1. M

    How can I further increase latency of my VM?

    Memory: balloon=0 Processor: Numa=1 SCSI Controller: Virto SCSI Machine: Default(1440fx) Network: VirtIO What else can I do to increase my VM latency?
  2. Q

    [SOLVED] Proxmox Ceph affected by CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE bug?

    Hey guys, in the latest Ceph blog a post was published on 13.02 regarding a CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE bug, which apparently affects Ceph Ubuntu packages. I know that we use Debian, but in a github pull request Proxmox is mentioned with a significant improvement in latency. Can we assume that we are...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] Ceph OSD latency on one node

    Hi, We are using a three-node hyperconverged cluster. We are experiencing latency on only one of our nodes. On two nodes, latency varies between 1 and 5. On the last node it can be up to 300. PG autoscale is On and the Crush Rule : replicated_rule. The nodes are strictly identical: Dell...
  4. powersupport

    for ceph, may i know what’s the latency requirement between nodes?

    We have a 5 nodes cluster and with atleast 4 disk in each node, may i know what’s the latency requirement between these nodes?
  5. bbgeek17

    [TUTORIAL] Proxmox: iSCSI and NVMe/TCP shared storage comparison

    Hello Everyone. We received excellent feedback from the previous storage performance investigations, particularly the technotes on optimal disk configuration settings (i.e., aio native, io_uring, and iothreads) and the deep dive into optimizing guest storage latency. Several community members...
  6. J

    Display latency among nodes

    Hey everyone! Is there a way to display the latency among nodes, meaning from the node you currently are in (either console or WebGUI) to the rest of the nodes of the cluster? Like running the ping command to each node and displaying the end result together in a quick, useful and fashionably...
  7. bbgeek17

    [TUTORIAL] Low latency storage optimizations for Proxmox, KVM & QEMU

    Several customers have asked us how to get the best possible storage latency out of Proxmox and QEMU (without sacrificing consistency or durability). Typically, the goal is to maximize database performance and improve benchmark results when moving from VMware to Proxmox. In these cases...
  8. D

    Internal network latency

    Hello. Are there any recommendations to help improve network latency? I'm using the latest version of PVE to test out OpenWRT in LXC to replace an aging router. Using Smokeping, I see my current router is around 200 microseconds and all network interfaces of my proxmox server is around 575...
  9. S

    ceph high latency after Proxmox7.2 update

    Hi Everybody We have a 5 node proxmoxcluster with 800+ containers. We finally were able to upgrade from proxmox6 to proxmox7.2 this week After the upgrade all 40 Ceph OSDs went from 1-2 ms latency to 30 ms and up The latency went up when we bootet the servers into proxmox7.2 and ceph15...
  10. J

    Ceph latency remediation?

    Hi all, I'm having what seems to be a network nottleneck. Context is: one of my clients wants to revamp it's infrastructure and was happy already with PVE servers despite having only local zfs backed images, missing out on the broad possibilities offered by Ceph... I wanted to push him to go...
  11. A

    High latency after Checkpoint migration from VSX to VSEC

    Hi, after migration of a Checkpoint VSX to VSEC Appliance on Proxmox infrastructure, seems that traffic passing through this firewall present an high latency and packet loss. Here an example: 2021-09-20 08:58:34 --- 100 packets transmitted, 98 received, 2% packet loss, time 99027ms --- rtt...
  12. F

    [SOLVED] Windows cloud init latency

    Hi. I have created a windows 2019 cloud init image, following this tutorial, and using that image, I've created a VM using cloud init parameters for network and setting password. The VM works, but there is a big problem. It takes around 10 minutes for cloud parameters to apply. That is how log I...
  13. R

    Compellent SC5020 All-Flash Read Latency.

    Hi Guys, so we have started using Proxmox, migrating from VMware, I currently have 4 Proxmox nodes in Cluster and already migrated almost 40 VM's. everything is working as expected, migration doesn't take that much. we are using a Compellent SC5020 as a shared Storage, VMware also uses the...
  14. DynFi User

    IGMP multicast issues after upgrade 4.3 > 4.4

    Hi all, We are having some strange issues with IGMP. We have a three cluster node running v.4.4 (latest stable) The Cluster is working and we have managed to have everything running. Server indicates that : Cluster: pmox-osnet, Quorate: Yes. Problem is that we have experienced a very...


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