1. F

    Container to template on ZFS (and linstor - drbd)

    I have Proxmox 8.2 running CT's and VM's on Linstor - DRBD shared storage with underlying ZFS. I can create snaptshots without any problems. In fact PBS uses it to backup running containers. As far as i know snapshots is a prerequisite for converting CT's to a template ? I created a Debian 12...
  2. A

    Setup GlusterFS with Linstor DRBD for High Availability

    Hello everyone, I created a 6 nodes cluster running ProxMox 7.4. High Availability is on. Every node has 2 nvme ssd dedicated to the storage and 10gbit dedicated connection. OS runs on different drives. These ssd are a zraid-1 volume and are part of a DRBD storage pool. VM disks are stored...
  3. F

    Kernel 6.2 & DRBD - inkompatibel

    Hallo ins Forum, ich teste aktuell recht intensiv das Zusammenspiel zwischen Proxmox und DRBD/LINSTOR. Dabei ist aufgefallen, dass sowohl Kernel 6.2.9 aus dem Enterprise-Repo als auch 6.2.11 aus dem Non-Enterprise-Repo nicht mit der aktuellen DRBD-Version (9.2.3) kompatibel sind. Mit Kernel...
  4. R

    Speeding up sync/flushed-writes in ceph

    Hi all, Running a reasonably small proxmox and ceph deployment, four servers split across two buildings in our school, then a fifth witness server (which doesn't host any VMs/storage) in a third location. In order to sustain things in the event of failure, we run 4/2 copies on ceph, so any two...
  5. I

    Online migration / disk move problem

    I'm trying to migrate VM storage to Linstor SDS and have some odd troubles. All nodes are running PVE 7.1: pve-manager/7.1-5/6fe299a0 (running kernel: 5.13.19-1-pve) Linstor storage is, for now, on one host. When I create new VM on linstor it works. When I try to migrate VM from another host...
  6. M

    Linstor Performance/Skalierungs Problem

    Guten Tag Zusammen, aktuell setzen wir ein Proxmox 6.4-4 zusammen mit Linstor 1.7.1 (DRBD 9.0.28) als verteilten Block-Storage für VM Disk-Images über 7 PVE Nodes ein. Uns ist aufgefallen, dass mit steigender Anzahl an Ressourcen und PVE-Nodes die Performance von Linstor erheblich...
  7. A

    [SOLVED] Proxmox installation choices for storage

    Hello, I am planning a migration of our infrastructure to Proxmox asap. I am having some difficulty choosing how to store VMs and application's data. So I am writing this post to have some advices from your part. What I would like is the possibility of having a cluster, as online/redondant as...
  8. C

    [SOLVED] VM Migration failed. Incorrect storage detection

    Hi Folks! I'm trying out Proxmox VE ( 6.0-9 ) plus Linstor Plugin as a Datacenter Virtualization Solution for the company I work for. So far, pretty good. I've found a glitch though, and as I dont really know if it's about proxmox or about Linstor + ZFS, I'll post this in both communities. My...
  9. P

    problem with drdb9 and proxmox VE 6.0.6

    Hey all I have set up a small cluster on used hardware for a in-house labb environment. its setup with the linstor plugin. I have had some huge problems with vm's that i choose to dd straight to the first host. its seems that if i create a disk from start and do a manual debian install, the...
  10. T

    Live migration of linstor-controller VM failed

    I acknowledged that linstor is NOT supported by Proxmox but Linbit. However, I posted here as to ask for users' assistant on the linstor-controller issue. I have a 3-node proxmox cluster with each node configured with a drbd storage. The drbd is controlled by linstor-controller which is...


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