1. P

    Dump/Backup for running containers on btrfs not working with mode=snapshot (umount: /mnt/vzsnap0/: not mounted)

    As the title says, I get errors when trying to backup LXC containers whose volumes are on btrfs storage. This happens on multiple proxmox instances, even on freshly installed without anything configured/changed. Storage config: btrfs: local-btrfs path /var/lib/pve/local-btrfs content...
  2. C

    Why is storage type rbd only for Disk-Image + Container

    Hello! Can you please share some information why storage type rbd is only availabel for Disk-Image and Container? I would prefer to dump a backup to another rbd. THX
  3. V

    tighten up security on dump folder

    Hi Everyone, I noticed that the dump folder where all backups go requires and defaults to 777 permissions. Is there a way to remove the rwx permissions to "others" without disrupting Proxmox's backup jobs? Can we specify which user on the host will be running the job that requires full access to...
  4. K

    Sudden reboots while running backups (maybe ZFS ram issue?)

    I am investigating 2 incidents that seem to be similar. On 2 different PVE servers, both running ZFS with raidz (mirroring with 2 disks), I experience random reboots during backups of KVM machines. (no clustering, single hosts) Both server are low on RAM. One has 8 GB RAM and a single VM with 1...
  5. S

    LXC dump log

    Small request... I'dd like to see the time and progress information on the LXC "task viewer" "progress" log. When the dump starts the start time should be the first thing in the log from the start while the dump is in progress! This is especially important if we are backing up a large LXC...
  6. E

    [SOLVED] Backup question in "/var/lib/vz/dump"

    So I use gzip to as the backup format for all my containers when saving them into tar files, but I also noticed a "vzdump-lxc*-.tmp" directory found in /var/lib/vz/dump and stood out amongst all the ".tar.gz" files so I am wondering what this is, and why is it a directory unlike the tar files...
  7. D

    LXC snapshot backups

    Hi. After upgrading to Proxmox VE 4 snapshots are not longer possible for LXC containers and they need to be suspended during the dump even if I am using a LVM storage with free space for snapshots in the volume group. I know that the snapshot works with a ZFS storage, but I wish to understand...
  8. S

    Move Large OpenVZ Container to LXC

    Hi all, I have server with Proxmox 3.4 with OpenVZ Containers, the large Containers can be 400GB and even 600GB each. now, I have new server with Proxmox 5.0 and LXC support, now I created backup files for the OpenVZ Containers, but I can't move this file to dump directory since it's limit to...
  9. A

    Slow dump on LXC

    Migrated all OpenVZ to LXC and can't use it because can't create a backups. No snapshots? OK. We try to use suspend. But 1GB dump creating 5-10 hours on NFS. Tested on the same node KVM and created a dump during several minutes. How to use this LXC? KVM - 30 seconds and 12% was done. Why it...
  10. M

    Setup space for backups

    Hi! Great work on 4.3! :) Question is how do I setup more space for dump? df -h show only 95G on /dev/dm-0 that is local (pve) The rest of the disks space is not showing at all and I have 6TB in RAID10 local-lvm (pve) has more than enough space but I cannot use it for VZDump Is there a...
  11. B

    Backup erfolgreich aber nur 1KB groß

    Hallo zusammen, das Backup eines OpenVZ-Containers ist beim mir nur 1KiB groß und enthält nur die Datei ./etc/vzdump/vps.conf. Die Log-Ausgabe des Backup-Jobs zeigt auch keinen Fehler an. Ich habe nun schon versucht das Backup mit den verschiedenen Kompressions-Verfahren zu erstellen...


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