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  1. R

    Can not boot Proxmox VE in RPI4

    Possibly a very nooby question (and maybe more suited to RPI forums), but kind of stuck at this moment :(. I am trying to install the Proxmox VE 7.3-1 ISO image on a blank RPI4, but it just does not boot the USB ISO image for some reason. I have tried to verify if everything was working...
  2. A

    PBS as VM = Safe?

    So my journey has begun! I'm pondering on this one question I can't seem to find a suiting answer for. Here's the situation: If you have Proxmox. You install PBS as a VM on a node. PBS automatically backs up to an external Truenas machine. If the node goes corrupted for some reason, the...
  3. R

    [TUTORIAL] How to effectively increase OMV system disk space in PROXMOX [HOW TO]

    I have read to many OMV users that, like me, one day their sda system disk began to run out of space and despite increasing the space in proxmox, that space is not reflected in OMV So I made this guide of what has always worked for me hoping that someone will help and at the same time can help...
  4. dcsapak

    [TUTORIAL] NVIDIA vGPU on Proxmox VE 7.x

    Hi all, recently we got access to a vGPU capable GPU (RTX A5000), and we put together a short how-to on how to use it with a current PVE 7.x here: While Proxmox VE is not a supported platform for NVIDIAs GRID/vGPU, it seems to work...
  5. R

    New to Proxmox. How to log in?

    Sorry for a sadly elementary question, but I'm stuck. I just finished Proxmox installation. The system rebooted. I'm at a text screen that says, I gather that, while the screen seems to be inviting me to log in, it's just kidding - I have to log in from a web browser on another machine. And I...
  6. B

    Upgrading Proxmox VE from 4.x to 7.x

    Hi all, I'm a first time poster and I'm excited to join your community. I love the Proxmox products. We have a licensed Proxmox Mail Gateway that has changed our lives. We also have 3 Proxmox VE servers, one of which is licensed. I inherited a 2 node Proxmox VE 4.x cluster that has never...
  7. G

    [SOLVED] configuration

    Hi, Is there any way to clean global Whitelist and Blacklist from command line (pmgsh) in Proxmox Mail Gateway?
  8. L

    Step by Step Install w EFI, ZFS, SSD cache, File Server

    Install Proxmox on a Dell R510 server (12 SCSI/SATA bays) with the following criteria: UEFI boot ZFS mirrored boot drives Large Drive support (> 2TB) SSD-backed caching (a Sun F20 flash accelerator with 96GB of cache on 4 chips) Home File Server There were lots of “gotchas” in the process...


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