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  1. Proxmox VE4 KVM FreeBSD no network

    Can you share the way? Proxmox 7 and freebsd 13 here with failoverip and i cant get network to work.
  2. Not able to access proxmox webGUI

    Solution? After installing proxmox 7 in OVH and restarting my machine, i cant access proxmox webgui..
  3. LXC Containers Not Starting After Update

    Ok ;) I just formated my machine with Proxmox v7.1-4 to solve all the problems caused by the latest v7.1-8 version. Currently the server machine is not randomly rebooting again and all LXC and VM's are working with no problems.
  4. Proxmox v7.1-8 problems

    Pve version is described in the thread title. Is thw latest available one. Why CT config? The problem is not with CTs. The problem is with VM's and the dedicated server is randomly rebooting after some time.
  5. Windows VM freeze on start after reboot

    LXC issue? My issue is with windows VM!:rolleyes: (The truth is the dedicated machine is randomly rebooting after some time... like described, this latest update caused all this problems...) Anyway, i see there will be no correction update soon, so i'll format my dedicated machine with an older...
  6. Windows VM freeze on start after reboot

    I already described it. Read my detailed info already published in other thread. Cause i'm still waiting for an answer or some kind of feedback. Link:
  7. Windows VM freeze on start after reboot

    yeah, v7.1-8 is problematic. My VM's are with problems and the entire dedicated server keeps crashing with this latest proxmox version. I do not recommend it at all. I think i'll need to format my dedicated server with an older proxmox version to solve all the problems.
  8. Beginner Question OVH

    Hi " 1- OVH server come including 1 IPV4 and some failover IP's, so can I use 5 of this OVH failover IP's to create the VPS's and login using SSH normally etc ? " yes. 1 ipv4 is included, you will need to buy the other 4 ipv4 (one time payment). "2- I read many guides until now which made me...
  9. No Network Adapter in fresh Windows Server after Upgrade to Proxmox 7

    No.. Intel i9 9900k.. There is no way to completely rollback to v7.1-7? I dont want to use bugged versions.
  10. Proxmox v7.1-8 problems

    So? Is there any way to rollback this update? Tired of seeing my VM's randomly crashing. i wan to go back to v7.1-7 so i stop facing this version bugs / problems. If there is no way, please tell me so i can format my dedicated with the available v7.1-2 .iso and solve all the problems;)
  11. Proxmox v7.1-8 problems

    " Dec 14 23:47:47 Server pvedaemon[1373]: VM 1002 qmp command failed - VM 1002 not running Dec 14 23:47:47 Server pvedaemon[1373]: VM 1002 not running Dec 14 23:47:52 Server pvedaemon[1375]: <root@pam> starting task UPID:Server:00059F0D:0020D548:61B92D28:qmstop:1002:root@pam: Dec 14 23:47:52...
  12. Proxmox v7.1-8 problems

    " Dec 14 23:45:58 Server kernel: show_signal: 3 callbacks suppressed Dec 14 23:45:58 Server kernel: traps: srcds_linux[368052] general protection fault ip:f7df5efb sp:ecf2f370 error:0 in[f7df4000+10000] Dec 14 23:45:59 Server kernel: traps: CNet Encrypt:0[368066] general...
  13. Proxmox v7.1-8 problems

    This time the Proxmox machine completely crashed. More logs.. maybe it helps: "Dec 14 23:45:33 Server kernel: unchecked MSR access error: WRMSR to 0x33 (tried to write 0x0000000020000000) at rIP: 0xffffffff8527faf4 (native_write_msr+0x4/0x30) Dec 14 23:45:33 Server kernel: Call Trace: Dec 14...
  14. LXC Containers Not Starting After Update

    I'm sorry but i didnt understand. what is the one we need to put in fstab file? " proc /proc proc defaults,nosuid,nodev,noexec,relatime,hidepid=1 0 0 " "proc /proc proc defaults 0 0 "
  15. Proxmox v7.1-8 problems

    Hi Here are some of the problems i face after the last update. (v7.1-7 was working good!) "Dec 14 17:38:47 Server audit[1645]: AVC apparmor="STATUS" operation="profile_load" profile="/usr/bin/lxc-start" name="lxc-100_</var/lib/lxc>" pid=1645 comm="apparmor_parser" Dec 14 17:38:47 Server...


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