fibre channel

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    [SOLVED] help with cluster storage

    hello, it's me again. i defeated fc adapters and connected 2 servers to one storage with one shared drive, thanks everyone. now via shared lvm. I connected them with another server in a cluster, so I have 2 servers with shared storage fc lvm + 1 server with local storage. I wanted to clone my...
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    [SOLVED] Emulex FC Setup on Proxmox

    Emulex LightPulse LPe32000 hello. does anyone know how to configure these controllers on proxmox? do they need to be configured somehow? I have a clean installation on fujitsu rx2530 m4, I've tried different kernel versions, but it doesn't help. the disk appears every other time by itself. does...
  3. K

    Fujitsu RX300 S7 with FC storage Eternus DX90 S2

    Hello, I'm a beginner in proxmox so maybe I'm doing something wrong or misunderstood. I have a problem with 2xnodes Fujitsu RX300 S7 with connected 2x Fibre Channel to each node by Emulex Lightpulse to storage Eternus DX90 S2. I want to do HA cluster - I have on other machine - Dell R620...
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    Storage Thin - Dell SAN PowerVault MD3800

    Hi, I have succesfully configured a Proxmox cluster with only 2 nodes at the moment (planning to add 2 more nodes) and I'm experimenting different storage configurations. I'm using an old setup no longer supported from Dell: - 2 x Dell R720 - 1 x Dell MD3800 - SAN The SAN is connected with...
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    Unable to bond FC interfaces

    I have two 25G fibre interfaces on each server. I want to bond these in active-backup mode. They are connected to different physical switches. There are additional 10G interfaces for users to access VMs and ProxMox itself so these are not part of the usage for the 25G interfaces. I plan to...
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    ProxMox with FC based SAN

    We are evaluating ProxMox as a replacement for HyperV in an environment with FC based SAN. All tests with multipath LVM looked good, until we detected that it supports no snapshots, means also our backup solution vProtect will not work. Solutions like oVirt are able to make snapshots on...
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    Fiber Channel storage problems

    Hi We have strange problem with Proxmox VE 5.3.8 + Dell SCv2020 over FC. HDDs in storage have 512n sector size but fdisk reports physical sector size 4096 and also I/O size is very high. On top of that we use multipathd. Disk /dev/sdd: 3 TiB, 3298534883328 bytes, 6442450944 sectors Units...
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    NPIV and vHBA in cluster

    My customer requested to configure a VM in Proxmox in the way similar it is in POWER (VIOS/AIX) systems, mean, a virtual FC host bus adapter should be created over two physical links with it's own wwn that should be transparently presented to FC switching fabric. I've found only few pages where...
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    Changes in multipath fibre channel config. Prox 4 -> 5

    Hi, we have several clusters and use a HPE 3PAR SAN. On versions below 5 the paths are setup without issue when I run rescan-scsi-bus etc but on version 5 this doesnt work and the 3PAR virtual volumes can be seen but wont be mounted via mapper. Two questions, 1 - Did anything change in the way...
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    Fiber channel setup

    Hi all, I've two servers directly connected to a dot-hill fiber channel array. I'd like to setup this storage as clustered lvm and NOT with a clustered filesystem like ocfs or gfs, exposing all luns to all servers. Some questions: 1- is it possible? 2- if yes, I've to use lvm (creating vg on a...
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    [SOLVED] Fibre Channel Storage - FREENAS

    Hello team, it's a pleasure to talk to you. I've been researching on what I need and I found what I was looking for so I am here. Whenever my storage falls my virtual machines lose connection with the disc. My storage consists of a FreeNAS using QLE24xx plates, the servers where I have also...


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