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    [SOLVED] Boot image not mounted after update

    Please excuse my lack of knowledge I am a bit of a beginner with Proxmox but will try to present as much info as I can. I recently upgraded my standalone proxmox instance and post upgrade i was unable to ssh (connetions refused) or access the webgui. Tried a forced reboot \ disabled the firewall...
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    Reconfiguration of Proxmox boot / storage ceph

    Hello guys, I have a server that is now set as: 2 disk Mirror with zfs (SSD). for boot and 4 disk for ceph. I have an option to install nvme so my plan was to do the following: brake the mirror, use the nvme as mirror and then use the SSD drive to enlarge the ceph pool. Any suggestions on that...
  3. A

    Moving boot drive

    Hi, I have tried cloning my boot drive with the help of clonezilla but with no luck. I don't have any ideas anymore what could it be. Currently I have a 500GG HDD drive and I what to move to 500GB NVME. I am replacing it because my HDD have a lot of bad sectors and 25000 hours. I do not have...
  4. G

    Best boot and vm drive configuration for Proxmox

    Hi Everyone, I’m putting together a new home-lab build and I want to try out Proxmox VE for the first time. I’m looking for some advice on storage configurations for the boot drive and a drive to run the VMs from. - What is your preferred configuration? - Do you use NVMe or SATA SSDs for...
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    Newly mirrored ZFS drive not bootable on Secured Boot

    1. I installed PVE8 on a Secured Boot environment and ended up with GRUB. In my logs below, the bootable disk is 9701-213F 2. I'm trying to create a mirror by adding a 2nd drive to rpool 3. Adding to rpool was seamless, but the 2nd drive doesn't boot if I remove the 1st 4. The steps I tried are...
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    Hello starter here and i am thinking to install PVE on 2 dedicated SATADOMs (as mirroring boot drives), in order to save 2 sata slots from my mobo. Supermicro's solutions are these below: 64GB with READ/WRITE = 520/95 MB/S 32GB with READ/WRITE = 280/50 MB/S For both drives, supermicro gives...
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    Proxmox 7.4 on DELL BOSS-N1 RAID1

    Hello to the Proxmox community, We are currently in the hardware selection phase for a new 3-node cluster. It will be DELL PE 7615 but there are several options regarding the drives. Does anyone in the community have experience installing Proxmox 7.4 or 8 on a BOSS -N1 card with two NVMe M.2...
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    Two huge files located in /root

    I have a SSD that is full and there are 2 files that are causing this. They are located in /root and are named: random-read.0.0 and random-write.0.0. They are each 17.2GB in size. Does anyone know what these are? Can i delete them? Thanks
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    Replace failed boot drive without trashing ceph OSD's?

    I have a failed boot drive in a 7 node proxmox cluster with ceph. If I replace the drive and do a fresh install, I would need to trash the OSD's attached to that node. If I could somehow recover the OSD's instead it would be great and probably save time too. Is that possible?
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    Need help restoring boot partition to newly resilvered rpool

    Hi Everyone. I need some ZFS help. I recently got a couple new drives to upgrade my main rpool which consists of 2 drives in a mirror config. I was successfully able to rebuild the rpool with autoexpand by hotswapping in the new drives and resilvering. However, i forgot to copy the boot...
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    [SOLVED] Filesystem corruption after PCIe passthrough

    Hello, I have a weird issue since on proxmox 7.0-14+1 with pcie passthrough that I did not have with proxmox 6.4. Right now on proxmox 7.0-14+, I am able to pass through a Nvidia GPU without any issues, but when I pass a complete USB hub to the windows VM via pcie passthough I get data...
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    LVM-thin / Hard disk partitionning

    Hi all, I'm from another world of virtualization system and I decided to give proxmox a try last week. Oh boy I'm kind a lost. I downloaded the 4.2 iso installer and took an old server and launch it! I'm usually able to decide how my hard drive is going to be partitionned and I'm working with...


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