1. jsterr

    Ceph Prometheus Daten an InfluxDB2 senden?

    Hallo Community, ich bin gerade an einem Tutorial für InfluxDB2 und Grafana dran, die Proxmox eigenen Daten sende ich bereits an die InfluxDB2 - leider sind dort keine Ceph-Checks enthalten. Hat jemand von euch die Ceph-Metriken schonmal in eine InfluxDB2 gepushed und kann hier ein paar...
  2. G

    Metric Server over HTTPS and Reverse Proxy

    Hello Everyone, I'm trying to setup a monitoring stack for multiple PVEs (~25ish client) using InfluxDB2 and Grafana. So far I've managed to gather data from a test PVE ( to a local InfluxDB server ( using HTTP and visualize them using Grafana. Now, we must be...
  3. T

    Telegraf diskio read_bytes und write_bytes stimmt mit Messung nicht überein

    Hallo Leute, ich verwende das Telegraf diskio und lass mir die write_bytes und read_bytes in Grafana plotten. Allerdings sind die Werte komisch, was soll das für eine Einheit haben? Zum Testen mache ich ein rsync mirror zwischen zwei Platten, und das zeigt mir ~80MB/s an. Wohingegen die...
  4. M

    [TUTORIAL] Integrating InfluxDB2 data with temperature and disks' info

    Hi, I'm new here since I've started using Proxmox VE and PBS 2 weeks ago, but I've already done some questions on other threads and received very useful hints from you. So it is time to give something back (nothing exceptional, just my 2 cents). I'm running a TIG stack...
  5. P

    Tasks in Grafana/InfluxDB

    Hi Team, Thank you for your Virtualisation software, Would you please advise is there any way to get Tasks(logs) of Proxmox Virtual Server in Grafana/influxDB and if it is already there is under which name ? Thanks Ashish
  6. H

    Monitoring Proxmox

    I installed proxmox server and I added a single node where there are several VMs, I want to target my Pve node with Grafana via prometheus (or you can suggest other solutions), is there a guide to make it , i need help ?? Thanks you
  7. F

    Proxmxo External Metric Server - list and explanation of metrics

    Hi, I am in the process of re-organizing my Proxmox Grafana dashboard and would like to display some storage metrics, similar to what's shown in Proxmox's "Summary" screen: Where can I find a list of all the metrics that get written to InfluxDB/Graphite and their explanation, so I can identify...
  8. P

    [SOLVED] Connect to Grafana: /etc/pve/status.cfg file missing

    Hi, I want to connect my proxmox cluster (4 nodes) to grafana using an InfluxDB: On the wiki, i read that I must change the content of the /etc/pve/status.cfg file ( I am now quite confused...
  9. K

    [SOLVED] Metric Server Updates Slow?

    I recently setup the Influxdb and Grafana to get some better graphs. The setup works fine as is however the data only updates as fast as 5 seconds. I have changed Grafana to check for updates every 1 second but had no success with the faster updates. Do I need to change something in Proxmox or...
  10. R

    PMG and Grafana Stats with InfluxDB status.cfg

    Hello everyone, Is it possible to have some Grafana Stats for Proxmox Mailgateway in InfluxDB with Grafana Dashboard? With Promox PVE no problem ( ) Is there any way to have External Metric Server for Proxmox Mailgateway? Thanks!
  11. C

    Proxmox & Grafana

    I have been setting up Grafana to monitor my proxmox server but have a couple of queries. I have created a CPU usage graph but it's showing the % incorrectly, see screenshot below This is the setup for the stats The stats are going from Proxmox to InfluxDB and then to Grafana Any...
  12. T

    External metrics server and missing data

    I'm currently setting up external metric and have some issue with data that I was expecting but there is no data. I'm using Grafana with influxdb and use this wiki page for guidence influxdb: server
  13. M

    Need Help getting metrics into Graphite

    So I found this: and made the status file just as it said but I still dont see any data in Graphite The graphite server is resolvable to the host name I put in the conf. I'm not sure If I have graphite totally installed correctly but I was...


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