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    Additional information for backup job status

    Hello, It would be nice to have this option added to show the VM IDs and names of all the VMs that got successfully backup in this status report. And maybe include the time backup duration for each VM. I'm on the latest PVE 7.3-6. backup
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    permission denied - invalid PVE ticket (401)

    Thank you, Fabian! The issue was unreachable storage. After restoring the connection and restarting the host, I can resume normal operations.
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    permission denied - invalid PVE ticket (401)

    Hello, So I encountered this same problem and followed this thread after doing touch -d'@1672322814' /etc/pve/*. I am now able to log in to my Proxmox host. Now though, I see all of my VMs with a question mark. Do I need to reboot the PVE host, or what else can I restart without...
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    Request: Optional monthly backups

    Hello, Any plans to add monthly backups to the backup interface?
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    Updated Raid controller list page

    Hi, Most of the ones listed on this page are outdated Raid controllers. Searching some these on the list are coming up with no longer in stock or discontinued by the manufacturers. Do you have an updated list of recommended Raid controllers to get...
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    Moving from ESXi to Proxmox

    Like you I used ESXi but for the last 3 years I have replaced ESXi for the Proxmox hypervisor. I have used IPcop and Pfsense with success on Proxmox. You will have to do some command line editing to setup the bridge for Pfsense, which is easy to do. This tutorial helped me set it up...
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    Ubuntu LTS Server 12.04 hangs on startup - Solution

    Just switch from the default display setting to standard vga to get it to boot up just fine. I have also tried using spice and it works equally well.
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    Ubuntu LTS Server 12.04 hangs on startup - Solution

    Hello all, I have just installed the latest version of Proxmox 3. pveversion -v pve-manager: 3.1-3 (running version: 3.1-3/dc0e9b0e) pve-kernel-2.6.32-23-pve: 2.6.32-109 lvm2: 2.02.98-pve4 clvm: 2.02.98-pve4 corosync-pve: 1.4.5-1 openais-pve: 1.1.4-3 libqb0: 0.11.1-2 redhat-cluster-pve...
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    Host crash during backup

    Hello, My Proxmox host crash while in the process of backing up KVM virtual machines. Attached is the screenshot of the error I got on the console. I was using lzop for the scheduled backup. I have changed that to gzip and the schedule ran last night without locking up the host. What could...
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    root full 100%

    When you're logged in via putty type cd /. Which takes you to root dir, from there you can use the commands i posted earlier.
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    root full 100%

    Welcome to Linux! You could login via shell by clicking shell right next to restart, shutdown from the proxmox web gui. From there you can go into the directory you created when you setup your backup storage. Delete the backups you don't need to reclaim some HD space. You can also type at...
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    Will enabling shared for a backup storage do this?

    After installing an HD Pull out bay to hold a 2TB HD for backups on Promox host node A. I added this under storage to be used only for backups. I also enabled shared for this backup storage. I have two promox host nodes, both are clustered without using HA. From the web gui expanding proxmox...
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    Feature request - for adding virtual machine to existing scheduled backup

    Hello, Currently when I create a new virtual machine on Proxmox 2.3, I also have to add the new virtual machine into the backup schedule I have created. It would be nice during the virtual machine creation to add another step where it prompts you if you want to add the virtual machine you're...
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    Before setting up a cluster question

    I only have two Proxmox nodes at the moment which I want to join as a cluster. I have no plans of using HA, just want to be able to manage both Proxmox nodes using one web interface and do live migration. I have upgraded both nodes to the latest versions as shown here as you can see the only...
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    Proxmox VE Training

    Hi Martin, Same as with me a trip to Germany is not feasible due to budget constraints. But if you can offer video tutorials similar to what or does, I know for a fact I can have my work place pay for it.


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