1. Toxik

    Performance: zvol vs. raw files on a dataset

    Hi, while getting some infos about bhyve I stumbled upon this site: It's actually about comparing bhyve to KVM, but there is another thing: they compare IO performance of VMs installed in a zvol or in a raw file...
  2. J

    Permissions for ZFS datasets inside mountpoint for LXC is forgotten on LXC restart

    Aluminum is our host and runs Virtual Environment 7.2-11. It is ZFS-on-root but the storage is on a separate pool, so we have aluminum-os and aluminum-storage as our pools. documents is a LXC running Debian 11 and a pretty bare configuration with just Samba. It has a mountpoint on /srv that is...
  3. P

    [SOLVED] pvesm add zfspool storage does not support content type 'backup'

    Hi friends. I struggle with a very basic task i'm pretty sure someone can give me a hint very quickly : I need to use a pool as backup content to do some... backups : i created the raid1 pool and the other wich get the backups : zpool create -f -o ashift=12 opx-hdd mirror /dev/sdx /dev/sdy...
  4. D

    pve-zsync für zfs-Datasets

    Hallo, ich habe 2 PBS-Instanzen im Einsatz und synce sowohl Backups von VMs (blockbasiert), als auch Client-Backups (filebasiert) zwischen den beiden Servern mit dem "Remote"-Mechanismus für Datastores. Das funktioniert gut. Leider eignet sich der Proxmox Backup Client nicht besonders gut für...
  5. F

    Restore from non zfs

    Hi there, I needed to rebuild my ZFS pool as is was running out of space 91% full. This was also the time I switched from TrueNAS Core (FreeBSD) to Proxmox (Debian) I had al my data on older disks on a proxmox but with MergerFS . I want to restore my data and I use rsync -aSHPrvv --progress...
  6. R

    How to encrypt an existing dataset (vm disk)

    If I understand correct it is not possible to encrypt an existing dataset? What other options are there to change a vm on an unencrypted dataset to encrypted? Is it possible to create an encrypted dataset and copy the vm disk - without down time? Maybe by using snapshots?
  7. M

    [SOLVED] Create ct and vm disks in different path on ZFS

    Hello. For example, I have 3 containers are logically belongs to one service "service1". Proxmox create all disk at root zfs storage, so it looks like this: mega/subvol-100-disk-0 mega/subvol-101-disk-0 mega/subvol-102-disk-0 I want to see them this way: mega/service1/subvol-100-disk-0...
  8. S

    Proxmox, FreeNAS, NFS and snapshot per dataset

    Hello, I'm looking into building a FreeNAS server which will host my VMs through a NFS share. As Proxmox does not support snapshot on raw image hosted by an NFS server, I'm trying to find a way to do this in an "easy" way. I was thinking about creating a dataset per VM which will allow me to...
  9. J

    How can I mount a my VM ZFS dataset?

    Hi, I have a Proxmox VE Server since September 2018 and it has several containers and a virtual machine. The thing is that I can see the datasets with: # zfs list NAME USED AVAIL REFER MOUNTPOINT poolZFS 578G 1.19T 112K...
  10. C

    Bind mount not including files in nested ZFS datasets

    I have a zpool with nested datasets: root@pve1:~# zfs list NAME USED AVAIL REFER MOUNTPOINT vault 1.50T 2.01T 1.50T /vault vault/files 52.8M 2.01T 96K /vault/files vault/files/apt-cache 52.6M 2.01T 52.6M...
  11. C

    LXC Clone creates dataset on wrong hypervisor

    Hello, I'm trying to clone a new CT #102 (From CT #139) from node A to node B. I've created a snapshot and then selected the target node in the clone option. The issue I'm having is that the config file is now on the Node B but the ZFS dataset reside on node A. Starting the container result in...
  12. N

    pct set (recursive mount)

    Is there a way to mount zfs directories recursively? It currently does not mount nested ZFS datasets, only the parent dataset, and the manual doesn't have that option pct set 100 -mp0 mp=/target,/target/test
  13. S

    NFS SAN for Proxmox VE 4.1 dataset record size?

    Does anyone know what I should set the NFS v3 dataset record size to on Proxmox? Also, where would I configure this setting? I know that VMware's hypervisor requests data using 64k blocks, but what is the kvm/qemu default, and is it possible to alter these settings? I found some old...


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