1. H

    [7.4] IP filter only active when Firewall is enabled on VM

    During IP changes of multiple hosts I noticed that MAC and IP filters were no longer functional in my configuration. While trying to understand why this behavior changed from when I initially set up IP filtering I noticed that ebtables rules are no longer created when the firewall is disabled on...
  2. C

    PVE: edit mac filter rule / modify ebtables rule

    Hello dear proxmox forum! TLDR: I want to allow particular MAC through mac filter rule. How I could edit ebtables rule for particular VM, so it will fit ergonomically into pve itself? I tried searching proxmox forum before creating new thread. Well.. I tried searching internet for this. But...
  3. L

    Block incoming ARP requests if destination ip is not part of ipfilter-net[n]

    Hey there, on a large PVE cluster all vms are flooded with many ARP Requests. (PVE 8.1.10 / Linux 6.5.13-3-pve) tcpdump -ennqti any arp ens18 B ifindex 2 88:30:37 Request who-has <redacted> tell <router-ip>, length 46 ens18 B ifindex 2 88:30:37 Request who-has <redacted> tell <router-ip>...
  4. R

    Filter incoming ARP requests

    Hi forum, I'm seeing a lot of ARP request packets ("who-has ... tell ...") in the guest VM, I suspect this is because of a larger VLAN and many unused IPs. Any solution to filter out the ARP broadcast packets flooding into VMs? I'm using PVE 7.4 in bridged mode. Thank you in advance.
  5. aasami

    [SOLVED] IPVS load ballancer can not establish TCP connection across two cluster nodes

    Hi, I have an IPVS direct routing Load Ballancer VM (LB) which works only when the target Backend VM (e.g. B1) is on the same cluster node. If LB is on different node than Backend (B1), TCP connection between Client (CL) and Backend (B1) can not be established. CL sends SYN packet to LB and LB...
  6. M

    ebtables-restor consume 100% CPU on proxmox host node

    Good day. I have installed PROXMOX VE on Deb10 host node where has been already running and configured Firewalld & MariaDB & postfix & BIND. It is new fresh installation of PROXMOX where host is currently w no load, no traffic, yet idling. (host node is OVH KVM 2vCPU, nested virtualization...
  7. G

    Node Firewall Runs on At Every Boot Despite Disabling Via GUI

    I'm a little perplexed as to the expected behavior of disabling the firewall for troubleshooting purposes. I've left the default for the datacenter firewall as NO. And for my node the firwall was shown as on in the GUI so I toggled it to NO. Yet, if I reboot Proxmox and check the firewall status...
  8. C

    firewall changed to ebtables

    Hi everyone, I am running pve 5.1-42 proxmox-ve: 5.1-42 (running kernel: 4.13.16-2-pve) pve-manager: 5.1-51 (running version: 5.1-51/96be5354) pve-kernel-4.13: 5.1-44 pve-kernel-4.13.16-2-pve: 4.13.16-47 pve-kernel-4.13.16-1-pve: 4.13.16-46 pve-kernel-4.13.13-6-pve: 4.13.13-42...
  9. R

    ebtables support

    Hello everybody, i really would like to deply OpenStack as LXC container but the Neutron component is not able to work because the ebtables support is missing inside the LXC or by the PVE Kernel. On the Host it self ebtables is working... So i really dont get the clue why its missing inside...


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