1. T

    Proxmox 8.0.4 SDN Questions

    Howdy everyone! I have a cluster where we want to use the VXLAN features of the SDN plugin (I know it is an experimental feature and we accept the associated risks). 1. Is there an API endpoint or other automation that others are using for this feature? 2. Are there any issues using SDN with HA?
  2. A

    Automate protection flags in PBS?

    Hi! quick question regarding backup protection inside the PBS: Is there a way to automatically schedule that a specific amount of backups will be marked with the protection flag automatically (for example "set the 2 most recent backups as protected" and automatically set/remove the flag when new...
  3. E

    How to spin new VMs with a template

    Hi everyone. I created an Ubuntu VM with some services inside running. I like what I did, and I would love to duplicate that VM for some friends to use with their settings. Is there any way to: Create a VM Install Ubuntu (with a custom IP address) Install and update the required packages...
  4. T

    Ansible provisioning support?

    Hey PVE Staff and Users, Are there future (or current) plans to deploy PVE using Ansible? There are official scripts for Xen, VMWare, and RedHat on HPE Systems for example. Thanks, Tmanok
  5. C

    Automatically Update VMs

    So I have a bit of a dilemma where my company needs to update a very large number of VMs on a regular basis as these connect to customer networks. Right now this is done by manually powering up, ssh and powering down the machines but that's pretty cumbersome as that's my responsibility and eats...
  6. tbjers

    How do I keep the subscription server ID the same after reinstalling PVE on a machine?

    I am using Ansible to provision and deploy PVE to my bare-metal servers in my home lab. This works great, although I noticed that the Server ID changes with each new OS installation, even when the hardware is exactly the same. Is there a way to keep the server ID the same for each machine...
  7. D

    [SOLVED] Script: Automate media pool assignments

    So loving PBS, however I wanted to automate some things. One of those things is auto assign media pool depending on the prefix of a tape. I have an IBM 9 tape changer and I wanted an easy way to add new tapes and run a command to auto assign them to media pools depending on the label prefix so...
  8. T

    Tracking Center from command line

    Hi everyone, Im using PMG in a production enviroment since january, and im really happy with it. Now im trying to improve (automate if posible) my daily workflow, about monitoring the tracking center, looking for quarentine mails and most important, rejected mails. I have found several spoofing...
  9. D

    [SOLVED] template creation with Packer: boot options menu appears on some cluster and not other

    Hello, We are in the process of installing and configuring 4 clusters of 3 nodes and automating templates creation using Packer. We have a strange behaviour where for some clusters Packer template creation works fine and for others we are faced with a bug during the boot process. First, some...
  10. C

    Update HA Groups from API

    Hi folks. Is it possible to edit an HA Group from the API? I can GET all groups from /api2/json/cluster/ha/groups, but I can't seem to PUT a different value for nodes with it, as it just complains that it's not implemented. Basically, what I'd like to achieve is a way of editing a group so I...
  11. P

    Start/Stop VM on load of other VM

    Hi Guys! I'm trying to use capacity when it's not needed for the main application (VM1) for some folding@home (VM2) but I don't want VM2 to influence VM1s performance if needed. So I asked myself if it was possible to start/stop a VM based on the CPU load of another VM (on the same node) without...
  12. J

    Passing kernel cmdline parameters to VM

    I am trying to create a K3OS kubernetes cluster on Proxmox. K3OS all install process can be easily automated by simply booting from the install ISO and pointing the install command to a `config.yaml` file. Also, K3OS accepts a series of kernel cmdline parameters in order to start the install...
  13. J

    Proxmox CMD Line automation

    I would like to automate the process of cloning/creating a VM. Can someone point me to some good reference material on CMDs that can be run. Also, when performing tasks in the GUI is there a place that shows the actual CMD issued?
  14. B

    Full automated Ubuntu installation

    Hi My question is, do you guys could help me to understand how it is possible to install Ubuntu on PM in a fully automated way including specific VM guest tuning. Could you give me some hint please? Thx bb
  15. J

    uefi command line creation

    We've been playing around with automating the creation of VM's but hit a problem when it comes to those requiring uefi boot. Whilst its possible to create/assing a uefi boot disk using the GUI, theres no command line support? Is there no way to create/assign a uefi disk from the command line...
  16. R


    Hallo, bringt Proxmox eine Methode mit, um alle laufenden VMs automatisch zu snapshotten (wobei nur X vorgehalten werden und ältere autom. gelöscht werden, quasi das "automysqlbackup" für VMs)? Gruß und Danke!
  17. X

    Automation of space increase

    Looking through most recent threads on resizing, I can see wiki links on how to do this via commands within the VM but nothing specific outside of the VM. We want to automate this so if an order comes in for an increase it can happen without user involvement or needing to get in to the VM...
  18. J

    Auto Provisioning and IP Assignment Provisioning script

    Hi All, I've been working hard to make the job of provisioning and assigning ips easier. So I'd like to share a little script I've made that I hope some of you will find it helpful in your mission to automate the world. I apologise to mods if this isn't the right section. The reason I...
  19. B

    Running a script automatically upon installation

    Hello, is a there a way to run a script automatically at the creation of any container? For instance the script could install my public key in the root account and / or register the machine in my data-warehouse? I use proxmox 4.2.x Regards.


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