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  1. Atheros GBE lan doesnt show

    It looks like, this one could work
  2. Atheros GBE lan doesnt show

    Thats not PCIe x1, thats PCI (old slot), this is not suitable for your mainboard, as it doesn't have PCI. You may use semthing like that : But you have to check the...
  3. Atheros GBE lan doesnt show

    Inthat case, seems you don't have PCIe x1 card or it has been created for special embedded system, if you look on any mainboard you will see that all PCIe Slots have the same dimensions and same gap to the chassis.. like here from your manufacturer...
  4. Atheros GBE lan doesnt show

    Any PCIe x1 x4 x8 or x16 will fit into PCIex16 slot, it will be only using the begining (first lanes) of it
  5. Atheros GBE lan doesnt show

    I corrected the download URL. But remember, with new kernel-update you will need new driver matching your kernel build.
  6. Atheros GBE lan doesnt show

    You have either forgotten to deselect someting elsewhere, or you didn't pached your backports as I wrote. Never mind, I just compiled the driver against 2.6.32-33-pve (I guess this is your current runing kernel) so you may just extract them and generate new module dependecy and reboot...
  7. Atheros GBE lan doesnt show

    The Qualcomm Atheros AR816x/AR817x ist the right one. The resulting module is called alx
  8. Atheros GBE lan doesnt show

    Just follow the steps I wrote down.. - make menuconfig (requires ncurses: apt-get install libncurses5-dev) - deselected everything except alx you will have to modify the sources as they arn't customized for the RHEL patch level... I guess you will have to comment out the lines I wrote them...
  9. Atheros GBE lan doesnt show

    There are no drivers in the kernel, you habe to backport them.
  10. PVE uses swap while RAM is*enough, why?

    no I wouldn't say it that way...: root@proxmox:~# free -m total used free shared buffers cached Mem: 16032 15869 163 0 816 5780 -/+ buffers/cache: 9272 6760 Swap: 15231 0 15231...
  11. Unable to boot Proxmox without CD in drive.

    Check, whenever you have UEFI as default activated in your BIOS, if so, try to set it by default to CMS or Legacy (there is different naming for different vendors)
  12. Fresh install of 3.3, can't login remotely. I can ping the IP but no browser response

    Re: Fresh install of 3.3, can't login remotely. I can ping the IP but no browser resp You are using wrong URL, right is
  13. [SOLVED] PCIe Passthrough error

    I don't think that you CPU and/or Mainboard supports AMD-Vi (IO Virtualisation commonly named IOMMU) So far I found, its only avaiable in Opterons and some Phenoms or A -Series.. This CPU seems tonly to support basic virtualisation. P.S. Intel-IOMMU: enabled Doesn't mean nothing in your...
  14. Kernel 2.6.32-28 not booting with iommu and pci-passthrough

    Yes, but not like until now, you have to completely upgrade your environment to pve-test and follow these instructions:
  15. Proxmox 3.2 GIGABYTE H77M-D3H - No network connection

    This network card is not supportet in the 2.6.32 kernel. You have 2 possibilities.. one is to switch to pve-test and takt the 3.10 kernel (without OpenVZ) or you backport the driver using backports. here you have to slightly adjust the code... here is it described, how to proceed...


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