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    Problem adding node to the cluster.

    Hello everyone. This have happened multiple times with different installations. Right now I tried to add a new node to my 2 node cluster. The new node is brand new installation on a mini pc. I add the cluster join information and I get the following log on the Task: Establishing API...
  2. J

    To cluster PVEs that have VM.

    Hello,I have 2 Proxmox VE servers, and on each of them, I have 2 virtual machines. The first one is called PVE1 and the second one is called PVE2. I want to put these 2 PVEs (PVE1 and PVE2) under the same cluster. How can I do this, and what are the solutions that could make it work?
  3. H

    [SOLVED] Partial new node join to existing cluster

    Hi Everyone, I've had cluster of 3 nodes and I recently added a 4th that is on a separate subnet. Unfortunately, I forgot a firewall rule for corosync and RPCBind so joining node4 to the cluster has only partially completed it seems. I have subsequently fixed the firewall issue and made sure...
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    How to re-join same node to the cluster (Proxmox 8)

    Hello, I faced with a problem, where I had to rejoin same node to the cluster, but the following errors appeared: Please enter superuser (root) password for 'IP ADDR': ************** detected the following error(s): * authentication key '/etc/corosync/authkey' already exists * cluster config...
  5. C

    Proxmox VE 8 Cluster - New nodes unhealthy

    Been using Proxmox for nearly a year stable on a single machine. Decided to add two more machines to create a cluster and eventual HA. Steps taken on original machine (metal-01): Datacenter -> Cluster -> Create Cluster Steps taken on metal-02 and metal-03: Installed PVE 8.03 -> RAID-Z1 on...
  6. V

    Workaround to Cluster not ready no quorum (500) permanently!

    I have two nodes connected on a cluster, one of them is my router too. I created clusters to be easily manage and transfer VMs and LXCs. I don't use things like HA or ZFS. The problem is if I restart the machine that is with my router, VMs and LXCs doesn't started because error "Cluster not...
  7. S

    Broken Cluster

    Good Evening, I've got a partially broken cluster and I'm not sure how to fix short of fresh installs on everything. When jumping through the GUI, the cluster looks healthy and fine. However, if I'm on any node and try to jump into a vm on another node (to see stats/summary, console, change...
  8. N

    [SOLVED] Can't access a node via another nodes Web GUI (Error 595)

    Hello everyone, so today I created a cluster on node A and joined node B into that cluster. Both nodes are on PVE v8.0.3 and worked fine. The only issue is that when I am trying to access anything from node B, while connected via node A's Web GUI I always get a timeout (image), and also the...
  9. J

    Error cluster slow, shell vms

    good afternoon, I have a problem with my cluster server I carried out the procedure to eliminate the cluster but when entering the web gui the actions in the menus slow down and when entering the shell of the virtual machines it does not load or an error appears Do these steps systemctl...
  10. M

    Cluster reconfig left behind phantom VMs - possible to fix?

    Greetings everyone, we needed to do some maintenance on a four node cluster. I moved the critical systems off of it but apparently the folks who were actually doing the removal and replacement of a node neglected to remove the noncritical VMs from it before using pvecm to remove it from the...
  11. B

    [SOLVED] Error on systemctl status pve-cluster

    Hi All, I have 3x nodes cluster. I saw error message upon issuing this command root@em1:~# systemctl status pve-cluster ● pve-cluster.service - The Proxmox VE cluster filesystem Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/pve-cluster.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled) Active: active...
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    Cluster with two unstable nodes

    Hello everybody, after a week of researching and trying things out, I come to you for help. I have a cluster in proxmox 7 with two nodes. A week ago I configured HA and did the test of moving two VMs from node1 to node2. I left it overnight running and when I checked in the morning I found the...
  13. F

    Proxmox se reinicia ao iniciar uma VM (Cluster)

    Boa tarde pessoal, estou tendo um problema que quando vou iniciar uma VM no meu node1 ele simplesmente se reiniciado o contêiner esta iniciando normalmente mais vou iniciar a vm ele reiniciado o node. Nós outros nós do meu cluster as vms iniciam normalmente. meu cluster tem 3 máquinas.
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    [SOLVED] Fixing a broken cluster node

    Regarding the large cluster I spoke about in my previous thread. I spent a solid day on site reinstalling every system and replumbing everything, and got it all running again along with separate individual networks for three clusters of 8-10 nodes each. Yesterday, I started setting up the...
  15. C

    [SOLVED] IMPOSSIBLE to join node after cluster is created

    Hello there, I hope to find some kind of solution because this is driving me crazy after ~1 week of different tests. I have two servers at Hetzner with public IP, and also two VLANs. I post the latest one I have, but I tested a lot other combinations (like only interfaces, only bridges ..)...
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    machine hidden after joining cluster

    Dears , I have a proxmox cluster , i added new node to this cluster , the node supposed have 10 virtual machines , I found all the machine hidden , but I tried to access the one of the virtual machine I found it working properly , I think it's hidden for some reason . kindly help me to...
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    authkey rotation error: during cfs-locked 'authkey' operation: pve filesystem not online

    Hi all: I had a perfectly healty 5 nodes cluter, and in one of the nodes I was installing ceph. I had isues with the ceph installation (which will posted once I solve this isue). The think is accidentally I've made a mistake deleting the /etc/ceph/ folder on node1 (first node) and tree more...
  18. K

    * local node address: cannot use IP 'IP', not found on local node!

    Hi, I have 2 proxmox servers in 7.2.5 that I would like to connect in a cluster. I get this error message when I use the command "pvecm add 'ipmaster'" * local node address: cannot use IP '', not found on local node! My master cluster is in and the secondary server in...
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    Error Connection error 596 after upgrading to 7.2

    Hi everyone!, we are in the process of upgrading our cluster to Proxmox version 7.2 and after upgrading one of the nodes we have encountered this error. Error Connection error 596: tls_process_server_certificate: certificate verify failed Curiously I see the status of all virtual machines and...
  20. L

    Cluster error while adding new node

    Hi guys! I faced a problem when adding a node to the cluster. The cluster consists of 7 nodes, and when adding a new node, a failure occurred, most likely corosync, and all cluster virtual machines were turned off. PVE version of all nodes in cluster 7.1-10, PVE version of new node 7.2-4...


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