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    Backup error with CT after migrate

    We have Proxmox Cluster with a few CT's and a lot of VM's. Every night all CT's and VM's are backupped to a Proxmox Backup Server. I noticed an error for some CT's with the following error: 110: 2024-04-11 00:00:42 INFO: Starting Backup of VM 110 (lxc) 110: 2024-04-11 00:00:42 INFO: status =...
  2. P

    Convert Proxmox LXC to a regular VM

    Hello everyone How do I convert Proxmox LXC to a regular VM?
  3. S

    Stuck at Moving Volume

    Hello, I don't know if this is normal, but moving volume is now taking forever. I am currently moving an LXC volume from a ZFS volume to a lvm thin volume, and it is taking 10+ minutes without giving me any error nor status updates. This LXC is only 8GB in size. WARNING: You have not turned...
  4. J

    Operation not supported - Failed to create veth pair "veth110i0" and "vethnNG5Zy"

    So I have two proxmox servers, and one runs my LXC containers but after some hardware swaps my container instance no longer seems to have veth support which causes the containers to fail to start Example failure start of container root@pve:~# pct start 110 --debug...
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    Migrating to another hypervisor

    Hello, I'm considering migrating away from Proxmox (specifically, to VMware ESXi). Migrating the VMs shouldn't be too bad, but I have a few containers as well which kinda don't feel that easy to migrate. Free tier for both. My guess is that I should migrate the containers to some sort of Linux...
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    [SOLVED] Best way to access NFS mount from a CT

    Hi. We have a Proxmox VE with ~50 CT's running. We need to share some files between all the CT's. For that we use a NFS mount that must be mounted by all the CT's. At the beginning I opted for mounting the NFS mounts in the host and then give them as resources using the -mpX parameter. I...
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    [SOLVED] Moving Proxmox 6.4-13 containers & VMs to Proxmox 7

    I have version 6.4-13 on a 1U- 4 bay server. However, I want to migrate the server to another physical box (2U - 16bay) and also make some additional changes like Use dedicated SSDs for the OS & VM disk storage instead of HDDs Create a RAIDZ2 pool as a backup to my TrueNAS data using zfs sync...
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    Convert OpenVZ to LXC

    Hello, I need to migrate VM's from the old node running on SoulsVM with OpenVZ to the new node running on Proxmox 6 with LXC. I checked this: Convert_OpenVZ_to_LXC But restore failed with this error: extracting archive '/var/lib/vz/dump/vzdump-118.tar' Total bytes read: 4794101760 (4.5GiB...
  9. D

    [SOLVED] Live Migration LXC

    Hello all, is there now a live Migration for LXC with local Storage? With KVM no problem, but with LXC only restart mode is possible.
  10. G

    Migration of LXC fails for shared storage but KVM works fine.

    Hello everyone, I'm running into an issue with container migration that I just wanted to get some clarification on. I currently have a two node cluster that I will be adding a third node to for HA. Both nodes have the following drive config: OS: 120GB RAID 1 VM/LXC Image Storage: 500GB RAID 1...


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