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    [SOLVED] Debian 11 not booting with "VirtIO SCSI Single" but works with "VMware PVSCSI"

    Heya, I'm having a bit of an issue after moving my Debian 11 VM from ESXi over to Proxmox. It boots just fine when using "VMware PVSCSI" but entirely refuses to boot properly when using "VirtIO SCSI Single", it only hangs. It first runs through the GRUB sequence, loads ramdisk, then shows...
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    cloud-init unable to run on Debian 11 cloud image

    Sorry to bother, I'm not familiar with Proxmox yet, and I can't find the answer in documentations. It is so wired that cloud-init does not execute on VM created with the qcow2 image from Debian (source: debian-11-genericcloud-amd64.qcow2). I have configured cloud-init with user name, ssh key and...
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    Debian VM stuck at "cdrom: Unform CD-ROM driver Revision: 3.20"

    Hi, While working on my final school project, I've been trying to use specific versions of all the software included. Now I'm down to Proxmox. Unfortunately, since I'm installing it on top of Debian due to issues with my network card, I would need to version pin over a 100 packages which are...
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    GPU passthrough - Linux VM --> Docker --> Plex

    So I'm running out of idea on how to make this work. I scattered the web forums and youtube videos to try piecing together something that would make it work. So I run Proxmox 7.3-1 on an Intel platform. I've enabled in the BIOS the IOMMU, VT-d and else. I've enable IOMMU in GRUB, blacklisted...
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    [SOLVED] Node not in cluster after debian update

    Hello everyone, first time post, sorry if the formatting is wrong. So I started in a company and took over a proxmox cluster on Debian 11. After toying with proxmox for a few months, I decided to check the last thing on my predecessor's to-do list "keep the system up to date". Simple enough...
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    [SOLVED] Nvidia drivers for Tesla V100 PCIe 32Gb failing to load

    Hi, I'm currently battling with nvidia gpu drivers. The issue is -- even though I've successfully was able to passthrough the gpu, no nvidia drivers would work. I'm in dead end rn. Issue. VM with gpu won't load drivers during kernel boot: Nov 20 23:13:00 gputest kernel: nvidia: loading...
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    [SOLVED] Install Over Debian 11 and Set Root Password

    I am running into an issue with the install over a fresh Debian 11 install. The Debian image that I am using does not have a root password set. To be able to login for the first time to Proxmox, the root account needs a password. I am using the following line in my Vagrant install script to...
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    [SOLVED] Issues During Install on Fresh Debian 11

    I am installing Proxmox from the repositories over a fresh Debian bullseye-backports image. I'm using this cloud image daily build: The specific version of the image is: debian-11-backports-genericcloud-amd64-daily.qcow2 I...
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    Permissions for ZFS datasets inside mountpoint for LXC is forgotten on LXC restart

    Aluminum is our host and runs Virtual Environment 7.2-11. It is ZFS-on-root but the storage is on a separate pool, so we have aluminum-os and aluminum-storage as our pools. documents is a LXC running Debian 11 and a pretty bare configuration with just Samba. It has a mountpoint on /srv that is...
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    Keepalived LXC Debian 9 vs >=10 (IP no ping)

    Hello, we have two LXC containers acting as load balancers which share a public IP using keepalived. This public IP is moved from one LXC container to the other using eth1 which is on VLAN 77. At this point we encountered a strange issue when we upgraded this Debian 9 LXC containers to 10 or 11...
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    tldr doesn't work

    Love "tldr" on all my linux machines, so figured I would install it on Proxmox VE, which is just Debian 11 after all. Doesn't seem to work, tldr pages aren't available root@red:~# apt install tldr...
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    [SOLVED] Host IPv4, Guest IPv6 subnet (guest no connectivity) Debian 11 bullseye

    Dear people, I have been struggling on the following issue for about 2 days now, and figured I should take a break and ask for some advice on the forums. Furthermore, a note, I'm not super familiar to the networking part of IT, so that might be why this is not working out for me. (I have...
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    [SOLVED] Can't get cloud init to work

    Hi I have created the following script to create a VM and with a cloud-init config: #!/bin/bash echo "Loading variables" VMID=230 STORAGE=storage IMAGE=debian-11-genericcloud-amd64.qcow2 SNIPPETNAME=debian-docker-cloud-init.yml echo "VMID: $VMID" echo "STORAGE: $STORAGE" echo "IMAGE: $IMAGE"...
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    VM doesn't start

    How I can I understand the reason why my fresh new VM doesn't start? I take a look at syslog, but it doesn't give me any useful information: Sep 11 13:52:32 proxmox pvedaemon[1229]: <root@pam> starting task UPID:proxmox:00002120:00050804:631DCC00:qmstart:100:root@pam: Sep 11 13:52:32 proxmox...
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    Quota on LXC

    Does any1 know how to get quota to work inside Debian 11 LXC container?
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    Can't get hardware acceleration working with Intel Graphics passthrough on Debian VM

    I have a Debian 11 (Bullseye) VM where I have attempted to passthrough the intel GPU according to posts like this It seems to be doing something b/c Proxmox no longer outputs the console to the monitor. However...
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    [SOLVED] On Proxmox Debian 11 guest net installer has no image

    I could not figure out which forum part to put this into. But when making a Guest where i put in the "debian-11.4.0-amd64-netinst.iso" there is no image when choosing either "Graphical Installer" og just "Installer" I need to run "debian-11.4.0-amd64-netinst.iso" for an alternative Debian...
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    [SOLVED] Host's looses connection constantely including when VM starts and VM got no internet either

    I am completely new to Proxmox. I wanted to try it out to learn something new. I usually use Virtualbox on W10 but i want to try the speed and power of KVM. I have been really exited about this and seen a lot of videos and reviews of Proxmox. So i really hope i can get help to make it work. I...
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    Performance Troubleshooting

    Hello all, I am interested in looking at the performance of my Proxmox host. I am simply trying to install Debian 11 into a virtual machine and it seems to be frozen. I have attached images of my overall datacenter information and the virtual machine information. Where and how can I get...
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    DEBIAN 11 Can't join WAN without rebooting pfSence DHCP service

    Hello I'm new to the Proxmox comunity. And I think that I have do something very bad with my configuration. Like in the title I have a network configuration that have a firewall pfSense that do the usual stuff : routing, DHCP, DNS. I have configure it correctly with the web interface (I will...


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