1. R

    Packages kept back on upgrade to 6.0 with glusterfs official repo

    Hello, after upgrading i have some packages kept back: ~# apt-get dist-upgrade Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done Calculating upgrade... Done The following packages have been kept back: pve-qemu-kvm qemu-server spiceterm 0 upgraded, 0...
  2. J

    unable to create glusterfs storage

    Hello, For testing before investing, I have a three nodes Proxmox cluster (packages above) and i want to mount an external glusterfs replica storage for my backups/ISO/ templates. My glusterfs volume is configured on two seperated nodes installed in Debian 9. I used included glusterfs packages...
  3. C

    glusterfs all subvolume down when create VM

    I add a gluster storage in my proxmox cluster (4 nodes) the glusterfs volume will be mounted , but when I try to clone from template into the storage , there`s always some error like this root@pve:~# qm clone 200 189 --name test.glusterfs --full --storage testglusterfs create full clone of...
  4. Y

    [SOLVED] Gedanken zu GlusterFS als Backup-Backup

    Hallo zusammen, ich hab mir mal etwas GlusterFS angesehen und mich gefragt ob das geeignet ist um eine redundante Sicherungsstrategie zu erstellen. Das gedankliche Setup: - Proxmox Host (Kurz: PXE) - Auf PXE ein GlusterFS Server(!) Installieren - PXE-GlusterFS-Server mit einem 2ten...
  5. Y

    Server options in /etc/pve/storage.cfg

    Options server dans /etc/pve/storage.cfg Good morning, In glusterfs, I would like to add another server in case of failure of the first two, is it possible? I tried to put server3, but it doesn't take it into account Thank you
  6. S

    ceph bluestore much slower than glusterfs

    Hello, I just want to create brand new proxmox cluster. On some older cluster I used glusterfs, now I have some time and I try to compare glusterfs vs new ceph (PVE 5.2). on my lab I have 3 VM (in nested env) with ssd storage. iperf show between 6 to 11 gbps, latency is about 0.1ms I make one...
  7. S

    Backup slowing down to a crawl

    I have this problem with a backup one one VM: the backup starts "ok" (not as fast as it could, but reasonable speed) but at some point slows down to almost no progress. Here are two logs: As you can see, there are sometimes "gaps" like in Log 1 between 59% and 60% it took more than 6000...
  8. G

    Does Replication + Mirroring makes sense?

    Hi all! Thanks for this amazing project. I have been "studying" Proxmox for one or two months and I quite like it. I have been wondering about storage replication and disk mirroring for a setup. Does it make sense to have mirrored disks AND do storage replication on top of it. For...
  9. elurex

    glusterfs 4.0 released.. lxc on glusterfs?

    glusterfs 4.0 released and it has much better support for container (docker). is it possible now proxmox can run lxc on glusterfs 4.0? lxc rootfs on glusterfs
  10. G

    Latest PVE KVM build causes glusterfs server crash.

    Running a glusterfs 3.12 server (redhat, latest stable version). I have a volume set up that a whole cluster of updated PVE 5.1 hosts are on. Any attempt to use qemu-img create a qcow2 image will immediately crash the gluster server and bring the volume offline. Also any attempt to connect to an...
  11. M

    Configuring shared storage

    I have already a cluster of 3 nodes and I would like to enable proper VM Live migration, i.e. unnoticeable downtime. Right now I have my VMs using local-lvm (LVM-thin) and therefore live migration is not allowed (you can use --with-local-disks but there's noticeable downtime). Could anyone...
  12. X

    Updating Proxmox 4.4 casuing HDD disappeared in VM

    Hello, Got strange problem after updating Proxmox 4.4 to minor updates, Just restart the Server and HDD is missing in VM. Disk was stored in GlusterFS, other Images are still there, only HDD is missing. Here is the error: In the /GlusterFS/images/ there are directories with VM ID's 100 101 102...
  13. M

    Storage Model, Ceph vs GlusterFS

    Hello all, 'Quick question. So, I know that Proxmox VE includes both Ceph, and GlusterFS support... however, I get the impression (and correct me if I am wrong on this) that Ceph is being pushed as the de-facto choice for HA/Clusters needing shared storage. Red Hat however seems to favor...
  14. V

    Gluster FS on a AWS cloned server

    Hi Guys, I have created a clone server and attached drives using snapshot, the cloned servers are exact copy of original. The glusterfs is configured to use UUID of the drives, since I cloned it, the configuration file of gluster is the same as original. I tried to start glusterd , but it...
  15. M

    Glusterfs without NFS

    Hi, I am setting up proxmox 3.4 to work with a glusterfs volume. The volume is UP and running: gluster volume info Volume Name: testvol Type: Replicate Volume ID: af6a23f2-95fa-4cd1-9357-9529df85cd16 Status: Started Snapshot Count: 0 Number of Bricks: 1 x 2 = 2 Transport-type: tcp Bricks...
  16. J

    Running a VM from a Glusterfs filesystem

    I have a Glusterfs system running over Infiniband which I'm testing with Proxmox 3.4 (soon to be upgraded to 4.4). The vzdumps work great but I'm wondering how I can run my VM images directly from the Glusterfs mount point without a huge performance degradation. I tried SATA disks with obvious...
  17. U

    How to install proxmox and setup replica storage with glusterfs.

    Noob friendly proxmox guide for how to setup a two node proxmox and a replica glusterfs volume, (as well as passing through the glusterfs to a container) Step 1-7 needs to be done on every node (server). 1. Install to the first sata/sas disk, keep only one disk inside. Make a bootable usb...
  18. U

    Newbie, Shared storage, HA, and glusterfs.

    Hi guys! I'm new to proxmox and the whole virtualization world and i need a bit of help and clarification on some stuff. I've currently installed proxmox on one of my nodes, installed glusterfs, mounted it, and got one VM up and running, total took me about 18 hours xD Anyways, i've added my...
  19. L

    HA Glusterfs auto online migration

    Hi guys I have 3 node on proxmox 4.3. There are in cluster. 2 of them have glusterfs server 3.5 (official on proxmox). Cluster works perfectly, glusterfs works good ,ha works fine and online migration works fine. In HA i have one group and all vm's add to this group. Everything works well...
  20. M

    Update to Latest version of GlusterFS

    At the moment, it is not possible to use GlusterFS with Proxmox VE due to huge version differences. GlusterFS is currently at 3.8, Proxmox VE is running 3.5. They've had almost 50 releases of Gluster, including bug-fixes meant to resolve issues that would break Gluster. Does anyone here know...


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