( pve 5.4.13). After last update ans reboot of the two nodes, cluster lost quorum after few minutes. We made several tests and tried many solutions showed in this forum with no luck. omping command ran on two nodes returned this ...
  8. H

    Corosync 3.x: Multicast (for now) obsolete, use of Unicast (or knet) is reccomended

    I've been discussing this with corosync developers and they've told me this: TLDR: Multicast was only reccomended for corosync 1.x, because unicast was not tested yet For corosync 2.x, they reccomend to use unicast (Proxmox currently uses...
  9. A

    Is it worth switching from an unicast to a multicast cluster?

    Hi, one of my projects uses a Proxmox unicast cluster at Hetzner. A few month ago Hetzner introduced vSwitches and from my first impression they work very well. Meanwhile all cluster nodes have a bridged interface on a shared vSwitch which is also already used for all VMs. On this interfaces...
  10. X

    [SOLVED] Cluster over LACP bond

    Hi We have 2 nodes Dell M630 each node have Qlogic 57810-k dual port connected to Dell MXL stack. These two ports are configured as bond0 (LACP bond). On top of the bond with vlan 20 is configured vmbr interface for corosync/cluster But it looks like multicast traffic is not passing. - IGMP...
  11. TwiX

    Multicast - Corosync with RRP

    Hi, Let's admit we have a 3 nodes cluster. Each node have 2 interfaces, first one (vmbr0) for VMs + corosync and the second one for corosync (via RRP in passive mode) Node 1 Interface 1 : GW Interface 2 : no GW Node 2 Interface 1 : GW...
  12. M

    Multicast working or not?

    Hey, I have two servers with a vswitch setup, and a working vlan for ping (unicast). I want to create a cluster so I can move some VMs around. But no luck after two days of trials. 1. Multicast Testing with omping results in failure: # omping -c 10000 -i 0.001 -F -q
  13. L

    No quorum

    Hi, i have three servers on collacation. Trying to get a cluster. Administrators of the collacation say that multicast is enabled in network and check it. But command omping -c 10000 -i 0.001 -F -q says "waiting for response msg" all time command is runing. What can i check...
  14. S

    PVE 3.4 change from multicast to unicast

    Hello, I have an cluster running in multicast mode and the provider stopped supporting multicast - turned off during switch firmware upgrade and they don't want to enable it again. Is there an procedure to switch from multicast to unicast without braking things and possibly no or minimum...
  15. N

    Network Problem

    Hello, i'm facing this problem on my server running proxmox, the server goes down often and if i go to /var/log/dmesg of my lxc container i see this: [96778.325439] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): veth102i0: link is not ready [96778.595101] fwbr102i0: port 1(fwln102i0) entered disabled state...
  16. R

    How to Deploy a 2 Node Cluster on ProxMox 4.x VE

    Hello everybody, I'm writing this short article because I spend myself a lot of time by finding the right configuration to get this working. First of all: A 2 Node Cluster is not a very good way to create High-Availability or even Fail-over scenarios because corosync is not able to create a...
  17. B

    How to enable Multicast ?

    Hi, I have a 15 nodes cluster that apparently does not work with multicast, and I would like to enable it. I've read the Multicast notes from Multicast IS enable on my network, I tested ssmping on all nodes without issue. I have 3 proxmox...
  18. K

    Proxmox Cluster Over Pfsense Ovpn

    Hoping someone would be able to assist, I'm trying to configure a 3 node cluster, 2 nodes on the same physical network, and another node remotely. this other node sits behind a Pfsense firewall that has a site-to-site vpn connection to my pfsense router. i'm able to cluster the first two...
  19. B

    Cluster going down randomly

    Hi, I'm having a strange issue on my proxmox4.3 cluster: from time to time all nodes appears red in web GUI. Gui also sometimes is not reachable at all and I have to restart nodes.. I figured out that the logs always shows these lines, even if all is marked green: Reading the forum have lead...
  20. L

    Adding node to cluster failed

    Hey, I'm currently working on adding a proxmox node to my proxmox cluster. I tried everything but it don't seems to work so I want to ask you guys for help :) I installed 2 nodes with the newest proxmox iso I edited both /etc/hosts configs, so I added node002 to the node001 hosts file and...


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