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  1. Move cloud-init drive

    my solution: backup the vm delete the vm restore the vm in the new storage
  2. Error 500 or 596 if resizing a disk shortly after a clone

    I dont like these kind of low effort post from forum staff. There is no forum rule prohibiting that kind of posts(there are no forum rules at all) and a 24h bump post is a common way to gain attention of forums, don't really know what's the problem on that.... just put forum rules sticked if...
  3. Error 500 or 596 if resizing a disk shortly after a clone

    Hi, I use for some test a notebook with a 2c4t 3rd gen intel cpu, 8GB Ram, 500GB HDD partitioned as installer default. Not fast at all! As an example, if I clone a template with a 34GB disk( ~2min clone time) and then I quickly resize it to 50GB via the GUI I get a error 500. This happens only...
  4. bwlimit does not work as expected

    Hi all, I'm trying to do some operations, cloning templates first of all, with bwlimits to simulate slow storage and/or slow network. Under no circumstances these limits are respected, in fact the clone operations go always at full speed. What I've tried: clone from API call clone from gui...
  5. Import disk from file using API

    A bit of necroposting confirming that taking the image file from storage:iso/image does not work with the API endpoint move_disk It only works with qm importdisk cli utility(in fact, importdisk can take the image from any path) Any updates on the importdisk functionality in the API endpoint...
  6. [SOLVED] ZFS EFI boot(RAID 1) and intel_iommu=on boot parameter

    Nevermind, I found the way edit /etc/kernel/cmdline and ad (intel or amd) iommu stuf run pve-efiboot-tool refresh
  7. [SOLVED] ZFS EFI boot(RAID 1) and intel_iommu=on boot parameter

    Hi, I have this mirrored zfs install brand new and I'm 99% done in configuring it the usual way I do. The system fully support PCI Passthrough since that a classical install with grub works The part in the wiki where...
  8. LXC Debian 9.9 takes two IPs even if he has static configuration

    Hi, I have this strage behaviour on only this container. He has a static IPconfigured but it also take a dhcp lease without any specific configuration This problem appears only on this LXC. Do you have some infos on how to debug and solve this problem? I have already tried to remove network...
  9. Proxmox VE 5.4 released!

    where can I get more info on hooks scripts?
  10. Openvswitch does not work on startup on PVE 5

    No particular reasons, when I've installed the new pve I've forgotten to enable non-subscriber repos after disabling the subscribers one.
  11. Openvswitch does not work on startup on PVE 5

    Nope, fresh 5.0 install in both cases(production server and test machine) proxmox-ve: 5.0-19 (running kernel: 4.10.17-2-pve) pve-manager: 5.0-30 (running version: 5.0-30/5ab26bc) pve-kernel-4.10.17-2-pve: 4.10.17-19 libpve-http-server-perl: 2.0-6 lvm2: 2.02.168-pve3 corosync: 2.4.2-pve3 libqb0...


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