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  1. Feature Request - Rename backup GUI interface

    Well. I have so many backup files renamed and never got problem with this. I just use vzdump-qemu-XXXXXXXXXXXXX.vma.lzo (where XXXXXXXXXXXX is the name of I want). It is working for me without any problems. The only one problem, is to need to login over SSH to rename the file. I have read in...
  2. Feature Request - Rename backup GUI interface

    Hi there. I don't know if it's hard to do, but I believe its easy. If you can and it's not hard, please, insert a button of that we can Rename Backup Files. Thank you!
  3. Proxmox 4 Html / css Theme

    Well, JavaScript is not my main programming language. Let's try in other way then. Try to get habitual with this new design instead of get a lot of work. Thank you Fabian for the fast reply!
  4. Proxmox 4 Html / css Theme

    Hi there. I know that's not important and for sure, I'm not talking bad things about html/css/javascript of proxmox 4 theme, it's good and is following the trend of the market. Anyway, I'm just ask for this question because I work long time with version 3 and I wants to know if is possible to...
  5. [SOLVED] PVE Firewall - How to apply rules?

    Hi... sorry! I have it test with other ports and now its working at the same time. Just create rule and working. I did something bad when create the rule before. Thank you for all!
  6. [SOLVED] PVE Firewall - How to apply rules?

    Thank you for the fast reply. Maybe I'm doing something bad. In the host, if I do pve-firewall stop, I can login in the windows rdp of VM, but if I do pve-firewall start I can't login anymore. In the VM I have created rule to accept IN tpc 3389. For all IPs we need to fill or just...
  7. [SOLVED] PVE Firewall - How to apply rules?

    Hi. I'm starting to use pve firewall and need some help. I tried to search something about it, but can't find. When you create some VM, and put the firewall enabled, that comes with all IN with Drop, but when you create a rule to open some port, how to make this rule work? We need to restart...
  8. Summary View - units for rrd-graphcis?

    Hi there. First sorry for repopen an old topic. There is anyway or file to edit of that I can change it for Mbits ? Thank you!
  9. Try to understand Proxmox Firewall and IP per MAC

    Hi there, I'm very confused about the new proxmox firewall. I tried to read something about this, but didn't help. When you enable firewall for cluster, have you enabled firewall for all virtual machines inside of it? May I have firewall enabled for 1 VM but not for other VMs? I tried to...
  10. Raid 10 8x 512gb SSD - Low performance

    Thank you for the help. I'll do it at this week.
  11. Raid 10 8x 512gb SSD - Low performance

    relatime,nodelalloc,barrier=0 If this works for any type of hard disk, why this is not default option when we install proxmox? (These options is only for ext4 and that's why not default?) I'll put this script in the weekly cron. Thanks =)
  12. Raid 10 8x 512gb SSD - Low performance

    mir, did you know if this options will works good with Raid-10 4x 3tb HDD (not ssd)? This other server also have ext4 option.
  13. Raid 10 8x 512gb SSD - Low performance

    WOW again! My IO Delay goes down from 10% to 0.05% with all vms running. I really need to study these options.. barrier, nodelalloc, relatime. Thank you again mir!
  14. Raid 10 8x 512gb SSD - Low performance

    WOW... CPU BOGOMIPS: 50398.44 REGEX/SECOND: 1025370 HD SIZE: 1839.92 GB (/dev/mapper/pve-data) BUFFERED READS: 781.94 MB/sec AVERAGE SEEK TIME: 0.10 ms FSYNCS/SECOND: 3733.59 DNS EXT: 78.80 ms DNS INT: 2002.68 ms Than the problem is only because...
  15. Raid 10 8x 512gb SSD - Low performance

    /dev/pve/root / ext4 errors=remount-ro 0 1 /dev/pve/data /var/lib/vz ext4 defaults 0 1 /dev/md0 /boot ext4 defaults 0 1 /dev/pve/swap none swap sw 0 0 proc /proc proc defaults 0 0 root@server:~# pveperf /var/lib/vz CPU BOGOMIPS: 48002.04 REGEX/SECOND: 748337 HD SIZE: 1839.92...


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