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    Spice Proxy Issues Between Cluster Nodes

    Also some update along the way makes USB redirection not working anymore (single pve node). I've try it with latest spice guest tools and virt-viewer and browsing USB drive from guest is very slow or remote-viewer freeze/crash (win10 guest 64bit, win7 guest 32bit). Anyway I will install pve5.2...
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    Maybe this: DKIM keys works are like this: You create a public key and a private key. The public key is published on your DNS records as a TXT record, on the other side your emails are signed with your private key, when you send an email the recipient server check your DNS record for the public...
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    USB redirection with Spice

    This should work on Windows 10. Basically you just need to install this UsbDk on your laptop/pc, connect to your VM console with remote-viewer and select USB device from menu and you are good to go. You can also drag&drop files from your laptop/pc to VM directly via remote-viewer.
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    Backup runs with "modified in future"

    Check the system time. Have a look here:
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    Spice Web Client

    You can still use pve2phpapi:
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    proxmox, spice, windows guest

    It's safe to use RemoteViewer/Spice over the internet? The web interface is encrypted with Let's Encrypt SSL certificate, but port 3128 needs to be open and it's HTTP proxy. Is anything sensitive going through this port-3128? This daemon listens on TCP port 3128, and implements an HTTP proxy...
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    update version 4.2 to 4.3 without subscription

    It is available in all repositories. Check the video (2min 43s):
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    Let’s Encrypt with Proxmox VE

    After renewal: I open browser I get SSL error/mismatch, which says that certificate is issued for but I'm trying to reach Can I add domain argument in cron job or set default cert. for pveproxy that will point to subdomain and...
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    Poor performance on NFS storage

    Usually on low end hardware is better to use local disk for VMs and NFS server/storage for backups (NFS in RAID 1). sarcasm on// It will give you less headache and you will not try to re-invent something that already exists (like hot boiling water for example). sarcasm off//
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    Poor performance on NFS storage

    I think it is async by default.
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    Poor performance on NFS storage

    Is there any raid controller on NFS servers? What type of RAID? Is NFS mounted in synchronous mode or asynchronous mode?
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    PVEPERF: Low FYSNCS/SECOND on striped LV on LVM

    AFAIK this is because of ext4 (barrier vs nobarrier). But someone with more experience can tell more...
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    Proxmox Network Drops

    Maybe is something wrong with MTU.
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    Proxmox Network Drops

    -What hardware do you use (cpu, nic, switch, storage)? -What happens with CPU usage/IO delays when speed drops on the host? -Did you install PVE from official ISO or on Debian? -Can you test speed with Linux VM machine (ubuntu, debian) or with iperf directly from host to virtual machine and from...
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    disable Intel RC6 in Grub

    cat /sys/module/i915/parameters/enable_rc6 0 /sys/module/i915/parameters/enable_rc6=0 I had to remove i915_ prefix GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet i915.enable_rc6=0" Cheers!


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