1. J

    Storage concepts and Best practices

    Hi there, I'm testing a small Proxmox cluster with 2 nodes (+1 qdevice for quorum) and I'm trying to decide on which would be the best option for storage. I have access to iSCSI fibre storage, which will be shared between the two nodes. I already know how to configure LVM and the ABC of Linux...
  2. D

    How to create a LUN-backed VM via public REST API?

    I've been trying to use one of the Proxmox Terraform providers to provision a VM image backed by a direct iSCSI LUN but was not successful. The provider is currently unable to do this so I started peeking at the REST API on how this might be done. Perhaps I am not looking in the right places...
  3. M

    iSCI SSD and HDD LUN

    Have a nice day, I would like to ask for your opinion and possibly help with the data store. I currently have a Proxmox installation on a server with a data store connected to it using iSCI. The data store has two LUNs. One SSD and the second HDD. Use LUN's directly is not checked. An LVM is...
  4. S

    Structuring shared storage

    My goal is to use shared storage for VMs, including Windows and Ubuntu machines. However, I'm new to storage concepts and haven't been able to make it work. I have a new server running Proxmox 7.4-3. (It is stand-alone at the moment but will eventually be joined to a cluster with two small...
  5. S


    Hi, my target isci is connected to a synology nas. I've 4 lun ready in the nas. 4 lun were available in promox. Today only three are avalable in promox and one VM is no more working because the VM is in the lost lun How can I retrieve the lost lun? Thanks a lot Pierre
  6. P

    iscsi connection only showing one of the available LUNs

    Hello all! I'm needing some guidance on an iscsi connection that I'm having issues with. Here is the general lay of the land. 4 Node pve cluster with multipath configured and working iscsci connection between the cluster and the storage LVM created on top of the isccsi storage connection...
  7. aasami

    [SOLVED] How to initizlize remote iSCSI LUN device with multipath?

    I have exported an iSCSI LUN with multipath to a PBS server in the SAN. How should I initialize this remote disk? It doesn't show up in drive list. # lsscsi [1:0:0:0] cd/dvd QEMU QEMU DVD-ROM 2.5+ /dev/sr0 [2:0:0:0] disk QEMU QEMU HARDDISK 2.5+ /dev/sda [3:0:0:0]...
  8. J

    iSCSI message

    Hi everyone! Sorry for the question... I configured iSCSI and delivered a LUN through 2 network cables (two Storage controllers). Apparently everything is working, as shown in the output of the command "multipath -ll" 3600d023100033f6f4b98cce0168a4056 dm-19 IFT,DS 1000 Series size=50G...
  9. L

    SCSI LUN disk passthrough to VM

    Hi, Im in a quest to have the VM (OpenMediaVault) as direct access to two dedicated disks as possible. I really want OMV to have S.M.A.R.T access to the disks but its not possilbe with the current setup. Maybe I can use smart if i passthrough the whole LUN divice as stated on ovirt. org? Adding...
  10. F

    Setup SAN storage

    Even this was already discussed in the forum, i'm opening a new thread because i didn't find a solution. We are in the process of setting up a small cluster (3/4 nodes), with no HA requirements. To each of this nodes the same SAN LUN is presented. The problem is: how we format and share the...
  11. T

    iscsi: connect to existing lun

    I want to connect an existing iscsi lun to Proxmox. I added the iscsi target (successfully), but I couldn't access the data. Does anybody know how can add an existing luns into proxmox? (am I missing someting?) and where for is the option "Use LUNs directly"?
  12. N

    VM Disk automatically deletes in SAN storage

    Hello, We have setup mulitple Proxmox nodes using the same shared SAN storage. We have created multiple HA clusters with two nodes in each cluster. All are using the same LUN on the shared SAN storage. All the VMs have unique VM id so that no two VMs with the same id are present in different...


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