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  1. Qcow disk corruption

    The BUS is set to Virtio scsi BUT I just noticed that some of the VMs including the two that had issues had their disks connected as SATA (I did not set them up myself). Is that likely the cause? They've been running like this for quite some time before the issue happened. The NAS reports no...
  2. Qcow disk corruption

    Hi I just has a weird issue on a Proxmox 5 cluster. It's been running well with a Synology NAS on NFS in sync mode for a while now. Last week, we had a VM that no longer started after reboot, it said no boot device. When I attached a livecd, fdisk did not see partitions any more. We had...
  3. Bayes training?

    Hi all I notice that bayes is not working well for me, mostly dutch language mails and real SPAM almost always gets a score of -1.9 (BAYES). Disabling it actually improves spam blocking... Is there a way to train the filter or do I just use the default sa-learn on the CLI?
  4. How to move a subscription to a new server

    That worked perfectly, thank you!
  5. How to move a subscription to a new server

    I forgot to mention that the new nodes have unique names, I did not reuse hostnames
  6. How to move a subscription to a new server

    Hi all, I'm managing a 5 node cluster with proxmox VE. I replaced two nodes because their hardware is EOL with a configuration with also 1 socket. I shut down the old nodes, but I cannot add their subscription keys to the new nodes (it says invalid server id). How can I move the subscriptions...
  7. TLS for outgoing connections (GDPR related)

    Some companies I communicate with are requiring that your outgoing SMTP initiates TLS with their mailservers because they say it is required by the GDPR. Proxmox mail is not currently doing that, is it possible to make it do so? I'm not looking to set up TLS for incoming, that is explained in...
  8. Retention in tracking center

    So, for my own comfort, I'd like a retention of at least a month in the message center. If I change the logrotation, it will be visible in tracking center? Secondly, I will probably push the logs to an elasticsearch server to (unfortunatly) comply with draconian law.
  9. Retention in tracking center

    Actually, everyone in Belgium using proxmail would be obligated to do that, a lot smaller providers like myself probably ignore it though. Still, the current retention in the tracking center is not that long, I started the gateway on april 10 and the first log entry I can still access is april...
  10. Retention in tracking center

    Hi, by law I have to keep maillogs for 2 years. Can I set a retention time in proxmox? It would be ideal if lookup in the tracking center would go that far back
  11. Quarantine on http not working

    Hi tom But what does the protocol option mean in the admin manual, page 96: protocol : <http | https> (default = https ) Quarantine Webinterface Protocol. Useful if you have a reverse proxy for the webinterface. Only used for the generated Spam report.
  12. Quarantine on http not working

    Hi I set in /etc/pmg/pmg.conf options to get the quarantine available on port 8080 with http (I have a loadbalancer with SSL termination for public access): section: spamquar authmode ldapticket lifetime 30 port 8080 protocol http I rebooted the node, but it is...


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