graphic display device

  1. A

    [SOLVED] Too high refresh frequency from the video card during the installation

    Hi, I'm facing a weird problem during the installation, at the stage where I haev to accept the terms and conditions (graphical environment) the graphic card issues a video frequency too high for my all monitors, on only one I can see a ndistoerted desktop whereas with others monitors I get...
  2. D

    How can I change the addr of gvt-g mdev?

    Some opengl function of i915 must work on a device with addr 0000:00:02.0(a intel bug or opengl ? very annoying:mad:) In proxmox 7.0 the mdev is at 0000:00:10.0,and there is no way to change it via web or conf file.Is there some args like display=on in libvirt?
  3. H

    GPU passthrough but after setup there is no web gui, no ssh, or gpu display either

    so right now I am in a situation where I installed a gpu and memory to my proxmox server, but not able to access the web gui or ssh, or use the gpu output. I am wondering is there another way to get into the proxmox? I did the gpu passthrough steps on here...
  4. E

    Ubuntu no GUI after nvidia-driver install

    Im trying to get a VM with GPU passthrough running. The passthrough part seems to be working just fine but whenever i install nvidia-drivers the Ubuntu-GUI dies with tty1 beeing unresposive and tty7 showing this: Its supposed to run Ubuntu 20.04 and nvidia-drivers...
  5. G

    Proxmox - Nuc - single display single graphics card - need alternative

    I've installed Proxmox, a home assistant VM, and a debian 10 lxc with PiHole in docker on an older nuc. All run fine.....but I need to use the single display on the NUC (my TV) as the Debian (or other) graphic console allowing me to show internet video on my TV (YouTube, etc). I chose...
  6. J

    [SOLVED] Fastest display client

    Hey, Looking to do some occassional gaming and other GPU intensive tasks on a VM (yes, you read that right) i wondered what is the best way to get maximum performance, hence minimum lag. At one point i had the GPU output on a monitor connected to the server, which was pretty neat. But i believe...
  7. F

    Unable to install Proxmox: Garbled text after Starting Proxmox installation

    I'm trying to install Proxmox on a new build PC via bootable USB and as soon as it hits "Starting Proxmox installation" the text garbles and becomes unreadable. Things I've tried so far: Ctrl + Alt + F(N) to switch to a different X window, all the same garbled mess. Booting with debug options...
  8. P

    Please help to check what's the issue cause this display error

    this system is work fine before last week. I don't know what's happen inside. nomatter reboot or recreate the VM, the console display the same. Does someone could give a help ?
  9. S

    OpenGL vendor: llvmpipe, instead of Nvidia GC

    I have a issue when i try to install my GPU i followed step by step the tutorial --> but now i confronting a issue i have disabled disaplay is set to none and when i type $ glxinfo|egrep "OpenGL vendor|OpenGL...
  10. P

    Hey,I want help for GPU passthrough

    I built a server with free hardware. This is a match: CPU: i5 3570 Motherboard: B75m-d3v Graphics card: GTX650TI Proxmox version: 5.3.5 There is a VT-d button on the motherboard, and I turn on the internal display. After the setup is complete, when I start the windows10 virtui machine, the...
  11. Laurent Minne

    RDP performance

    Hello everyone, My testing Config : - AMD Ryzen 1600X - Asus Prime AB 350 Plus - 4 x 8Go Crucial 2400Mhz - 4 x MX500 Crucial 250Go in Raidz1 (/root & VM-Images only) - 2 x 4To in raidz1 (vzdump, backup & ISO storage) - Dual NIC 1Gbps No general performance problem on the side of the Proxmox...
  12. M

    KVM Display Driver Comparisons

    Can someone point me to the pros/cons of the various KVM display drivers? I'm finding it hard to find reliable info on this topic. My use case is several Linux guests running X, accessible with RDP. Does the configured display driver even matter for this? Note that I am not trying to...
  13. V

    VM hangs during boot if passthrough device is Nvidia Tesla K80

    The subject says it all. We can speculate as to the cause: We think it is necessary to enable "above 4G decoding" in the OVMF bios. If that is the case then the question is: How can we enabled "above 4G decoding" or similar feature in the OVMF bios? Otherwise, we believe the reason the VM...


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