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    ZFS Raid10 on (2x2TB NVMe + 2x960GB NVMe) - is it possible / makes sense?

    Hi yes, it is possible, but it is not recommended. I never test it with NVMe and they are normally good with parallel disk access. The problem with normals Disks (SATA/SAS) is the performance impacts. Also is this setup more complex and what is the goal? I would make two different ZFS mirrors...
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    Failover problem

    Hi, can you specify what do you got as a setup? The word "failover IP" is used for VirtualPrivateServers at OVH. If you have a VPS you need to use SNAT and DNAT to redirect the traffic.
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    3 node cluster rebooted at the same time with corosync issues.

    This is not the source of the problem only the result. The problem is that you are losing quorum in the cluster. and yes this ends if you have HA enable in a fenced cluster. This test should be run for 24 hours and also search for latency spikes. The cluster can stop working if the latency in...
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    3 node cluster rebooted at the same time with corosync issues.

    Hi, as the log shows, there are no members in this cluster left. Why network connectivity are lost can have multiple reasons. - Nic driver bug - Network overload - Switch problems Can you provide a bit more information about your network config?
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    need hardware recommendation for 3 Node Cluster

    Hi, can you provide a bit more information about the VM like core count and how many OSD's you will add in one node?
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    Proxmox cluster questions

    Hi, you must remove all HA service (KVM/LXC) and stop the service pve-ha-lrm and pve-ha-crm. Then your cluster will stay up and do not fence.
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    Simple Backup Method to USB drive

    Hi wg0f, I don't understand your problem, can you give a bit more details?
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    Failed to boot proxmox-ve_6.2-1.iso SHA256 d8...b8bff

    Hi, Proxmox VE iso is not made for USB flash drives. Proxmox VE does a lot of logging so a USB flash drive will break very soon.
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    Cloud-Init Windows Server

    Hi, search the forum there are user HowTos for this topic.
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    Passthrough Falcon Ridge Thunderbolt 2 controller?

    Hi, I guess the Thunderbolt conroller is not in an isolated iommu. Fore passthrough you must pass the hole iommu group to the VM. Also, ensure that all preconditions for PCIe passthrough are given. see
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    PVE 6.2 - Not seeing Raid 5 Array - LSI Raid controller, C220-m3s

    Hi, if the controller and the LUN are detected correctly you should see the LUN at node level under the menu point "Disks". If it is there and not in use you can go to the submenu "Directory" and create an ext4 formatted storage.
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    Share experience with ZFS

    Hi, why do you use a 3-way mirror when you have a warm spare? I would recommend you to use 2-way mirrors with 2 spare disks. Also, it is not recommended to have a cow ontop a cow. Why do you use qcow2 on top of ZFS? In the case of performance, it is very bad. one writes in the VM ends in 4...
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    Ubuntu 20.04 - Cloud-Init only runs with full clone, not linked clone

    CephFS has no support for KVM guests. So you use the CephFS mount point as Dir Storage?
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    Ubuntu 20.04 - Cloud-Init only runs with full clone, not linked clone

    Hi, here it is working with linked close as full clones. What kind of storage do you use for this template?
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    Intel ax300 with proxmox and pfsense

    Hi, as you say Linux based router is better with WLan support. I would recommend you an OpenWRT[1] with PCIe passthrough. 1.)


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