disk image

  1. M

    ZFS storage disk image using more space then expected

    I'm hoping someone can help me make sense of my storage usage. I have a single node of Proxmox VE 6.1-7. I have a ZFS raidz1 of 9 4TB disks. after parity, I have 28.18 TiB but when I add a disk image to a VM I can't use anywhere near that much space. the only content on the ZFS storage is a 14.6...
  2. E

    Detaching a disk iamge

    I wanted to wipe all of a VM's storage. I detached the VM's disk image under "hardware" and added a new one. Is this the correct way of wiping the storage?
  3. E

    what are disk images?

    I created a ZFS storage pool that only seemed to support disk images and containers. What are disk images and how can I use them? I can't seem to find information for this on the official proxmox page.
  4. T

    How to restore vm DISKS back to VMs without .conf files?

    PVE 5-2-1 Video cards passthrough I have a bunch of raw vm-xxxx-disk-x disk images, and have NO .conf files for them. Some are win and some are mac, may be one are linux. Any way to restore em except trying one by one attaching to a similar new VM(s) plz? They where created on a lost server...
  5. J

    [SOLVED] renamed/moved disk image to another vm not consistent between reboots

    hi I'm migrating a disk image (scsi) from one vm to another, it's just a filesystem on it with configuration files basically. The way I did it was like below, and it works. But after a reboot of the server, the disk image renamed itself back to the old name and therefore is no longer attached...
  6. I

    Best Disk set-up and shrink vm-disk

    I'm very new to Proxmox VE so I apologize if I'm asking something I should know. I have read a good amount on the forums and info pages. I am trying to figure out two things. The first is how to shrink the pve-vm--VM NUMBER--disk--1 that come off of pve-data-tpool. I transfered a few virtual...
  7. ghusson

    VMDK disk image file format : ready for production ?

    Hello, I recently remarked that Proxmox VE (at last v4.4) now supports VMDK disk image file format. I couldn't find any documentation on that (maybe because I always fall on migration procedure with qemu-img convert with my internet searchs). Same on kvm documentation at RedHat. The kvm manual...
  8. G

    Unable to increase disk size of Windows VM

    I'm trying to increase the size of the C drive of a Windows 10 guest VM, which uses VirtIO drivers. I shut down the Windows guest and then resized the disk within Proxmox web UI, which went fine. After starting the guest back up, the disk still shows as the old size though, so I can't extend...
  9. D

    [SOLVED] import a virtualbox vm on a system with zfs storage

    Hi all, I'm trying to follow these guides: http://www.binaryheartbeat.net/2016/05/importing-ova-container-into-proxmox.html http://cheznick.net/main/content/converting-a-virtual-machine-from-virtualbox-to-kvm http://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Migration_of_servers_to_Proxmox_VE#Converting_to_qcow2...
  10. G

    Move a virtual disk from a physical disk to another

    Hi, Here is my current configuration: 2 x 480Go SSD - RAID 1 /dev/md1 (20Go) mounted on "/" for debian/proxmox install /dev/md5 (460Go) -> /dev/mapper/pve-data (LVM) mounted on /var/lib/vz for containers 2 x 4To HDD - RAID 1 /dev/md2 (4To) -> /dev/mapper/vg1-dataslow (LVM) mounted on...
  11. B

    [SOLVED] Disk Image option greyed out - only raw availble

    This is probably a silly question, but I can't figure it out. On a fresh install of Proxmox, I can not change the disk type to be anything but *.raw. The drop down to change it is greyed out. Is there some obvious setting that I am missing? I would like to use *.qcow2 disks. I am using the...
  12. A

    Add physical hard drive read/write permission to a VM

    Hi, I recently used ESXi, and had set up two VM's. One for Ubuntu Server 16 and one for a NAS program I have been using for a few years, called NASLite-M2 x64. Previously I had only used my server as a NASLite box exclusively, and the hard disks have data on them I do not want to lose or...


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