1. V

    Export from PBS / Import in PVE

    Hi, I have a question about exporting backups from PBS to import them into PVE. I need to do this because the backups are too large to transfer over the network (internet), so I want to copy them to an external drive, transport the drive to the other server, and then import the backups. Is this...
  2. J

    [TUTORIAL] Migration out of AWS EC2 into Proxmox

    [Cross-posted from Networking and Installation forum.] Amazon is attempting to lock in their customers into their EC2 offering. I'm going to show you one way how to break that lock-in. Amazon purposely makes it as difficult as possible to migrate virtual machines off of EC2 and onto other...
  3. J

    [TUTORIAL] Migrating out of AWS EC2 and onto Proxmox

    Amazon is attempting to lock in their customers into their EC2 offering. I'm going to show you one way how to break that lock-in. Amazon purposely makes it as difficult as possible to migrate virtual machines off of EC2 and onto other formats. AWS REQUIRES that you invoke their command-line...
  4. P

    SOLVED: Ports needed for vmware import?

    What ports would need to be open between vmware and proxmox to import vms from ESX? I can't seem to find this anywhere.
  5. V

    Backup&Restore Proxmox Settings

    There is any way to backup : DATA CENTER - Notes - Permissions > Users - Permissions > API Token - Permissions > Two Factor - Permissions > Groups - Permissions > Pools - Permissions > Roles - Firewall > Group - Firewall > Group > Rules - Firewall > Alias - Firewall > Group - My Settings >...
  6. D

    Export vm's to reinstall proxmox on same hardware

    I have a proxmox PVE running and want to back it up and install it on the same hardware but with a clean proxmox installation. I am planning on whipping everything of the current hardware. But I don’t want to lose my VM’s. The backup option on my VM’s doesn’t work because it can’t find the...
  7. L

    zfs send/receive fails to unmount pool

    Hey all, I have my backups in a zfs pool ("s_pool") of which I take regular snapshots. These are then streamed elsewhere with zfs send ... | zfs recv .... Today, however, it is failing to stream because zfs can't unmount s_pool. Running an export fails as well (specifying that the device is...
  8. S

    Exporting VM from Proxmox

    Hi Im hoping someone can help. I am looking for a way that I can export a VM from my Proxmox server to my PC so I can create a forensic image using FTK Imager. This is for a university project involving Digital Forensics. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You
  9. M

    [SOLVED] Recovery after OS drive failure

    Hi there, We have a Proxmox Server (v. 6.2-4), which hosts a few VMs and containers. Unfortunately, the server OS drive seems to be inaccessible after a power failure. We have replaced the OS drive and installed a new Proxmox environment (v 6.2-4) from scratch. We've plugged in the old storage...
  10. M

    How to export a VM or Container as an OVA image file?

    Hi there I need to export some of my VMs and Containers as an OVA image file. How should I do it?
  11. M

    Change ZFS device names

    I created a zpool where I used the disk ID names from /dev/disk/by-id. This works fine, however I recently read about the vdev_id.conf file. I created my own vdev_id.conf where I could create disk aliases for the slots where the disks are in, so I have my disks now accessible through...
  12. F

    Export of Blacklist "Who" Objects

    Hi everyone, we want to export all "Who" Objects in one of our Blacklists and compare it to a List in a .csv File. From my understanding, it is not possible to export directly from the Webinterface. It either needs to be done with API Calls, CLI or directly get the Information from the...
  13. I

    To recover VMs & Containers

    Hi there, We had a Proxmox server (v. 5.3.8), which hosts a few VMs and containers. Unfortunately, the server started to present some problems and it didn't reboot anymore. Then, we replaced the HDs, and reinstall a new Proxmox environment (v.5.3.8), from scratch. Now, we would like to move...
  14. S

    Need to export "inventory" information for web ordering

    I am the process of automating a website where someone can "purchase" a VM container and it's built automatically for them (via scripting) on the backed. To do this I need to make sure I don't over allocate my resources. I am new to the REST API so I apologize if this is an option already...
  15. M

    Exporting to Azure

    Hello! I'm goal is to migrate a VM I currently have hosted on my proxmox node to my Microsoft azure account. The problem I am facing is how to correctly export my VM disk so that I can upload it to azure. I've read posts saying you can find your disk files in /var/lib/vz/images but that...
  16. A

    Import v4.1 Backup to v5

    Hey guys, i am plannig to install Proxmox V5 on our Server, which actually uses Proxmox V4.1. Now my question: Is it even possible to Import V4.1 Backups to V5? Thanks for your help! Best regards, Alex :)
  17. B

    VM Import/Export feature

    I would really like to see Proxmox with VM Import/Export features. It would be nice to have support for various different VM packages so I can export product VMs to my clients, or import VM packages between other environments I work with. Also when making a new VM it would be nice to have the...
  18. E

    How to duplicate an LXC container ?

    Hello, I'm using ProxMox to make LXC containers with debian-jessie templates. I would like to know something very simple. How can I duplicate an existing container to create a new one on the same template ? For instance I have a container with a discourse Forum for an association, and I would...
  19. A

    [SOLVED] File ownership is sometimes incorrect when creating LXC

    My problem is that some images exported form LXD causes a problem with file ownership. It works if I use a image from linuxcontainers.org and upload it directly to proxmox, but not if I start the image on my workstation, export it and then upload the image to proxmox. (some images works just...


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