kernel 5.4

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    Issue!! Proxmox crashing randomly!

    this is more than 6 months since I have had this issue, proxmox server crashing randomly. and the only thing I can do is reboot the system by pressing "Reset Button" the output of "pveversion -v" proxmox-ve: 6.4-1 (running kernel: 5.4.157-1-pve) pve-manager: 6.4-13 (running version...
  2. M

    Kernel 5.4.73-1-pve missing QLogic Driver

    Hello, I currently have my main Proxmox Node installed on a DELL PowerEdge R7525 (Jul 2020), which has two QLogic network cards installed (see info below). After upgrading to kernel version 5.4.73-1 from 5.4.65-1 the drivers went missing, causing the whole hypervisor to be unavailable. Is there...
  3. D

    Several crashes during backup to NFS after upgrading to Proxmox VE 6.4

    Hello, We experienced three kernel crashes during guests backup of two distinct Proxmox VE fully-updated 6.4 hosts running on 5.4.114-1-pve Linux kernel. Backups are using the stop mode and a NFS mount. Other hosts running Proxmox VE 6.3 on Linux 5.4.106-1-pve did not triggered the problem...
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    Can't boot pve-kernel-5.4.101-1-pve / mismatch of zfs versions 2.0.3 & kmod-0.8.3

    I'm not sure which is the problem and which is the symptom or if they're independent... I was checking status of my pools and saw the message about running zpool upgrade. I'm fine with that, this is not production and there's no concern about running with older versions of zfs. However upgrade...
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    focal kernel 5.4

    Hi all. We would like to have the following fix in our kernel because we need it <> This fix was accepted in ubuntu focal 2020-12-10...
  6. J

    proxmox 6.3-3 kernel 5.4.78-2-pve lack libata.force kernel parameter

    Hello, after installtion pve 6.3-3 with kernel 5.4.78-2-pve I got problemes with two disks connected to ASM1062. (The two SSDs are conntect to Intel chipset, the big data disks are conntected to the ASM1062.) The chip is know for timing problems so I dected and eleminates the errors on ubuntu...
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    kernel panic: BUG: unable to handle page fault for address: 0000000000008000

    recently installed a new server and ran into a kernel panic, can anyone tell me where to look for the reason? Linux pve02 5.4.78-2-pve #1 SMP PVE 5.4.78-2 (Thu, 03 Dec 2020 14:26:17 +0100) x86_64 GNU/Linux Dec 20 19:07:35 pve02 kernel: [35190.115810] BUG: unable to handle page fault for...
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    [SOLVED] random reboots

    I only learned today that my home proxmox server reboots frequently. Sometimes it's sufficient to just start it to have the proxmox server go down an reboot. Unfortunately, I only activated the journal today, so I can't say how long this has been happening. After activating persistent logging...
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    Wiederkehrende Verbindungsprobleme und ungewöhnliche Kernel Nachrichten

    Ich kämpfe seit einigen Tagen mit dem Problem dass sich das Webinterface von Proxmox immer wieder verabschiedet und nach wenigen Sekunden dann doch wieder erreichbar ist. Scheinbar startet hier der Dienst immer wieder neu oder es ist ein Netzwerkproblem. Generell bleiben aber alle VMs...
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    Lost connectivity with external storage after upgrade

    Hi Proxmoxers. After restarting PVE nodes previously upgraded from 5.3.13-1 to 5.4.65-1 kernel, we lost connectivity with LUNs provided by Fujitsu Eternus DX100 S4 - FC interface connected to QLogic 2692 Host Bus Adapters in servers. It's not multipath issue, as we cannot see the storage devices...
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    Issue compiling aqc111.ko module for Proxmox 6.2-4/ Kernel 5.4.41-1

    New to linux/compiling and I need help with compiling aqc111.ko module from manufacture driver in Kernel 5.4.41-1 I installed PVE headers 5.4.41-1, and build-essentials (headers and build-essential complied successfully under 5.3) Attempted to run make with 5.4.41-1 and was prompted for flex...
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    Proxmox VE 6.2 Randomly Rebooting

    For some weird reason my recently installed "new" NAS is randomly rebooting (approximatively 1-2 times each hour). System: - Supermicro X10SLL-F - Intel Xeon E3-1270 V3 - 4 x 8GB Unbuffered ECC DDR3 - 2 x Crucial MX100 256GB - 1 x IBM Exp ServeRAID M1015 (LSI 9220-8i) -> PCI-e pass-through to...


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