1. C

    Trying to configure a failover for CEPH

    Hi, I have a 3 node Proxmox cluster in a data center setup. They are connected via public gateway to internet over 1 GBPS connection. Also these hosts are equipped with 10GBPS connection and connected to a private switch. Please see attached diagram. I am planning to configure CEPH private...
  2. L

    Mirror Server

    Hi, i got a question is possible to have 2 servers with proxmox running in mirror, when 1 of the servers fail the other continue without loss information Thanks, Best Regards
  3. P

    iSCSI Multipath Preferred network

    Hi everyone! I would like to ask you for help: I have a Proxmox 8 installation with next networks: vmbr0 (10Gbps network) Management network/proxmox web-interface ( vmbr40 (40Gbps network) trunk connection with vlan awareness enabled vlan9 (part of vmbr40 iface) (
  4. H

    detect failover of VMs and containers

    What is the best way to detect a cluster failover, meaning that my replicated VMs get started on another node? In /var/log/syslog I found the following maybe relevant messages, but don't know on which message to look after: May 27 17:10:22 bohr corosync[2084]: [MAIN ] Completed service...
  5. P

    Odd problem with auto-migrated VMs to wrong hosts, plus how best to disable HA for now?

    We have a Proxmox cluster comprising two identical large machines, with 120 cores and 370+ gig of memory, and with each machine having two ZFS disk pools, Tank1 of 50TB HDD, and Tank2 of 2TB of SSD, and a third less powerful machine with just one ZFS pool, a mirrored paid of 10TB disks...
  6. M

    3 Node Proxmox HA Cluster (NUT Shutdown) / Shutdown Policy

    Hallo, ich betreibe mehrere 3 Node PVE HA Cluster (7.2-7) ohne Ceph (nur lokales ZFS mit Replication). Alle drei PVE Server sind an eine USV/UPS angeschlossen, welche bei niedrigem Batteriestand den Shutdown triggert. d.h. Alle drei Nodes werden (mehr oder weniger) Zeitversetzt...
  7. S

    Shutdown VM on failover to free resources

    The following scenario: Node 1 & 2 are a HA cluster. Node 1 hosts VM 1 Node 2 hosts VM 2 & VM 3 -> Node 1 crashes. VM 1 is handed over to node 2 by HA job. Is there a way to automatically shutdown VM 3 (low prio) to free resources on Node 2 for the downtime of Node 1 (duration of failover)?
  8. I

    [SOLVED] Help with multipath with 1 x DS4246 and 2 x PVE node ? Is it even a thing ?

    I am building a Proxmox cluster and I want to get the most HA from my hardware. For the Proxmox cluster I have 3 x R720 and 2 of them have a LSI 9200-8e connected for the common storage to a DS4246 with 2 IOM modules. I have 4 cables connecting 2 x R720 to the DS4246 as in the following schema ...
  9. G

    [SOLVED] Best way to detect what node a VM is moved to (HA)

    Hii everyone, So iv been playing about with HA on some OVH servers. It works but I need to code a script to point the VMs IP to the new node when they are moved. (I do not have access to vrack) . I'm wondering what the best way to do this is. I could write a function to query the Proxmox API...
  10. P

    Considering Proxmox for hosting - What are your thoughts

    Hi! I'm considering Proxmox for a new hosting environment. As we are going to leave a 12 node cluster with Virtuozzo. The intention is to have the hi or mid version of support agreement with Proxmox. We are going to start with 4 new nodes and the intention is to set up a cluster for...
  11. H

    [TUTORIAL] Adding a secondary corosync network for failover - setting the priority when adding a 2nd corosync network to upgrade to a redundant ring network.

    SCROLL TO THE END FOR AN EXAMPLE ADD knet_link_priority: <value> TO YOUR /etc/pve/corosync.conf FILE UNDER THE TOTEM DIRECTIVE AND EACH RESPECTIVE INTERFACE SUBDIRECTIVE Here is the guide on creating a separate cluster network: MY OBJECTIVE...
  12. I

    12€ Hyperconverged ProxMox 7 Cloud Cluster with 1TB storage

    Hi community, i have created a hyperconverged ProxMox Cloud Cluster as an experimental project. features: using compute nodes: 1 Euro / month using storage node 1 TB: 9 Euro / month using LAN based on Vodafone Cable Internet IPV6 DS-LITE (VF NetBox) the ProxMox cluster uses...
  13. T

    [SOLVED] Ceph Network Failure --> VM Frozen

    I have a 3 node test cluster PVE (6.4.4), identical Nodes, 4 Networks, setup as mesh network with broadcast. WebAccess Network (192.168.178.x) Card 1 1GBit/s PVE HA Network (192.168.168.x) Card 1 1GBit/s Ceph Public Network (192.158.158.x) Card 2 10GBit/s Ceph BackEnd...
  14. R

    How to Configure a Failover IP on Ubuntu 18 server

    HEEELP PLEAAASE GUYS I tried to use many tutoriels to attach a failover ip address to my new VM using this conf but I cannot ping outside the vm even the GATEWAY_IP ( google dns servers) could you help me please network: version: 2 renderer: networkd ethernets: ens18...
  15. Waschbüsch

    [SOLVED] openvswitch active-backup bond

    Hi there, I just noticed that the shipped version of openvswitch (2.12.x on Proxmox VE 6.3) does not yet support specifying a primary member for an active-backup bond. Unfortunately, this means that there is no clearly defined state. Newer versions (since 2.14.x, I believe) do have that...
  16. D

    VM Failover Method During an Unexpected Node Failure

    Hi, I would like to know if there are any possible methods of automatic failover VMs to another node in a cluster in a case of a unexpected network/power failure. My configurations are as follows: - - Both nodes are mounted with the same NFS pool - VMs are using the same NFS pool I am aware...
  17. T

    Proxmox 5 + OPNsense + Failover IP for each VM at OVH

    Hello, I have a bare metal server at OVH with several FO IPs. I'm trying to change my current configuration of Proxmox to the following: - PVE admin : - OPNsense : - VM1 : - VM2 : I also want to have a private LAN for the VMs and set up a VPN for administration...
  18. F

    [SOLVED] Is it possible to make failover with 2 nodes and zfs

    So i have 2 servers, with proxmox 5.4 installed, with zfs disks, and configured in a cluster. They are identical. One very important thing is that i have no shared storage. So the vms run locally (as is, they have local disks.... so no live migration). So i have some vms on node1. From what i...
  19. H

    Ist Proxmox eine Lösung für uns?

    Hallo, aktuell haben wir 8 alte Server, die wir virtualisieren wollen. Die Idee ist, dass wir zwei Knoten haben. Auf dem einen laufen alle VMs und auf dem anderen werden die VMs repliziert. Im Falle eines Ausfalls soll die zweite Maschine die VMs starten. Hyper-V fällt für uns weg. Der Grund...
  20. P

    HA failover not restarting guest

    I have a cluster of 3 hosts and about 6 guests in an HA cluster. when I try to simulate a failure of one of the hosts by unplugging the ethernet nothing happens. I was expecting the guests to restart on the other nodes. after a few minutes of nothing I plug the ethernet back in and THEN the...


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