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    [SOLVED] Proxmox ZFS ZVols Snapshot ohne Wirkung

    ein rollback kann nur wirkung zeigen wenn du das zvol selbst snapshottest und darauf ein rollback machst. warum verwendest du nicht das in PVE eingebaute volume management? das macht das alles schon ;)
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    Restoring encrypted backup outside the cluster

    if you auto-generated the key on the PVE side, then it is stored in /etc/pve/priv/storage/STORAGEID.enc . you can also use 'pvesm' to put a key there. I'd make backups of all existing keys before starting to play around, otherwise you might accidentally overwrite the only existing copy of a...
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    backup-client yields TLS error.

    .config/proxmox-backup/fingerprints should probably be handled more elegantly ;)
  4. fabian

    Datastore Verify on verified snapshots

    note that improvements for selecting which snapshots to verify are on the way - e.g., last X, only unverified, or older than XX days. you can then setup e.g. daily runs for verifying new incoming snapshots, and weekly or monthly to keep the verification status 'fresh' without taxing your disks...
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    After syncing to a new datastore: backup owner check failed (pve-user@pbs != backup@pam)

    you can use 'proxmox-backup-client change-owner' to change the owner, the option to set this on pull/sync jobs is in the works.
  6. fabian

    rclone - additional storage

    I don't know how rclone implements the transfer of big files, you'd have to try yourself. my expectations would be pretty low ;)
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    rclone - additional storage

    you won't mess up your home lab, but you will definitely not get any kind of sensible performance out of that.
  8. fabian

    openvswitch vs linux bridge performance
  9. fabian

    QCOW2 to Proxmox

    create your VM with a small disk in the GUI (or without a disk with the API/qm create), then use 'qm importdisk' to copy the disk to your desired storage and add it to your VM config.
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    unable to get device info for '/dev/skd0'

    the easiest way is probably to just split those pools by device class. also, your view is backwards - it's not OSDs that are assigned to pools, but pools using specific OSDs (via the CRUSH map).
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    [TUTORIAL] New software packages available

    it's a font library from the base Debian system (you can get more information with apt show libfreetype6)
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    [SOLVED] ZFS - Belegter Speicherplatz größer als tatsächlich verwendet

    nein. bei raidz ist nicht eine platte für die parität zuständig, sondern quasi jeder X-te block verteilt über alle platten. das problem ist dass ein parity-block eine gewisse mindestgröße hat (genauso wie ein datenblock), und daher bei kleinen datenblöcken das verhältnis von daten zu parität...
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    [SOLVED] ZFS - Belegter Speicherplatz größer als tatsächlich verwendet

    sh. 3.8.3. ZFS RAID Level Considerations , insbesondere "Size, Space usage and Redundancy"
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    Dedicated Proxmox Backup Server

    yeah, that just means that your Ryzen performs better for those benchmarks (keep in mind it has 1.5-2x the base/boosted clock speed compared to your Intel CPU!). some intel CPUs are also notoriously bad with regards to hashing performance, e.g. my intel i9-10900x only manages ~600MB/s SHA256...


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