1. W

    Proxmox "disk not found" after reboot

    Bonjour, We had proxmox version 7 installed as standalone (all VM in a host - no cluster) from official ISO and VMs disks were LVM. After a reboot, the host refused to boot with the following error: error: disk...
  2. J

    Stuck at Grub screen

    I am not an expert on Linux, I have a few VMs but this morning I woke up to the proxmox server stuck on the grub screen (screenshot attached). I tried boot and I tried but it doesn't boot. Any idea on how to fix this...
  3. R

    Proxmox startup error

    Hi, after turning off the server, when I start it gives me the error that I attach in the photo, the server has two disks, one 500 GB for the operating system and one 2 TB for the VM, does anyone know how to resolve it?
  4. N

    Freezes on loading after update

    Freezes on loading after update. How fixit?
  5. P

    Need Help with Proxmox Boot Issue

    Hey everyone, I’m encountering a bit of a snag with my Proxmox setup and could use some guidance. Here’s the situation: I have two NVMe SSDs in my Desktop: one with Proxmox installed and the other with Windows. When I unplug the Proxmox SSD and attach the Windows SSD, everything works fine...
  6. T

    [SOLVED] I’ve question about grub zfs between upgrade to 8 “bug grub”

    Hello, In subject “ GRUB Might Fail To Boot From LVM in UEFI Mode“ If i’ve use ZFS on EFI mode should be not affect boot right ? Could you please suggest. Best Regard.
  7. A

    Default Partitioning Question

    When Proxmox is installed via the installer (UEFI with GRUB / secure boot) it creates three partitions by default. sda1 1007K Bios Parition sda2 512M EFI Parition sda3 Parition for the main data Is there a particular reason that proxmox only has a single joined EFI/Boot partition instead of...
  8. J

    installation stuck in GRUB

    Hi all. I'm new to Proxmox and I wanted to install it on my old DELL T610 server before installing it on one of my production environment servers (DELL T140). I followed the instructions on to setup the USB, but as I booted from it, it got...
  9. I

    IOMMU: difference between "/etc/kernel/cmdline" and "/etc/default/grub"

    I had a roadblock today and figured it out, but I want to understand the difference. I configured now three systems with iommu and pci-passthrough. Everytime appending intel_iommu=on at /etc/kernel/cmdline was enough. Those were on a: ASUS Prime Z590-P MSI MEG Z590 ACE ASUS B450M-K II MSI MEG...
  10. J

    Rebooted Proxmox and getting grub screen with no information

    Need help, new to proxmox as of about a week ago. Everything was good, was working for the last few hours to set up an ubuntu VM with a Cloudflare tunnel and Nextcloud. Converted my VM to a template, full cloned that template to a new VM. Before starting that VM I decided to restart my Proxmox...
  11. L

    replace failed disk (raid 1)

    I'm struggling with a replaced disk. Last time I had already issues doing this: unfortunately this time again. One of the disks failed and I looked into the docs, the last forum post...
  12. S

    Help switching to proxmox-boot-tool

    Hi all, I am looking for some help moving to proxmox-boot-tool now finally, after upgrading my system from 6 to 7 and now 8 over the past week (oops). The system is using root on ZFS (mirrored pair of SSDs) and booting via legacy BIOS (I am pretty sure I have the motherboard set to BIOS boot...
  13. L

    [SOLVED] Unable to install PVE from Debian 12 via official tutorial

    Hi, I recently tried to reinstall the whole PVE system. After following the tutorial step by step, I always failed after installing the Proxmox VE kernel. Everytime I did systemctl reboot after that, it always stuck on grub command line. And when I ran linux /boot/vmlinuz-6.5.11-7-pve...
  14. 4

    Grub Rescue

    Hello. I need some help. After a failed disk of my proxmox installation, I managed to clone the disk to a new one, but unfortunately I can't boot. I am stuck at the grub rescue. I tried the proxmox grub rescue guide but when I try to mount the boot directory, In order to chroot the installation...
  15. W

    [SOLVED] Move boot partition ZFS USB

    Hello, What i am trying to achieve is this: I have a hp raid card (p420i) that does not allow booting from itself while in HBA mode, therefore i decided, i could try to move the boot partition to a usb drive and have all the drives directly in proxmox with zfs. However i am not sure if i am...
  16. L

    proxmox-boot-tool status shows one entry in raid1 system

    One of my disks (raid 1) had to be replaced. Following the docs, I could make the new disk work. A host system reboot also works BUT when I execute proxmox-boot-tool status, I get the following: proxmox-boot-tool status Re-executing '/usr/sbin/proxmox-boot-tool' in new private mount namespace...
  17. B

    IOMMU Issues

    Hello! Ive been trying go get IOMMU Groups and PCI-E pass through, mainly GPU, to properly work for quite a while on my new server hardware, my DMAR output looks like this. Thank you in advance and sorry for the long post, this has been a multiweek and multi-reinstall battle I haven't been...
  18. C

    How to boot Proxmox PVE from degraded ZFS-RAID10 / grub rescue

    Hello, we are using a old, mostly unused Proxmox server (HP ProLiant DL160 Gen8) as backup/fail-safe Hypervisor for our infrastructure production VMs. I boot up that server ever week and clone the storage of those VMs via "zfs send" to it. Now it seems that one disk is broken and it does not...
  19. A

    [SOLVED] Proxmox uses GRUB instead of UEFI bootloader on UEFI compatible system

    Greetings! As far as I know disabling CSM should lead to installation in UEFI mode, yet I am still seeing GRUB during boot. What's weird, that efibootmgr -v reports that Proxmox were booted in UEFI mode. root@atlantis:~# efibootmgr -v BootCurrent: 000C Timeout: 1 seconds BootOrder: 000C,0001...
  20. T

    Changed Network Interfaces and Broke Host?

    I'm really hoping I haven't destroyed my data with this screwup...Specs for the system are: Ryzen 7 3700x Asrock b550m-c 32gb ddr4-3200 LSI 9211-8i with IT firmware Intel X540-T2 -> This is the NIC i was trying to add before all of this went downhill Proxmox installed on 2 raidz1 1TB ssds...


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