internet issues

  1. ismokemysocks

    Creating VMs and LXC containers makes the host lose Internet connection

    As the title states. I don't know why, but the PVE host loses connection to LAN and Internet... I have to physically go down to my home server, manually log in, kill the process and either wait a couple of minutes or reboot it (the latter one is not a must). I've followed some of the steps...
  2. S

    PVE unresponsive for 30-60 seconds and internet drops

    I'm pretty new to Proxmox. I have pfsense and pihole both in VMs. They are using vlan tagging and are under a bridge port going to my cisco switch. 2-3 times per hour proxmox will timeout for 30-60 seconds and I will lose connection to the internet, but lan connetion seems fine. I have tried...
  3. S

    PVE MGT reachable, VM reachable, ping internet working, trace working, TCP/other traffic reset from peer

    I installed a PVE 8.0.3 for my friend recent. It seems works since I can reach the MGT IP on both web and SSH. And I upload needed VM disk and import them, all of them are also up and running. However, It seems that: 1. MGT port can't connect to any update source, I tried curl with insecure...
  4. M

    [SOLVED] Kein Internet aus LXC Container

    Hallo zusammen, ich bin Proxmox Neueinsteiger und verzweifele gerade schon an dem ersten Container. :confused: Die Installation von Proxmox ging ohne Probleme. IP: GW: Nach der Anmeldung auf der Weboberfläche konnte ich auch die neusten updates herunterladen und...
  5. B

    Container's have no internet connection

    Hey there, so i recently setup proxmox on my newly aquired dedicated server and im facing a small issue where the created container can't ping ANYTHING except itself (which is obvious) // Node Network Settings // Container...
  6. T

    Very new to networking and proxmox in general, changed some things in the /etc/network/interfaces and now none of my vms have internet.

    Hi, I am unable to access any of my vms outside the proxmox window. None of the vms have internet, and im guessing its to do with the vmbr0 confirguration as I had to add that back after changing the file (see below) but I have no clue what it should be so my vms ips work. Ideally I would not...
  7. M

    Proxmox No Internet, VM's have internet

    I recently moved my server from one location to another and plugged it in, It runs just fine, I have no internet and can not ping in or out of proxmox and no ability to access the web ui. The virtual machines inside of proxmox that start at boot both have internet access and I can connect to...
  8. H

    VM has no internet

    Our server is assigned only one internal IP address by the university. I used this IP address when installing Proxmox VE. The server has access to the internet from the Proxmox VE shell. However, the created virtual machine has no internet and no IP address. What can I do? Do I need to ask the...
  9. G

    Cant connect to Internet on VM

    Hello everyone, This is my first time using Proxmox so I don't know a lot about it. The Internet connection on the Node works just fine but there is no connection in the VM. not even a adapter in the adapter options (Windows) Any help would be appreciated
  10. E

    No internet

    Hello, I recently installed proxmox on a computer but the shell has no internet. VM can get internet but not the host shell. The proxmox version is the last. I can ping other computers within the local network. ip a link/loopback 00:00:00:00:00:00 brd 00:00:00:00:00:00 inet
  11. parrotassassin15

    VMs/Guest Hosts cannot access the internet ( 2021 )

    So I have this set up: I can ping other VMS on the same network but cannot access the internet. a few days ago I could when I set up a VM bride for testing purposes but now I cannot I do think it is due to some routing issues any input would be recommended I do not know too much about...


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