full disk encryption

  1. K

    [SOLVED] Recommend way for encryption

    I am going to install PVE at my office. For the security policy of my office, I have to encrypt all disks. I have experience of PVE installation at my homelab without encryption, FYI. At first, I thought I can utilize zfs encryption but I am hesitating after I have read this...
  2. B

    [TUTORIAL] Native full-disk encryption with ZFS

    Hello there! I really like the idea of having the full root-filesystem encrypted using native ZFS encryption (only). However, as I currently couldn't find any complete writeup on on this topic, here's what worked for me (with and without Secureboot on PVE 8.1): 1. Install with zfs (RAID0 for...
  3. F

    Best way to encrypt system drive / cache drive

    What is the best / simplest way to encrypt the system drive with SSH remote unlock. promox Sys encrypt is experimental. I’m looking for something with a good track record. I found this tutorial which seems simple but I’m running into issues setting it up. I’m not sure if it is my hardware set...
  4. B

    [SOLVED] ZFS without RAID?

    Hi! I'm really wondering why the Proxmox Installation Wizard doesn't offer an option for ZFS without any RAID(Z) setup. Some benefits of ZFS rely heavily on RAID(Z), but many don't: Copy-on-write, integrity checksums, snapshot features, deduplication, native block-level encryption, etc...
  5. C

    Automatically Update VMs

    So I have a bit of a dilemma where my company needs to update a very large number of VMs on a regular basis as these connect to customer networks. Right now this is done by manually powering up, ssh and powering down the machines but that's pretty cumbersome as that's my responsibility and eats...
  6. G

    [SOLVED] Trying to find out how to use a self-encrypting drive (OPAL 2.0) with proxmox on my Intel NUC

    Still pretty new to proxmox (and Linux in general; I have some experience with unix-like operating systems, just not Linux) I am trying to set up an Intel NUC10i5FNHN2 with proxmox to run a number of Ubuntu VMs. I would like the data on the internal disk to be encrypted. Encryption needs to be...
  7. J

    Pragmatic Full Disk Encryption with Controller Based Encryption adapter SmartRAID 3162-8i /e !?

    Hi all, after having seen the video "Self-encrypting deception weaknesses in the encryption of solid state drives (SSDs)" (Can't add the link, search for on google) I lost all trust in the current available Self Encrypting Devices. So I switched back to software based full disk encryption. But...


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