1. C

    [SOLVED] Data from deleted elements remains

    I am having an issue where graphs for disks and VMs that no longer exist will not go away in the dashboard. This picture is of two VMs that no longer exist, causing new ones to be forced to a second page within the widget.
  2. M

    Extend LVM of Ceph DB/WAL Disk

    I have a 3 node Ceph cluster running Proxmox 7.2. Each node has 4 x HDD OSDs and the 4 OSDs share an Intel Enterprise SSD for the Ceph OSD database (DB/WAL) on each node. I am going to be adding a 5th OSD HDD to each node and also add an additional Intel Enterprise SSD on each node for use with...
  3. T

    Application Aware Processing for Linux and Windows database servers - Tmanok

    Hi Proxmox Team! Not sure if I asked a similar question recently, couldn't find it if I did but I know that this has been troubling me a lot lately. After working with Veeam long ago and recently supporting an organization that relies on it heavily, I was reminded that it offers Application...
  4. Z

    [SOLVED] High IO Delay increasing over time (MySQL)

    This is no longer a question, since I figured it out on my own, but I'd like to share that information. Spoiler alert, this is not directly related to proxmox, but more to MySQL maintenance, which might be obvious to experienced admins, but it wasn't to me. I'm running Proxmox Virtual...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] where is LDAP database located

    Good day everbody, I use Proxmox Mail Gateway 6.4-4. Under "Configuration / User Management" I created a LDAP query to my domain to get existing email-accounts. My question is: where is this LDAP-result located? I've searched path und db-files on the server but didn't find any file with that...
  6. S

    Need to export "inventory" information for web ordering

    I am the process of automating a website where someone can "purchase" a VM container and it's built automatically for them (via scripting) on the backed. To do this I need to make sure I don't over allocate my resources. I am new to the REST API so I apologize if this is an option already...
  7. J

    Windows VM with Oracle DB and backups

    Hello, i am wondering if anyone here is running a windows VM with oracle DB. My question is whether the snapshots that can be done with proxmox/qemu-agent are working when using oracle db. I see that qema-agent supports guest-fsfreeze on windows which should work with oracle and not cause...
  8. rholighaus

    ZFS - consistent replication of VMs with database applications

    I want to migrate existing Windows Server 2012R2 VMs from Hyper-V to Proxmox. The VMs in question are either based on Oracle or MS SQL databases running within the VM. Currently, they are backed up via a commercial backup solution that backs up the VM disks on the Hyper-V host. As those VMs are...
  9. D

    [SOLVED] how to do safe backup when VM or container runs a DBMS ?

    Hi It is well known that DBMS require care to do reliable baclups. Let's assume I run a Mysql database in a KVM machine or a LXC container under Proxmox VE. If I use Proxmox VE's features to do snapshots of my guests, I don't find anything to hook the begin of the backup process to...


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