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    Can you mix Seagate Exos X24 and Seagate IronWolf Pro drives in the same ZFS pool?

    I have 4 18TB Seagate IronWolf Pro drives and I was wondering if I could used Exos drives of the same size together? They seem to be basically the same kind of drives but I just want to make sure. My use for this is running Virtual Machines. Thank you
  2. B

    Create VM by importing drive instead of ISO

    I am having trouble creating an iso of a 2TB drive partition. I've tried Ubuntu disk tools but the iso would be larger than my 2tb usb drives and not allowed to proceed. Is it possible to directly import from a bootable usb drive with the proxmox web interface?
  3. A

    Moving boot drive

    Hi, I have tried cloning my boot drive with the help of clonezilla but with no luck. I don't have any ideas anymore what could it be. Currently I have a 500GG HDD drive and I what to move to 500GB NVME. I am replacing it because my HDD have a lot of bad sectors and 25000 hours. I do not have...
  4. A

    Proxmox fsck error? How can this problem be fixed?

    Hello all together, I've already asked this question in the German forum, but I think I'll reach more people if I post this again in English. A few days ago I wanted to connect to my Proxmox server as usual and found that a connection could no longer be established. After I connected the...
  5. H

    (beginner) NVMe drive setup: will I be stupid?

    Hey there! I'm starting to upgrade my home server and want to start using proxmox to seperate my concerns, those being: - Photo backup using immich - DDNS & nginx web server - Paperless & Obsidian - Home Assistant AFAIK, its quite important to start out with the correct number of drives; as I...
  6. T

    USB Drive disappears from lsblk after a few days

    I have a 240GB SSD drive which is connected via USB. After plugging it in, the drive initally shows up correctly in lsblk and fdisk -l, and I am able to mount it without problem on the Proxmox host. The problem is that the drive seems to disappear from the host after a couple of days, and this...
  7. T

    Disk space incorrect

    Hello, these are my disks that are installed in my machine: It seems only my nvme disk is being used: How do I make use of the sda, sdb, and sdc drives? Thank you
  8. B

    Mount Network boot LXC Fstab

    Good morning, I am looking to mount a network drive in an LXC container on my Promox. I've tried lots of solutions from different sites, but I get nowhere. Could you guide me to mount an anonymous network drive hosted on an internal NAS please? Here is part of the FSTAB file: ...
  9. T

    Proxmox Hosting TrueNAS VM - Storage Questions

    At the beginning of the year I converted my server from running directly on TrueNAS to Proxmox with a TrueNAS vm. At that time I was able to get all the physical disks passed through to the VM and reconfigure the RAID within the TrueNAS VM, this information will become relevant in what follows...
  10. W

    Proxmox "Disk IO" graph confusion

    I'm a bit confused regarding "Disk IO" graph (per VM) in Proxmox. The different thread where this topic is discussed concludes that: which indicates to me that it's a total amount of data written/read in a particular window of time. So, from what I understand, it's a total written/read and not...
  11. S

    Encrypted drive migration

    I'm having problems migrating an encrypted drive. Is there any quick guide how to do it?
  12. T

    Proxmox fails to boot due to disc errors

    After recently rebooting my server Apollo power on again it fails to boot and enters emergency mode my disc configuration is: 2 SSDs in a zfs pool to make the boot drive. there is also a 3 terabyte hard disc for additional storage happy to give additional information but I don't have SSH...
  13. F

    VM & Host shared drive

    Is there a technique to share a an ext4 drive between the host and a VM?
  14. D

    I/O trotz ZFS langsam

    Liebe Community, ich hätte eine Frage zur Konfiguration von PVE. Ich habe einen physischen Server mit 2 SATA-SSD´s. Diese haben Lese-/Schreibraten von ca. 500 MB/s. Die Festplatten sind mit SATA 3-Ports mit dem Server verbunden. Ich habe sie bei der Installation von PVE zu einem ZFS-Pool...
  15. B

    ssh broken after new drives added (internal SSD and external USB drives)

    Hey all! I had a perfectly working PVE7 not so long ago. Today I went to ssh into my LXC container managed by Portainer to edit some conifig file (for Frigate NVR) only to see that I cannot ssh into it. I have tried FileZilla and PuttY and get "ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server". From...
  16. C

    Ceph disk planning OSD journal

    I have 3 node (planning 3-node pve cluster with ceph) 2x12c/128Gb ram/2x240Gb ssd sata/6x1.2TB sas 10k/HBA mode raid controller HPE/2x10G eth/4x1G eth and nfs-storage node 2x12c/64Gb ram/2x240gb ssd sata/10x6TB SATA 7200 Enterprise/HBA mode raid controller HPE/2x10G eth/4x1G eth I plan deploy...
  17. P

    Multiple Drive Usage?

    I'm planning on using proxmox on an HP Proliant server, which I have running multiple hdds. I was wondering the following two things, 1:Can Proxmox add Vms into the OS drive, or is that there only for the storage of the operating system files, and 2: Will proxmox be able to make use of all of my...
  18. R

    External HDD not visible in VM anymore

    Hi. New to proxmox and linux in general so please bear with me. We have a server which runs Proxmox as base, then there's two Windows VM's on it, for remote desktops etc. This server has an external HDD hooked to it, which one of the Windows installs uses as backup destination. This Windows...
  19. P

    alte Backups auf neuem Server restoren?

    Hallo, ich habe heute eine weitere Festplatte in meinen Proxmox Server eingebaut. Dannach kam aber die Fehlermeldung: "No Operating System found". Weil ich zu keiner Lösung gekommen bin und das Internet mir nicht helfen wollte habe ich dann einfach Proxmox auf der neuen Festplatte installiert...
  20. I

    Support LTO tapes in PBS

    Hello colleagues! Tell me if there is a list of tape drive models that have been verified to work with PBS?


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