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    Check the disk usage of a virtual machine

    I am very happy to discuss issues with you here. But I have a problem now. After I created a Linux virtual machine in proxmox, I allocated 40G of space to it, and then I wanted to check its real-time disk usage. Rate, for example, he uses 10G in the system. I want to get this approximate value...
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    [SOLVED] PVE Node summary shows HD space 93 GB while Disks & LVM show 1 TB

    Hi, Using Proxmox 8.1.3. Installed with all default options. The hard drive is an NVMe, 1TB. Just began to practice, creating some small VMs. I noticed the pve summary shows HD space = 93GB (screenshot 1). Where is the remaining storage space of the 1TB drive? The Node / Disks section does...
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    Local disk full when uploading ISO image

    Hi, I did something stupid. I tried to upload an ISO image when there was not enough disk space. I got an Error '0' occurred while receiving the document. The problem is that Proxmox does not remove the half-copied files apparently. My disk is full and none of the files are present. What is...
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    Allocated disk capacity and actual occupied capacity

    When I allocated disk space for a virtual machine, I found that the actual space occupied was 107% of the space I allocated. For example, I check that my remaining available capacity is 501GB, and I allocate 500GB to the virtual machine, which will actually occupy a space of 536GB, and then IO...
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    [SOLVED] VM multiple disks: actual vm usage vs. proxmox usage

    Hi there, I am pretty new to proxmox and just finished setting up a Windows Server 2022 VM. It is running smoothly but I am noticing some behaviour that I can not explain: I have two ZFS pools, one ~1TB(Pool1 [local-zfs]) another one ~2TB(Pool2 [rpool_data], created on the Webinterface after...
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    [SOLVED] Get VM Disk Details

    This is a fresh installation with ZFS. I have successfully migrated a 2TB VM from VirtualBox into Proxmox. Afterwards I deleted many unneeded big files within this VM. How can I tell what physical disk space this VM's disk is taking? I'm completely unsure, if the VM's trim mechanism works...
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    [SOLVED] Real size of diskspace used in backups

    Is there a way to get the real value of how much disk space is used per server backup? Currently I have 7 nightly rolling snapshot backups for my VMs and CTs but each one of them shows a very similar file size in PBS (understandably), generally growing slightly each night as more data is added...
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    Es wird mehr Diskverbrauch angezeigt als tatsächlich belegt?

    Hallo Community, ich bin etwas verwundert mir wird im Proxmox auf meiner Disk mehr Verbrauch angezeigt als anscheinend tatsächlich belegt ist. Woher kommt das und wie lässt sich das lösen? Discard ist aktiviert, auch "fstrim -v -a" habe ich schonmal drüber laufen lassen, hat zwar ein wenig...
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    Know list of VMs with its disk sizes?

    Dealing with several PVE hosts, all of them are standalone, I want to know disk of each VM in some algorithically easy way. The problem that, some of VMs are raw or qcow2 files, some are stored in zfs volumes. I suspect I can only scan /etc/pve/qemu-server/*.conf files for virtio/scsi/ide/sata...
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    Disks size / LVM mismatch

    Hello, Today I used CloneZilla to image my original 256GB NVMe disk onto a new 1 TB NVMe disk, with the option to resize the partitions proportionally. It looks like CloneZilla did what it is supposed to, the system boots up and if I go into the Disks view within Proxmox I see it now says...
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    ZFS big overhead

    Hi, I have a ZFS rpool with 4 x 10 Tb drives on raidz1-0: root@pve:~# zpool status -v pool: rpool state: ONLINE scan: scrub repaired 0B in 1 days 04:24:17 with 0 errors on Mon Mar 15 04:48:19 2021 config: NAME STATE READ WRITE CKSUM rpool...
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    [SOLVED] Shrink VM unallocated disk size

    I have 2 disks from an old VM I'd like to backup just in case. The first disk is a 1TB disk and has 2 partitions of 500GB. The second disk is a 30GB disk with a partition taking all the space. First thing I did was to sdelete the 3 partitions, then boot on gparted iso and shrunk every partition...
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    Partition Management

    Hello, The VMs so slow , I concluded that this slowness because of the use of a single disk for all functions (ISO, disk image ....), but I did not understand how I can manage my available disk to have good management i have 4 disks : device mapper ??? help pls ?
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    Ceph OSD with 10GB

    Hello guys I'm trying to use Proxmox 5.4 and Ceph in my lab servers. I've 2 x HP ML110 G6 with 2 x 480GB SSD drives each. I've created a ZFS RAID1 partition with 48GB to install Proxmox and 400GB to Ceph. So, I've 2 x 400GB OSD in each server. When the OSD was created, I see the size 10GB and...
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    Moving Disk to local from local-lvm in proxmox

    Below are 2 DS in proxmox VE. All VM disks are in local-lvm which is 96% full. Is there any way to move disk from local-lvm to local?
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    [SOLVED] Expanding Volume Passed to VM

    I have an Areca raid controller that I was going to pass to the VM, but I'm having issues with it the VM not being able to reboot because it isn't "releasing" the card. I am going to look into blacklisting it on the host to see if that makes a difference, but I thought, maybe I'd just pass the...
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    actual size shrink. how

    hello i have. http://local:108/vm-108-disk-1.qcow2 qcow2. size is. 1tb hard drive but used only 200 gb but even disk file qcow2 is 1tb size is there any way i can decrease as my data is only 200 gb how i can shrink and keep as what data size only can be disk size also possible or how ?


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