ha failover

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    prevent vm to start on same node (HA)

    Hello, I have a setup with shared storage set up and 5 nodes. If one node crashes the VMs should be instant migrated on another node and crashed node should be left empty. My problem : 1. It takes really long for proxmox to actually start the HA-Migration (e.g. If i plug out power cable...
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    Proxmoc CT not able to start after shutting down the node

    Currently, I have 2 nodes of proxmox cluster with a quorum device as Raspberry Pi ( on which I am running openmediavault as well) I created an HA group and added the CT, to test the HA I just shut the node the CT migrated to another node however they failed to start. Action Taken Removed from...
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    High Availability Configuration for Templates?

    Hi guys, I've setup a HA cluster and added all the VMs. I have a question.... if I have VMs that are linked clones ... do I need to also HA the original templates? I have a shared storage for the VMs. Thanks
  4. ?

    Always On VMs / Containers

    I'm new to Proxmox and I'm a little lost. I have the system setup, Client side resources (VMs / Containers) fail back n fourth and i can manually migrate. The problem I have is when a node is down, a resources sessions are terminated and that resource is shutdown, migrated to another node and...
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    How does PVE handle Host related failures with HA

    Hi Community We run a VMware environment and seeing some issues with HA failing to detect a host issue and move VM's to functioning hosts. This has prompted my question today about how PVE manages hosts that have partially failed and are not 100% responsive but responsive enough to respond to...
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    Best option for getting HA to work across two servers?

    Hi, I recently scored a good deal on two used Fujitsu TX100 S3p servers. I seem to remember Proxmox supporting the use of a quorum disk to replace the third required node in a cluster so I wanted to set these two servers up as a HA Proxmox cluster with external iSCSI storage. However the...
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    HA Migration of VMs using local devices

    Hi There, I've seen this raised a couple of years back (https://forum.proxmox.com/threads/migrate-vm-with-local-devices.17369/#post-88296) and I'm wondering what is the best / recommended method for migrating a VM (with Intel IGP passthrough enabled) from one node to another? Currently, my VM...
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    HA failover not restarting guest

    I have a cluster of 3 hosts and about 6 guests in an HA cluster. when I try to simulate a failure of one of the hosts by unplugging the ethernet nothing happens. I was expecting the guests to restart on the other nodes. after a few minutes of nothing I plug the ethernet back in and THEN the...
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    OPNsense CARP/MacSpoofing issues

    Ì'm having some issues with macspoofing on Proxmox as my CARP Master/Backup VIP's are flapping in state between the servers and stay that way they are set. I have checked: Disable hardware checksum offload Disable hardware TCP segmentation offload Disable hardware large receive offload...
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    Best Proxmox Scalable High Availability Setup and Configuration

    I am trying to setup the best minimum scalable HA setup and Configuration. I read the documentation on High Availability, however I have some questions that are not well discussed in the documentation. I was thinking of starting with 4 servers: 2 x front end server that will use a central...
  11. D

    [SOLVED] HA VMs and Containers Freeze on Node Thermal Shutdown

    Hi folks, I'm having an annoying issue with Proxmox HA + Ceph clusters on HP Proliant hardware. Whenever a component fails (Fan in this case), the server powers itself down to prevent data loss. The problem is that this tells Proxmox HA to shutdown all VMs and CTs living on that node as part of...
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    HA delays and locking issues

    We are currently running tests on a new three node HA cluster configured with 2x10G networking and shared (Ceph) storage. We are using the latest stable packages for Proxmox 5.3. The behaviour around reboots of servers is nowhere near as smooth as we would like. These are the issues that we...
  13. C

    HA is not working with 3-node-cluster - resources are NOT failing over

    Hi, I have setup a 3-node-cluster that is working like charm, means I can migrate any VM or CT from one node to the other. The same nodes are using a shared storage provided by Ceph storage. I followed instructions and created HA groups + resources: root@ld4257:~# more /etc/pve/ha/groups.cfg...
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    [SOLVED] TASK ERROR: migration aborted

    2018-09-07 16:53:51 ERROR: migration aborted (duration 00:00:00): volume 'local:iso/Win10_Pro_1511_English_x64_july_2016.iso' does not exist TASK ERROR: migration aborted The ISO exist on the target node. The VMs were moved from node that went offline. HA was set up to that is normal. But I want...
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    Restricting a VM to failover to a specific host (DRS)

    Hi all, I have a proxmox cluster with 3 nodes. I have Windows Data center licenses for the *2* proxmox nodes and I have a few windows server VMs on this cluster, on the licensed hosts. How can I restrict proxmox from migrating windows VMs to the unlicensed host (when I have a failure)? Is...
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    [SOLVED] cannot start ha resource when ceph in health_warn state

    Hi, I'm playing with proxmox, ha and ceph in testing environment. So I set up 3 ceph enabled proxmox nodes including 3 ceph monitors but with an ceph pool of two nodes available/one required. I think this can be the smallest ha configuration possible. (So third node is only for quorum and...
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    Step-by-step two node HA setup for Proxmox 5.0

    Hi I know that's not officially supported, but I have no budget to spend on additional third server to provide HA I want to prevent split-brain related problems with using bonded cross-connected (no switch between servers) network interfaces. I think that's well enough to prevent split-brain...
  18. H

    ZFS Replication + HA Failover

    I have testing cluster with 3 nodes of PVE 5.0, i've managed to setup ZFS replication and HA. 1.) HA Failover was not working unless i created HA group and put my CT in it (originaly i was thinking that any running node will be used when no group is assigned to resource) 2.) When i manualy...


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