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    Proxmox stuck on loading screen

    Error code stucking on: Loading Linux 6.8.4-3-pve ... just after boot, no ssh, no command line What schould I do now? Can I use the proxmox iso for recovery? I can't type any command, control c don't halt the process.
  2. E

    Can not access terminal via network nor display nor rescue mode

    After i blocked myself via wrong firewall configuration i can not access terminal. Also tried rescue boot but it also stucks. I was blocked my GPU sake of passthrough for gaming, this might be the case. Any idea how can i restore my system? Thank you.
  3. R

    Proxmox startup error

    Hi, after turning off the server, when I start it gives me the error that I attach in the photo, the server has two disks, one 500 GB for the operating system and one 2 TB for the VM, does anyone know how to resolve it?
  4. N

    Freezes on loading after update

    Freezes on loading after update. How fixit?
  5. J

    Boot error after reboot / update

    Hi everyone. So I made an update on my proxmox ve server, everything went well so far and I got a message to reboot it. Ok, so 3 days later, which was 1 hour ago, I rebooted the system but it got stuck. So I've tried to boot into rescue mode, but faced the same problem: Begin: Running...
  6. K

    Stuck on boot screen (Mac mini 2011)

    Hey, I installed Proxmox 8 on my Mac mini 2011 through usb with the nomodeset option in the installation menu. It all seemed to progress just fine but after installation and reboot (booting up the new installation of Proxmox) the progress stopped. I rebooted and started in the recovery mode...
  7. J

    P2V Win Srv 2016 not booting on Proxmox

    Hello everyone, It's a couple days I'm struggling with a Windows Server 2016 migration. Here what I've done: Installed VirtIO drivers on the phisical srv (even if probably it's useless) Exported a qcow2 image with Starwind P2V Converter Imported the qcow2 on proxmox and created a vm with...
  8. B

    Proxmox fails to boot when an empty NVME drive is removed

    Hello! I am having an issue with proxmox failing to boot properly when I remove an empty M.2 NVME drive. For context, I have the proxmox host OS and its associated boot partitions on a different SSD, with my VMs being stored on another M.2 NVME. I had been running Ubuntu and virtualizing...
  9. J

    Laptop Need to kept open to boot

    Linux proxmox 5.15.107-2-pve Every boot It's needs the laptop lid kept open, otherwise it won't boot.
  10. P

    power outage broke configuration

    up until today, i was running my server perfectly with no issues whatsoever. then a power outage happened like 2 hours ago and my server is unable to boot (not even showing motherboard logo). in the process of troubleshooting, i removed my passthroughed gpu and with integrated graphics only it...
  11. R

    My proxmox is not booting

    Hello, there was no space on my proxmox server, I was not very good in server management. I logged in to server via ssh and I removed /lib/modules folder by mistake to arrange some free space to server. Than l Logged in to the proxmox and removed on of the VPS servers. When I try to reboot the...
  12. J

    VE-Unable to boot ZFS (raid1) as root file system

    Hello, The server has been working properly for 2 years. At some point it stopped working and hung. When I tried to restart it, it went into a boot loop that I don't know how to get out of. I don't know how I can open a terminal session so that I can analyze the server. I attach photos of the...
  13. H

    [SOLVED] Unable to boot ZFS (raid10) as root file system

    Dear all! I just tried to install my Proxmox VE 7.1 with ZFS as my root file system. I am using an Lenovo ThinkSystem SR530 Server with a Lenovo 530-8i (LSI 9440-8i) flashed to IT-Mode (LSI 9400-8i) and 4 x Intel S4610 960GB SSD Drives attached to it. The installation was done using UEFI Mode...
  14. M

    Proxmox won't start after kernal update

    I decided to start the Monday by updating one of my Proxmox servers to a new kernel version. The update went well, but the boot process did not. Pilot manages to start and in there I can see that these services failed to load, quite a few and some bloody important; apparmor, kmod...
  15. C

    Proxmox bootup failure with NIC cards connected

    Dear All, I have recently bought 6 Dell R820. On all I have installed Proxmox. On 4 of these, when the NIC cards (2) are connected the servers cannot start. Following the initial server bootup, and the message "Starting Grub" a text screen (I have never seen it before) which says: An error...
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    Windows VMs stuck on boot after Proxmox Upgrade to 7.0

    Hi guys, I hope you can help me with a strange problem I've encountered with my Windows VMs since Proxmox upgrade from 6.4-13. When I restart a VM which was running a couple of weeks, the boot process often gets stuck on the windows boot logo and the "circle" just keeps on spinning. If I...
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    Proxmox 7.1 - Can't boot if screen unppluged

    Hi everyone, I have a small and disturbing problem. I have an old PC that I use as a hypervisor for my classes to run small VMs remotely. Previously I had Windows Server 2019 natively installed on it and was running my VMs with VMware Workstation. I was able to boot the PC without any problem...
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    Proxmox bootet nicht mehr richtig

    Leider bootet mein Proxmox seit einiger Zeit nicht mehr wirklich. Das einzige was ich sehe, wenn ich mich mit einem Bildschirm direkt drauf schalte ist: /dev/mapper/pve-root: clean files ****/***** blocks ****/***** Auch nach 30min warten passiert nichts. Hat jemand eine Idee wie ich das lösen...
  19. F

    Boot failed after upgrading to 7.0-11

    Hello, I upgraded my system today from 6 to 7. I do the instructions from and all looking fine. Furthermore, I have run the script pve6to7 with --full and without --full and no Errors or something else was reported. So run the rest and...
  20. J

    [SOLVED] Accidentally deleted root=ZFS=rpool in kernel/cmdline and boot hangs

    Hello, Urgently need help. I have research work data on it:oops: Story: My GPU passthrough has been working well on both 6.2.55 and 65. Because I used update-initramfs -u -k all, both .55 and .65 has GPU frame buffer disable thus no host display out. I was trying to reverse GPU passthrough...


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