1. powersupport

    proxmox backup slowed down VMs

    HI, Our proxmox server is connected to a backup server via a public network, may I check if it will causes VMs to over use of bandwidth? or it will not affected vm bandwidth Thank you
  2. A

    [SOLVED] Proxmox stuck at 100 mbps

    Hello folks. A new guy here trying to setup Proxmox. I have observed that my Proxmox installation only can reach upto 100 Mbits. I had a ubuntu installtion before moving to Proxmox which used to run at full speed of 1000 Mbits. I would really appreciate some help to get this running at gigabit...
  3. Sebi-S

    [SOLVED] Optimierung Datendurchsatz bei Remote Sync-Jobs

    Hallo zusammen, wir haben zwei pbs im Einsatz, die über das Internet synchronisiert werden sollen. Aktuell ist der Datendurchsatz jedoch noch überschaubar, obwohl Hardware, Netzwerkinfrastruktur und erst Recht Internetverbindung sehr viel mehr hergeben. Problem: Trotz höherer möglicher...
  4. B

    Bandwidth for VMs

    Hi all, Is there a way to set up a monthly transfer/bandwidth limit per VM? Example: I have 10TB in total from my provider and i want to set up 3 VMs with 2Tb, 3TB, and 5TB bandwidth per month. Is this possible at all? TIA
  5. powersupport

    IO speed or network speed restricting ?

    Hi, bwlimit: 100000 KBPS "/etc/vzdump.conf" May I know if this configuration restricts IO speed or the network speed or both, Also, do we need to make any changes after modifying this conf file like reboot the node etc. Do we need to modify the same in all the cluster nodes ? Our situation...
  6. C

    how much bandwidth does cluster network take usually?

    # ENV - i've got three servers(Dell R740) with two 10G NICs and four 1G NICs each. - i'm planning to bridge one 10G NIC to VMs in every sever, and conect the other 10G NIC to an external ceph cluster. # ISSUE - Is one 1G NIC enough for 'PVE Cluster Network' ? - i plan to use one or two 1G NICS...
  7. A

    TrueNAS -> ProxMox slow network and read/write performance

    Hey there, i tested and googled some settings and got a little push up for write/read performance but its not that good. Via iperf i cant even get higher than 1.7 mbits/sec from the storage to the proxmox ve. My TrueNAS Server: TrueNAS Core 12.0-U5.1 HP DL380e Gen8 Intel Xeon CPU E5-2450L...
  8. J

    Live migration network performance

    After a small network upgrade, I try to tune the performance for the live migration. With the secure migration mode I currently get 300-400 MiB/s. In the insecure migration mode, I get around 1,6 GiB/s. This is still half the speed I get with iperf on one parallel test transfer... Are there...
  9. H

    Bandwidth throttling for PVE backup job

    Hi, I got an issue with backups from my proxmox PVE system to a file share. The problem is, that the file share is on an older model HPE MicroServer. If I write to it over a long period of time with gigabit speed it tends to „take a break“ to write all the data to the disks. When copying from...
  10. D

    Increasing PVE bandwidth with LAG/LACP?

    Dear Community, I'm trying to increase the concurrent bandwidth available of a LAN Network (Between 2 PVE Instances) with the following environment: PVE1 NICs: 2 x 1 GBit PVE2 NICs: 2 x 1 GBit HP Switch 2530 24G The idea is to increase the LAN Bandwidth from 1 GBit to 2 GBit /s between PVE...
  11. A

    Weird Cluster bandwidth behavior

    Hi @ all, yesterday we had a pretty weird behaviour of our 25 node cluster. I did two things that seem to broke the whole cluster. 1) Started a live zfs migration form a node with a 6.1-x version to a 6.2-x node. 2) Installed in the meantime a new node and added it to the cluster (cause I...
  12. ssaman

    Bandwidth very low - 2,3 MB/sec

    Hello together, we have a big problem with our ceph configuration. Since 2 weeks the Bandwidth dropped extreme low. Has anybody an idea how we can fix this?
  13. J

    Disable NIC Bandwith Sharing

    When a new VM is spun up, the max network bandwidth allowed for that machine is approximately 1/n, n being the number of vms that have been stood up. How can I disable this so that any vm can use the full bandwitdth of the NIC if it is available?
  14. Y

    [SOLVED] Infiniband Mellanox 40Gb Speed Low

    Hi, first, merry christmas guys! I just installed 2 mellanox infiniband cards (40Gb Connectx-2) each on on server and installed after that the latest mellanox drivers from here: Finally i made a test with iperf but i get only this...
  15. A

    datacenter.cfg bwlimit clone migration move restore

    Hello everyone, I had been reading the documentation ( to set a bandwidth limit for the next tasks: clone, migration, move, restore. PVE Version: pve-manager/5.2-8/fdf39912 If more details are necessary please let me know. Inside of my...
  16. F

    BWLimit in PVE 5.2 & PVE 4.0

    Good day, Please help, is any defaults bandwidth limits for ethernet network card in PVE 5.2? In old versions of PVE there was option bwlimits in /etc/vzdump.conf. Was it replaced by datacenter.cfg ?
  17. M

    Proxmox randomly limiting bandwidth to ~4 MB/s

    I am in the process of migrating one ProxMox node to a new box with better specs. Sadly, after a short while I found a problem with the bandwidth. Suddenly it limits incoming and outgoing bandwidth to 4-15 MB/s. I know you may ask background stuff etc. But this is with NOTHING else running...
  18. T

    Problems with Bandwidth

    Hello! I´m facing an issue with the bandwidth on some of our Proxmox VM´s. I tried to find a solution for this issue, but I am clueless what is causing this. I had several VM´s running on an older node, everything was fine. Shortly after I did a Proxmox update on that node (I can not gurantee...
  19. P

    Bandwidth limit not working for outgoing traffic

    It seems like bandwidth limit are not working for outgoing traffic using latest proxmox 4 from repository and latest kernel Relevant VM config : Bridge is openvswitch type iperf3 trafic to limited VM is capped : iperf3 trafic from limited VM is NOT capped : tc rules : According to...
  20. B

    High Traffic Alert (Offer)

    Hy guys, i`m looking for an script or sompting to alert me true email or sort of cron to an http page (witch will alert me true sms) when some vps or ips they receive or make massive traffic to alert me. Sompting like i got 5 VPS on the Node and 1 vps is compromised and someone send flood to...


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