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    [SOLVED] Strange issues with Proxmox and OPNsense on Hetzner root-server

    We have quite a few installation running OPNsense on Proxmox and they all run fine. Since a couple of months we also have one instance on a Hetzner root-server (EX101, Intel Core i9-13900) that causes me a lot of headaches and I still cannot figure out the cause for these issues: - getting the...
  2. S

    Set up network for vm on Hetzner robot

    Good morning, I have searched far and wide on the internet, even tried hetzner's own guide, I cannot configure my vm's network on proxmox. I have installed on windows server 2019 on the virtual machine, but I need to make it comiunicate with the outside making it reachable via rdp. I am at my...
  3. T

    Strange connectivity issues with Hetzner vSwitch Cloud Network

    Hello, I use Proxmox since version 4.4 in my homelab, and recently set up my first Proxmox instance on a Hetzner Root Server. The machine has a single public IPv4 and the usual /64 IPv6 subnet. While most of the setup is working, I have an issue where I need some more ideas. For IPv6, the host...
  4. J

    Backup fails - detected chunk with wrong digest

    Hello, i have following setup: Proxmox Server with some VMs (64GB ECC UDIMM RAM, 8 Core CPU, ZFS Storage Pool) (own dedicated server in datacenter) Proxmox Backup Server (64GB RAM, ZFS Storage Pool) (rented dedicated server from hetzner) I have connected the Proxmox Backup Server as storage...
  5. S

    Proxmox with a Separate Host Running OpnSense in Hetzner

    Hi all, I'm working on my first setup at Hetzner and I can't find any examples of what I am attempting to do. I'm hoping for some insight, an interfaces config or step by step if it's available would both be very helpful! While there's plenty of instructions with regard to hosting OpnSense...
  6. M

    Hetzner Dedicated 1IP Proxmox mit OPNSense - VMs haben kein Internet

    Hi, ich bin Neu hier und habe wahrscheinlich wie schon mehrere Menschen vor mir dasselbe Problem. Ich habe die anderen Posts schon durchgesehen und nichts gefunden was mir geholfen hat. Vorweg bin kein Linux Profi, habe aber Spaß an der Materie. Meine Ausgangssituation gerade: 1x Dedicated...
  7. K

    [SOLVED] Proxmox + Hetzner Storage Box

    Hi, I bought the BX11 Storage Box offering from Hetzner and also do have a dedicated server with Proxmox (v8.0.3) installed on it. Network etc. works, but I stuck in adding the BX11 to my Proxmox setup. Current status: - A directory on BX11 at "/home/backups/myproxmox" has been created -...
  8. S

    Proxmox + Hetzner | VMs without public IP can't access internet

    Hello all :) The following scenario... My proxmox server at Hetzner is running with the following network config: auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface enp4s0 inet manual auto vmbr0 iface vmbr0 inet static address xx.xx.xx.58/27 gateway xx.xx.xx.29 bridge-ports enp4s0...
  9. S

    Proxmox bei Hetzner | VMs ohne Public IP ans Netz bringen (Internet access)

    Hallo zusammen :) Folgendes Szenario... Mein Proxmox Server bei Hetzner läuft mit folgender Netzwerkconfig: auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface enp4s0 inet manual auto vmbr0 iface vmbr0 inet static address xx.xx.xx.58/27 gateway xx.xx.xx.29 bridge-ports enp4s0...
  10. R

    Zusatz-IP von proxmox an pfsense weiterleiten

    Hey, Ich habe jetzt in den letzten tage so viele Beiträge gelesen und getestet aber noch bin ich nicht am ziel wie erwartet. So kommen wir mal zum Problem: Ich habe eine Haupt IP nenne wir die mal <1>.244 und habe mir jetzt eine einzelne Zusatz IP gekauft die wir <2>.253 nennen. Das Problem ist...
  11. F


    Hi guys, I'm unsuccessfully trying to setup a vm with subnet, can you help? my configuration auto lo iface Io inet loopback iface enp195sO inet manual iface enxea5c652e737d inet manual auto vmbrO iface vmbrO inet static address 168. 119.xx.xx/26 gateway 168.119.xx.xxx bridge-ports enp195sO...
  12. L

    Installing on Hetzner 7950x3d (AX-102) server, my experience

    I thought i'd share what I've done to install Proxmox 7.4 on my Hetzner AX-102 server, hopefully it'll help others going through the same process. I've done a Proxmox install on bare metal previously. The first two times, the instructions here worked well for me...
  13. F

    GoCryptFS + RSync Backup auf Hetzner Storagebox

    Hallo zusammen, vielleicht hat jemand einen Tipp für mich bei folgender Herausforderung: Ich habe mir gedanken zum Thema verschlüsselte Backups gemacht und bin auf folgende Anleitung gestoßen...
  14. N

    Hetzner additional ip not working on vm

    Hey everyone, For the past few days I've been trying to get the additional ip on my Hetzner box to work on my vm, but I haven't been very successful. The vm's internet connection just doesn't work, attempting to reach any outside ip results in the ping returning no feedback, even after ten...
  15. E

    PVE goes offline without any notice in logfiles, dmesg, even without kdump

    Hi guys, I could not find any guidlines for opening posts like that, so here we go: The environment: PVE Host hosted on hetzner root server (AX41) PVE version: 7.3-6 CPU: 12 x AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor (1 Socket) RAM: 64 GB Storage: 2x1TB HDD in RAID1 as storage for VMs and containers...
  16. B

    [SOLVED] Hetzner Server Proxmox VH Ubuntu VM kein Internet Zugang

    Hallo liebe Community, seit Tagen versuche ich meine Ubuntu VM ins Internet zu bringen. Ping vom Host zum Guest und umgekehrt geht. Der Host kann ins Internet pingen und löst auch auf. Proxmox und VM haben eine öffentliche IP. tracert vom lokalen Rechner geht zum Proxmox komplett durch - bei...
  17. K

    Proxmox with Hetzner Dedicated Server

    Hi! I've recently purchased a Hetzner dedicated server and want to setup multiple VMs with multiple IPs available to use. For example, I want to have 3 VMs, 2 sharing an IP & one with its own. If I was to purchase an extra IP from Hetzner, how would I go about setting proxmox up for this? I'd...
  18. C

    Proxmox Cluster Beitritt mit einem Ansible Skript

    Hallo Proxmoxer, ich habe seit Wochen folgenden Problem. Ich habe ein Ansible Skript genaut welches einen oder mehrere Hetzner Server komplett einrichtet. Proxmox ist nachdem das Skript durchgelaufen ist mit seinen Basics eingerichtet und erreichbar. Jetzt stehe ich vor dem Problem das ich mit...
  19. A

    Proxmox, routed mode with a block ip not working

    I have a problem with Hetzner in Routed mode since I have to apply a subnet to the server. According to your docs (one thing) and according to your support (something else) I have this setup. No matter how hard I try, I can't understand why it doesn't work, even more so when I see the routes...
  20. J

    Container issues with Hetzner network.

    Having some issues with a container. Typically I use a virtual router with containers as I have limited IPv4 space so this is my first time doing a container on its own IP. I have set the network settings with the IP/24 I want to use and the gateway being the host machine's IP as normal. But...


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