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    iGPU passthrough not working for Windows, but working for Linux

    Hi everyone, I tried running Proxmox on a laptop and it seems to be working great, except for the iGPU passthrough for Windows. I took a look at the following documentation: This documentation seems to be working fine for Ubuntu but not in any shape...
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    [TUTORIAL] Windows 11 VM for gaming setup guide

    I just finished migrating my Windows 11 gaming VM from Unraid to Proxmox. Along the way I encountered some obstacles. To hopefully save other people some time I'm writing a detailed guide here on how I set up my system. Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert on this stuff. It is entirely...
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    Can't run WSL2 on 8.1 (VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR)

    Hi everyone, Whenever I run the CPU as host (needed for WSL2 afaik), I end up with the VM crashing every 11 minutes or so, or whenever I scan for hardware changes in the device manager. The BSOD is: VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR I have tried googling around to no avail. My setup: CPU: Ryzen 9...
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    Help with RTX3090 Passthrough (Code 43)

    Good morning everyone! I've been wrecking my brain for the last 2 days looking everywhere to get my RTX 3090 to passthrough without Code 43 error. Current Setup: Mobo: Crosshair VIII Dark Hero CPU: Ryzen 5900x No Integrated GPU (But I have a second RTX3090 and have tried using both)...
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    From Unraid to Proxmox for GPU passthrough?

    Hello everybody! I have a DeskMeet B660 with intel i3 13100 CPU, 32GB ram and an RX6600 GPU. Right now I am using unraid and it works for making windows VM and passing through the GPU. My only problem was that I had to turn ON CSM and disable rebar and so on to make it work, so my question is...
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    [TUTORIAL] AI Homelab: A guide into hardware to software considerations

    Hi everyone! I just release a new post detailing my journey in setting up an AI Homelab, covering everything from hardware choices to software intricacies (Proxmox, GPU Passthrough, Managing multiple env). The blog post is here ...
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    [SOLVED] RTX 4090 Passthrough : AMD, Proxmox and sadness

    Hi everyone, I'm losing my sanity a bit on this topic and I would like your previous help, let's begin! I passed the pcie as per the doc and installed Nvidia drivers from Nvidia, no nvidia-smi available but the driver seems there, also the gpu name doesn't appear on lspci but...
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    Convert Ubuntu VM from SeaBIOS to OVMF

    I have an active Ubuntu server 22 VM that I want to pass through a GPU (p2000) for hardware acceleration. Now when I set up this VM a long time ago I used the default machine (i440fx) and boot type (SeaBIOS), but the docs don't recommend those options for passthrough. The machine type was...
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    [SOLVED] not able to see IOMMU in Flag section while giving "lspci -v" for GPU, is it a issue of not seeing IOMMU in FLAG section

    Dear All, On my supermicro server , I have NVIDIA GPU which is GPU-NVA10-NC NVIDIA A10 24GB GDDR6 PCIe 4.0 'When I check "lspci -v" I get the following results with the IOMMU group details root@pve-7:~# lspci -v | grep NVIDIA ca:00.0 3D controller: NVIDIA Corporation GA102GL [A10]...
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    GPU pass through for NVIDIA A10 24GB GDDR6 PCIe 4.0

    Dear All, Good morning I have NVIDIA "NVIDIA A10 24GB GDDR6 PCIe 4.0" card on a supermicro server with PVE 8 EE , now I am planning to do the GPU passthrough for Ubuntu machines, when searched I found the link But I have not been able to get a...
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    Isolation of tasks using GPU (not at the same time)

    I wanted to isolate different tasks in VMs (Windows for gaming, something with Portainer for Docker containers and a Linux desktop for Python AI stuff), that are using one GPU and I’m a bit surprised about how challenging that seems to be, considering that virtualization is a big thing today...
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    [TUTORIAL] Low CPU Frequency on guest VM (even on high load)

    I was having some problems with my current setup using gpu passthrough on a Windows Guest VM, in random moments my CPU Frequency would drop to the bare minimum for minutes at a time without any logical explanation, acpi is disabled on BIOS and the guest VM was gaming at the time, so performance...
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    Can't access Proxmox after setting up a bonding

    I tried to set up a bonding following this youtube video, basically creating a Linux bonding without specifying anything except slaves and mode (I used balance-alb as in the video). After applying the changes, I can't access my Proxmox installation from remote GUI or ssh anymore. I have physical...
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    [SOLVED] AMD GPU inaccessible after VM Poweroff: Unable to change power state from D3cold to D0,device inaccessible.

    Hi Mates! My AMD GPU can't be accessed after VM poweroff. When I first turn on the host, start VM, the GPU which is passthroughed can work normally ( for me the GPU is 5700XT), and I can also see the VM screen on my monitor. But after I shutdown the VM, I would see this error: vfio-pci...
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    Proxmox Got freezed PC when GPU passthrough at PCI-e 16x (PCIEX4)

    Hi there! I have a Proxmox Server with an AMD Ryzen 7 pro, and a B450 Aorus M motherboard, a Sapphire Pulse RX580 8GB and a Nvidia GT710 1GB. The motherboard got GPU passthrough successfully on the main PCI-e 16X speed (no matters which GPU I plug there). But the issue comes when I'm trying to...
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    Gpu Passthrough - Purchase Proxmox Subscription for Help (Nvidia A40)

    So I have been really struggling to get help and figure out why I can't get my Nvidia A40 to pass into a Windows 10 VM. There seems to be a lot of guides out there with numerous different settings and I think I have tried them all (I am a Windows person so that is mostly the issue I think). 1...
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    kernel 6.2.x and NVIDIA 390.xx (problem with Nvidia GPU passthrough in LXC)

    I am trying to install Linux x64 (AMD64/EM64T) Display Driver Version: 390.157 (the last supported by my video card) on my freshly installed pve-manager/8.0.3/bbf3993334bfa916 (running kernel: 6.2.16-3-pve) in order to do GPU passthrough to my LXC container. Installed all kernel headers...
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    Proxmox passes through Intel iGPU to Ubuntu Server 22.04 VM, but no kernel drivers are used or available

    I'm relatively new to Proxmox, so I may be missing something here, but I'm hoping someone might have some insight into what is going on. I have an HP Mini I run Proxmox on that hosts an Ubuntu Server 22.04 VM. I'd like to pass the integrated Intel HD 530 graphics card to this VM, to use...
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    AMD RX 550 GPU passthrough issues

    Hello, I've installed Proxmox on my server to do VMs anc LXC containers easily. I've also planned to create a Windows 11 VM with GPU passthrough to use the capacities of my dedicated GPU to transcode H264 videos in HEVC. So I followed this guide in a first time and at the end of the...
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    Need help with GPU passthrough in Proxmox: NVIDIA RTX 3060 not working properly

    I've been trying for weeks to get GPU passthrough to work in a Windows 10 guest vm in Proxmox. I'm having trouble troubleshooting, or even understanding what I'm doing, since I feel like I've been following multiple guides at once and implementing any/all advice I find on forums. A few weeks...


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