hetzner ipv4

  1. A

    Proxmox - Hetzner - vSwitchSubnetz Konfiguration

    Hallo zusammen, bin noch ziemlich neu bei Proxmox. Und befinde mich in einer Testumgebung. Ich scheitere leider an einer sauberen Netzwerkkonfiguration mit Subnetz auf dem VSWITCH. Ich vermute, es fehlen Routen. Konfiguration bei Hetzner wie folgt: 2 Server im Cluster, installiert über ISO...
  2. K

    Hetzner additional ip doesn't work

    Hi, I have additional ip on Hetzner, but I can't figure it out how to use it, all my attempts have failed. Below I have attached my most successful host and virtual machine config. From a virtual machine, I can ping, but that's all. Thank you. Main ip Hetzner info: Gateway...
  3. K

    Installing proxmox on Hetzner dedi with pfsense

    Hi! I'm fairly new to using proxmox and am wanting to use my hetzner dedi to run some VMs on. I only have 1 external IP and am wanting to setup pfsense for port forwarding etc but cannot figure out how to do so. When I used hetzner's script, a vmbr0 adapter wasn't made for me so I'll also need...
  4. Q

    Dual public IP setup

    Hi all, I have a problem with my proxmox at Hetzner. The system has two public IP addresses. My goal is to leave one IP address on the Proxmox, the second IP address should point to a pfSense. At the moment I can reach the Proxmox without errors under the primary IP address of the system...
  5. M

    hetzner additional ip redirects me wrong :(

    I finally manage to configure the network of my hetzner server in proxmox with an additional ip xx.xx.98.10 Now what is my surprise when I try to enter the vm of proxmox from my public ip instead of entering my server I am redirected to a website with which I have nothing to do o_Oo_Oo_O I'm...
  6. B

    Hetzner Cloud & Robot via vSwitch

    Moin! Ich habe bei Hetzner einen CloudServer & einen Dedicated. Auf dem Cloud-Server läuft eine pfSense. Diese läuft dort da alles über diese gehen soll damit z.B. Proxmox nicht von extern erreichbar ist & ich Portforwardings, VPN usw dort sehr gut regulieren kann. Plan ist folgender: Wenn...
  7. H

    No external connection randomly

    so I have a problem where randomly vms switch external access like vm with ID 100 i can connect with no problems for some time till randomly i cannot anymore but i can connect vm with id of 101 there is no pattern to this as of right now and there is only one way to force it to switch it back to...
  8. T

    Hetzner VLAN with Cloud Networks

    Hey! I use Hetzner and have a vSwitch there, which was connected to the so-called "Cloud Networks" by me. The steps for this were taken from here: https://docs.hetzner.com/cloud/networks/connect-dedi-vswitch/ I did not use the network config 1:1, but adapted it to my setup. The problem: I...
  9. M

    Proxmox Hetzner DNS Issues

    Hello, I have been having some issues with getting the LXC / VM to resolve domains, I was previously able to configure IPv6 and this worked without any issues, However, since purchasing an IPv4 Subnet I have not been able to use the boxes. They can be pinged from a remote host, and I have...
  10. P

    Zusätzliche einzelne IPv4 einrichten

    Hallo Forum, ich habe ein Root-Server bei Hetzner und Proxmox VE installiert. Ich habe dort zusätzliche einzelne IPv4 Adressen, leider bekomme ich es nicht hin, diese auf die pfSense VM draufzuschalten, umzuleiten oder sonstiges. Ich möchte innerhalb der pfSense-VM dann ein 1:1 NAT mit der ggf...
  11. R

    [SOLVED] No connection or slow internet on VM under proxmox on a hetzner dedi

    i Solved it last reply made by me has the solution Hi So i cant get my linux vms to have internet access on my hetzner box. If i try a windows vm they have stable and good connection it seems to be only linux. I tried many distros, Ubuntu centos and debian. im using hetzner subnets for my...
  12. S

    Network setup at Hetzner on dedicated server

    Hi, In the past few days i have tried installing Proxmox on my dedicated server running Debian 10. However i have had some major issues creating the bridged network. I have been using the script from this post...
  13. P

    Proxmox vSwitch public network

    I have 3 servers with Proxmox installed and a virtual switch with a public subnet. How can I properly configure this public network for our VDS? Bellow my network config Thanks. source /etc/network/interfaces.d/* auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface lo inet6 loopback auto eno1...
  14. thommie

    Hetzner: Routing of additional IPs on vmbr0 from a different subnet

    Hi all, I have a problem with the routing of additional IPs on vmbr0 which are from a different subnet. My installation is a proxmox PVE community 6.x on a hetzner root server. The networking setup is routed and my primary network segment is 138.201.52.x/26 with as the main...
  15. T

    Hetzner netzwerk bridge einrichtung

    Hallo Leute ich bin langsam echt kurz vorm abdrehen :-D Ich möchte im moment folgendes installieren und einrichten: [Jetzt mit gebuchter zusatz IP] Eine KVM mit Windows server 2019 (Gameserver) [Später entweder über die host IP oder zusätzliche IP] Webserver-emailserver etc. Folgende...
  16. A

    [SOLVED] Windows VM has found network but no Internet Access

    Solved, thanks.


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