[SOLVED] Create ct and vm disks in different path on ZFS


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Jun 25, 2019
Hello. For example, I have 3 containers are logically belongs to one service "service1". Proxmox create all disk at root zfs storage, so it looks like this:
I want to see them this way:

Can I do this somehow ?

Yes you can, go to Datacenter -> Storage -> Add -> Directory , give it ID and the path like /rpool/data/servicesCT then create your LXC Container or just move disk into the new directory
Moayad solutions works, but you lose some the benefits of ZFS.

Can I do this somehow ?

Currently, we do not get the mountpoint of a subvolume on the fly, so just changing the mountpoint on the respective ZFS subvolume won't work.

What is your specific reason to have it setup this way? Do you often work directly on the subvolumes mountpoints?
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OK, I tested stupidly... Setting the ZFS mountpoint works out fine, just actually need to tell ZFS to remount it to the new one ...

# first stop the CT
pct shutdown 100

# set the new mountpoint, for example:
zfs set mountpoint=/mega/service1/subvol-100-disk-0 mega/subvol-100-disk-0

# repeat above for other CTs ...

# enforce the new MP
zfs mount -a

# start ct again
pct start 100
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What is your specific reason to have it setup this way? Do you often work directly on the subvolumes mountpoints?
We create a lot of small ct, and I just think that would be fine to have some path-logic structure.
I should to reach this solution by myself, it's my miss understanding of zfs, and beyond proxmox staff.
Set mount points is that I need. Simple.
Thanks Moayad and t.lamprecht.


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