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    Unable to restore VM backup

    Hello everyone,I encountered a problem on a VM that no longer worked. I figured it didn't matter because I had a backup.I deleted the crashed VM and when restoring, I have many messages indicating that the disk was full. Spaces on proxmox (8.0.3) are sufficient. My question is it possible to...
  2. D

    The wish to get a XZ as a compression option in VM and Container BackUp

    Hi i am a happy user after upgrading from "Debian 11 Proxmox 7" to "Debian 12 Proxmox 8". I am trying to write in the Proxmox forum in the hope there will be more finding this feature request possible. I may have requested this on bugzilla in an inconvenient time when we were close to going...
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    VM Backup does not shrink even after deleting large files

    Hello community, I hope you are having a great time I have virtual machines with Windows Server 2022, the backups of the virtual machines were around 12GB. I did a test copying large files to the virtual machine and indeed the size of the backup file grew. I deleted them again and made the...
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    Backups Real Size

    Hi, is there a way to know how much real space is a backup occupying on a datastore? Right now i can see only the full disk size of the VM for each backup which in contrast are incremental and, thanks to your nice job, not taking as much space as a full backup would... but without knowing how...
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    Increased backup size of VMs

    Hi, I've recently deployed a pbs node, it's awesome. I noticed that the reported VM backup size on PVE GUI is the size of the vm disks, not the size of the used space on those disks like on the old backups, so the backup sizes of all my VMs multiplied threefold. Backups on containers also...
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    Global Questions

    Hi. First of all thank you for this nice project but ich have some questions. * There is a backup client for debian. Is there also one for Ubuntu or RPM based distros like RedHat and Windows? * How can i see how much space a backup need? I see for a 20Gb VM in the PBS GUI that this VM needs...
  7. T

    Reducing backup storage requirements?

    Hi there, I am a fan of the out the box Proxmox backup solution. Its simple yet effective! However on larger clusters with many VM's, running daily full backups obviously means huge disk space requirements. I am a long time Proxmox user and have built several large clusters with it, but in...
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    Big size of backup file

    Good day, I have VM with 120 Gb virtual disk: Guest operating system (ubuntu linux 12.04 Lts) use only 3,4Gb of disk storage. But backup file of VM is 26Gb! (with LZO compression) If I use gzip type compression size of backup file is 17,5Gb How to reduce size of backup file? Why backup file...


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