gpu passthrough

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    Help setting up Multi GPU Passthrough

    I am new to Proxmox and I am trying to setup GPU passthrough on a Windows 10 and MacOS VM. Machine Specs: Proxmox 8.2.2 CPU: i9-12900KS RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum 64GB DDR5 MOBO: Gigabyte Aorus Master GPU 1: Sapphire RX6950XT Nitro+ Pure GPU 2: Sapphire RX6900XT Nitro+ SE I was able to...
  2. B

    GPU Passtrough failure

    Hello everyone..i wanted to passtrough my gpu in a vm so i done this tutorial all steps after and after.. But now i dont know where the Error is because. i added my GPU to the VM and...
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    iGPU Passthrough: Machine won't start after adding PCIe device

    I have a ASRock N100m mainboard/cpu, that should support iGPU passthrough just fine. To enable this functionality, I followed these steps: Update GRUB config to add Kernel parameters Adding VFIO modules Blacklist i915 (As described here...
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    Dual A100 Passthrough to Ubuntu 22.04 VM - Proxmox8

    I have a system with 4 A100 40GB cards. I setup the proxmox Ubuntu 22.04 VM with 2 GPU's and I am having trouble detecting the second one. I have checked the IOMMU groups (at least I believe I did.) And they appear to be in different groups. I successfully passed one gpu in and it shows in...
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    New to Proxmox- My daughter would like to use Steam, so I am trying to figure out the best way to use Steam Via Proxmox

    I recently installed Proxmox VE on my HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen9 server Dual Intel Xeon E5-2687W CPUs -10 Cores/20 Threads x2=20 cores/40 threads, 2 -800Watt PSUs, & 448 Gigs of Ram. I have created 2- Debian12 VMs- 32 Gigs of RAM each (though I broke one VM by pushing snapshot and stopping it LOL...
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    That's a lot of words! What I'm investigating if it's possible to pass an AMD Ryzen 5700U iGPU (sorry, it's a Mini PC with dual HDMI) to an LXC guest (Flatcar LXC), which in turn holds Plex. While the above is critical for video hardware encoding, the main idea is for GPU Split Passthrough...
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    Proxmox 8.1.3 GPU passthrough soooo close!

    Hi, I'm tying to setup a VM (Linux Mint, or any other Linux) with GPU passthrough. The idea is that I will then connect the HDMI plug from the AMD Radeon RX 7600 to see the VM directly on my screen, passing through a mouse/keyboard. The VM does see the card as you can see from the output of...
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    Windows VMs Constantly Crashing With VIDEO DXGKRNL FATAL ERROR - Nvidia GPU Passthrough

    Hello all, My Hardware: Motherboard - Asrock Rack Rome8d-2t CPU - Epyc 7F72 RAM - 128GB 3200MHZ ECC GPU - RTX-2080 Super - passed through to Windows OS Drive - Samsung 980 Pro 500GB VM OS Drives - ZFS Mirror 2x960GB Samsung P9A3 Windows VM Game Storage - ZFS Mirror 2x1TB WD SN850 HBA Card -...
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    [SOLVED] LXC Container Issues (iGPU/tun passthrough and login delays)

    Hi everyone! As the title says, I am having two issues with my LXC containers. The server runs Proxmox 8.1.3, with the Linux 6.5.11-6-pve kernel. First issue - delay when logging into the containers. This impacts all of the LXC containers (Debian 12 standard template), and it causes a delay...
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    AMD APU (gpu) passthrough

    Hello - Relative noob here. I am trying to passthrough my gpu (part of the APU) to a linux vm. I have followed the tutorial here and various permutations and I can't get it to work. Every time I start the VM it causes the host to freeze. Any ssh session is frozen and the web ui is basically...
  11. P

    Blank display when GPU passthru on chinese x99 (HNZ QD4)

    I'm setting up a VM to have gpu passthrough, IOMMU is enabled, but when I start my VM from CLI, I get this. kvm: -device vfio-pci,host=0000:03:00.0,id=hostpci0.0,bus=ich9-pcie-port-1,addr=0x0.0,multifunction=on: Failed to mmap 0000:03:00.0 BAR 3. Performance may be slow And fixed by adding...
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    MacOS Ventura on Proxmox 8 but fails GPU passthrough ( display goes off after apple logo )

    Hello everyone, I managed to install macOS Ventura on my fresh Proxmox 8 installation. Everything went fine, installing macOS through the noVNC console and setting up everything. Now its the last part to my success that does not work: the GPU passthrough. After the initial Proxmox booting...
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    Change Default Resoultion in Windows 10 with GPU Passthrough

    Guys, how can I change the default resolution of 1028x768 to something else on guest VM with Windows 10? I changed the default resolution in the bios OVMF (UEFI) to 1920x1080, but when i start guest OS it still has default resolution of 1028x768. I use it without Display (none), but with GPU...
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    [SOLVED] PCI passthrough of multiple NVIDIA GPUs

    My current configueration is an AMD EPYC Server that is equipped with two NVIDIA L40 GPUs. If I install Ubuntu or Debian (newest) everything works. Both the GPUs are correctly identified and usable. Now I try since 14 days to setup Proxmox (v.8.1.3) and provide the GPUs via PCI passthrough to...
  15. J

    GPU Pass through problems

    Dear all, My purpose is to set up a Windows Server 2019 VM and using the NVIDIA GPU. Proxmox 8.1 boots on a ZFS Mirror My hardware Motherboard Z590 PRO4 GPU NVIDIA Corporation TU116 [GeForce GTX 1650] BIOS settings adjustments (listed), ensures that PVE doesn't use my NVIDIA GPU but the...
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    [TUTORIAL] GPU Passthrough on Proxmox VE - OpenBSD 7.3 (Part. 03x04)

    This is the fourth in a series of five articles covering the installation and configuration of VMs (Linux, Windows, macOS and BSD) in PCI Passthrough on Proxmox VE 8. I recommend you read my previous article on Installing OpenBSD 7.3 on Proxmox (BIOS/UEFI) where I go into more detail on...
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    Another GPU passthrough post (AMD Vega 7)

    Hello there, First of all, sorry for posting again about a recurring issue but I've read everything I could and still couldn't make it work. My system: Asrock A320M-HDR R4 Ryzen 4650Pro 32GB ECC UDIMM I got some success following this video tutorial...
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    Hardware Kaufberatung für GPU Passthrough mit Proxmox 8

    Hallo zusammen, Ich stehe grad auf dem Schlauch. Benötige Hilfe bei Anschaffung der Hardware. Im Moment habe ich ein 550W Netzteil, Mainboard: Asrock B460M Pro 4 mit Intel i5 10400 (IGPU) sowie 16GB Kingston DDR4 im Dual Channel und drei SSD Speichermedien. Zwei von Crucial MX 500 (250GB) und...
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    Enabled GPU passthrough of Intel HD 610 with GVT-g in Proxmox 8

    I was able to enable GPU passthrough for my Intel HD 610 (Pentium G4560) and Gigabyte h110m-ds2 motherboard fairly easily. Jellyfin h/w transcode in privileged LXC and video playback/discord stream in Win 11 was successful. However, I would really love a full passthrough instead of GVT-g which...
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    [TUTORIAL] PCI/GPU Passthrough on Proxmox VE 8 : Debian 12 (with Cloud-init)

    This article is the third in a series of five articles dealing with the installation and configuration of VMs (Linux, Windows, macOS and BSD) in PCI Passthrough on Proxmox VE 8. Part 0-4 PCI/GPU Passthrough on Proxmox VE Installation and Setup (Part. 00x04) Part 1-4 PCI/GPU Passthrough on...


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