image files

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    [CLOSED] How to work with file .img containing multiple partitions?

    Hello everyone, I must preface this by saying I only have basic knowledge on how virtualization tools work, and I'm trying Proxmox for the first time. After setting up some virtual machines, I now want to create one to perform restore of a my_file.img image file. So, I tried to follow this...
  2. K

    Openning Proxmox to the WEB for Management and its VMs. Multiple questions for final networking-securing-backup-imaging of Proxmox and its VMs.

    Hello All, As I have done other things in my professional carreer, I have missed some chunks of the IT, unfortunately also bigger chunks. Now working on my project I am in the middle of nowhere, exposing the ip of the management to internet. I am setting up one DL380 with Proxmox, 128 GB RAM...
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    Configuring Images on the Road

    Hey all, I apologize if this has been asked, but I was not able to find anything on Google or in this forum. I travel often for work and would like to be able to configure VMs/images on my laptop then just upload them to my proxmox server and boot the VM when I get home. Is this possible? If...
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    How to rename image files after using "qm importdisk"?

    I'm migrating from VirtualBox to Proxmox and am creating the new VMs on the shell. Part of that is using "qm importdisk" to import available VMDK files as new QCOW2 ones. While that works in general, the result is a file like e.g. "encr_zfs:100/vm-100-disk-0.qcow2". While that is OK for only one...
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    Last lxc images buggy config ?

    Hi to all, I test proxmox since many month without trouble. about new needs, i have done some test with last lxc image available from proxmox download repository. Actually Centos 8 and Fedora 30, and the both doesn't works fine. There so buggy effects. I don't know if it's my proxmox or the...
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    can not see iso files in the storage

    Hi guys, I have installed proxmox 4.4. I have 4TB on RAID (1.8TB to be exact) out of 750GB partition, 30GB Swap, and 120GB root. After installation, through cfdisk I create an additional partition which is 1.1TB as sda4 and mounted it as media/store. In my proxmox via GUI when I navigate...
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    TASK ERROR: unable to parse directory volume name proxmox

    So I setup a new cluster and I am moving image files off via USB drive. One reason for this is I am using Ceph and it appears the best import method is actually to add the disk to a new vm conf and move the disk from local to ceph. I used a USB hard drive for the task, mounted it, and added a...
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    how to configure block size of container partition?

    For example: have ocfs2 mounted volume as storage on proxmox. ocfs2 volume have next blocksize /sbin/tunefs.ocfs2 -Q 'blocksize: %B\nclustersize: %T\n' /dev/sdd1 blocksize: 4096 clustersize: 4096 and volume on barmetal storage and hdd/ssd have 512 or 4096 bytes blocksize. After create...
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    New version - image file path

    Hello, First I want to thank for the great product Proxmox. I recently updated proxmox to 4.3v and noticed that the path to image files changed. I use automated backup for containers and VMs, but once it happened that I could not restore virtual machine (it throws an error at 100%), so after...


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