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    Are newer ryzen cpu supported? 4750G 5600x?

    A fix for Windows machines bluescreening on certain AMD configs is included in 5.4.101, the issue with changed hardware configs in Windows guests is related to QEMU 5.2, you can avoid it by not updating that specific package (pve-qemu-kvm) - we're working on a better fix. The RDRAND issue is...
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    CPU Flags

    Migration zwischen CPU Herstellern ist im allgemeinen nicht unterstützt. Dafür gibt es zwischen den Implementationen des x86 sets einfach zu viele Unterschiede - was nicht heißt, dass es nicht in Ausnahmefällen gutgehen kann, aber ich würde es nie für Produktivsysteme verwenden. Der Artikel an...
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    Interne Netzwerkkonfiguration

    Einfach eine neue bridge hinzufügen, also z.B. vmbr1. Am besten übers web-interface. IP muss dafür unter PVE erstmal gar nicht vergeben werden, außer der host selbst soll in dem Netz erreichbar sein. Die bridge kann man sich dann wie einen leeren switch vorstellen, und beim erstellen von VMs...
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    CPU Flags

    kvm64 ist unser Standard für Kompatibilität. In einem homogenen Cluster (also alle nodes haben die gleiche CPU) sollte es grundsätzlich auch bei anderen CPU Typen keine Probleme geben, aber nur bei kvm64 garantieren wir das größtenteils. Der Unterschied zwischen kvm64 und qemu64 war so weit ich...
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    Mount point availability and hook script post-start phase

    Yes, although pct exec from a container hook script might be a bad idea. Since you hook into 'post-start' though, what stops you from just registering a startup task within the container, i.e. a systemd service or "@reboot" cronjob?
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    VM not booting after power loss

    Maybe the powerloss caused hard disk errors or data loss? Try attaching a live-cd (i.e. iso file of a working linux live distro) to the VM and select it in the boot order options for the VM. Then mount your existing hard drive in there and rebuild the bootloader/initramfs/partition...
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    Mount point availability and hook script post-start phase

    The hook script does not run inside the container, but on the PVE host. Thus the bindmount will not be visible, as it will only be mounted within the CTs mount namespace. If you need to change something in that directory, you'd have to access it via /mnt/bindmounts/shared in this example.
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    Networking not working on nested VM

    Usually referred to as L1 and L2 guest, where "L0" would be the hypervisor - just for reference. No, this should work. So if I understand correctly, if you put your L1 on vmbr0, then external devices (so on other physical machines on the same network, as well as PVE itself and other VMs on...
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    AMD Ryzen 7 "Renoir" 4750GE APU and iGPU pass-thru (to Windows 10 guest)?

    If you don't need access to the graphical display of the hypervisor (i.e. the PVE shell), you can skip the exp_hw_support stuff and just blacklist the module directly. The module will be amdgpu, no need for lspci. Then, since it's technically just a PCIe device, you should be able to simply...
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    Are newer ryzen cpu supported? 4750G 5600x?

    No ETAs from our side, but as said the 4000 series should pose no problem (aside from the one in the post you linked).
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    PVE 6.3.4 lost hardware materials of windows VMs

    Thanks for testing! I'll try to reproduce the issue and find a solution then... As a workaround for now (in case you need it), you should be able to downgrade QEMU back to 5.1.0-8: apt install pve-qemu-kvm=5.1.0-8 libproxmox-backup-qemu0=1.0.2-1
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    New Windows 10 devices after node update?

    Thanks for the report! I'm fairly certain this is the same issue as mentioned in this thread: I'd suggest continuing the discussion there, to have it in one place, if you agree that your symptoms...
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    PVE 6.3.4 lost hardware materials of windows VMs

    I assume this would be the effect of updating to QEMU 5.2. It's certainly not optimal behaviour though, my guess would be that QEMU switched some internal PCI layout around, and Windows now thinks it is running on an entirely different machine, thus reinstalling all drivers and such. To...
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    remote sync job - sync group vm/100 failed - No such file or directory (os error 2)

    Manual sync is what we recommend at the moment, I am not aware of a "direct mount" variant that works without issues currently. We are considering adding official support for S3 and other storage providers as well, but no implementation is currently available. See also our bugtracker for more info.
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    remote sync job - sync group vm/100 failed - No such file or directory (os error 2)

    I haven't looked into it too much, but just from the GitHub page of goofys (specifically this: I'd say it's probably a bad idea to use as backing storage for a PBS instance. Especially the atime/mtime support missing is going to cause issues with...


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